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  • Ankur Dhankar
    Ankur Dhankar

    Basically buy Japanese motors..

  • Jeffrey Garcia
    Jeffrey Garcia

    LS swap it to go faster.

  • Barrero

    i put a bacon strip on my front tire, forgot about it, and hit 140mph constantly no problem lol

  • Dude Dudester
    Dude Dudester

    Fort Nine is an international treasure, truly one of the most talented content creators to ever walk the earth

  • Jens Pursche
    Jens Pursche

    As always great review, technically versed and clear. It shows you have a physics background. I love the smart way. You use physics to explain engineering to the greater audience. Most importantly you are non biased. Thanks

  • Joe Nelson
    Joe Nelson

    Like a deflated sex doll?? Oh Canada🤦🏼‍♂️


    You are a True artist 😇👍 Best on FIbill 👏👏 what do you suggest for my 2019 CB1000-R ?

  • Matthew Hoff
    Matthew Hoff

    dammit, no matter the topic, I always find myself enjoying these videos.

  • Chuck's Creations
    Chuck's Creations

    White lithium has always served me well, easy to carry when travelling and not a lot of fling

  • Nolan Shinn
    Nolan Shinn

    I don’t have a bike, but can confirm the third point is equally true about classic cars… 9X out of 10, the person asking about my car or giving me dumb advice is a dude.

  • reptilesgamers00

    When do you ever lean normally? Coming from a dual sport I've always counterland not knowing it was weird

  • joel james
    joel james

    I thought “giggity” too loll

  • Brent Bradley
    Brent Bradley

    stupid video

  • Hunter Biden's Crackpipe
    Hunter Biden's Crackpipe


  • Moe Lester
    Moe Lester

    Rode a soft tail 50km once. Never ever again

  • Hunter Biden's Crackpipe
    Hunter Biden's Crackpipe

    Ticket for charging phone, this is what a police state is.

  • Bhaskar Bhattacharya
    Bhaskar Bhattacharya


  • alejandro mendoza Jiménez
    alejandro mendoza Jiménez

    This is not the first time you’ve seen this video and you know it

  • Avocado's Constant
    Avocado's Constant

    The second time you brought that (man with 2 penises joke) up .. just like the man with 2 penises says

  • Mason T
    Mason T

    Hmmmm I’m thinking the company is ram

  • Jaker

    Took my 6 foot 7 friend on the back of my xr650L dual sport. Not too bad

  • Jay Swenson
    Jay Swenson

    This guy has such a bratty face.

  • TheGholiday

    Harley Davidson, turning petrol into noise for umpteen years. 🤣🤣🤣 Nice to know why they’re so damned loud and why I’ll never buy one.

  • Master80059

    dd is also more reliable and do not wear out as fast. plus i have had in crashes the non dd straps get stuck and have to be cut. not the best thing when you are trying to remove pressure on the air way without removing or moving the helmet. you should have also tested them at what point to they stop functioning and being able to be opened.

  • Pc Grova
    Pc Grova

    Beg to disagree: the physics is always right but the interpretation not so. In wet weather your advice is plain dangerous for the reasons below. Counter leaning always sacrifices grip.. you've got less than the max .. but you do it to maintain a stable centre of gravity compared to *where the bike is going*; so it is *only* appropriate on corner exit (where the requirement for max grip lessens as you bring on judicious throttle; NB 4.22m mark) or when sliding to avoid outcomes like a highside (ie. extremes of bike v body c.o.g too far apart) and to dampen the effects of too much throttle on exit, where the rear of the bike skids out but towards and under your counter-leaning body. The question to ask is not whether your bike is fast in a straight line etc. Thats nonsense. You're trying to induce better grip at the tyre patch thats it. What ever makes the patch bigger the better. So we likewise agree, the more weight over the patch the better, but the area of the patch in combination with the weight through it, will always provide a higher safety margin when leaning in to the corner... especially in the wet.

  • ManiacMike F
    ManiacMike F

    Wish I still had a couple of my atc

  • akhri vlog
    akhri vlog

    nice video bro love from pakistan

  • akhri vlog
    akhri vlog

    good info, love from pakistan

  • Sean Holloway
    Sean Holloway

    so basically it's a 2 wheeled toyota hilux.

  • John Penrod
    John Penrod

    Yeah convinced me to like them even less thanks f9

  • Michael Barbara robles
    Michael Barbara robles

    bro this is doug demuro's son

  • Phatty Mills
    Phatty Mills

    *Casually makes a better ebike solution than manufacturers for the sake of an underrated FIbill channel*

  • Spritemanplus

    These cons you pointed out is why I fell in love with the Honda shadow, looks more badass to me

  • David Dyke
    David Dyke

    I used to ride these things in the 80s ,I use to do 360 spins on wet and muddy turns at a go cart track in Pigeon forge Tn ,when that thing would catch traction and it would throw me off of it ,ouch that hurt !!!!!

  • Nuno Silva
    Nuno Silva

    I just bought my first bike and rode yesterday for the first time. It's a 1987 Honda XL 125 Paris Dakar fully restored with some modern mods; it's a Dirt Bike (Farm Bike). I feel it's good bike to start, since I want to learn to ride off-road as well and doesn't have too much power. Later on, when I am more experienced, I intend to upgrade to a Café Racer or a Scrambler. By the way, love the channel!


    Imagine MM93’s MotoGP 2022 comeback with counter leaning. 😂. Counter leaning is correct in low speed turns or on non sport bikes, but in high speed turns you’re going to die counter leaning because your tire patch with be too small for the speed. Lean the bike less and your body more in high speed turns to keep fatter rubber on the ground. There’s a reason professional paved track racers lean in down to their knee sliders, it’s not just for show.

  • Jana Cunningham
    Jana Cunningham

    Thank you Ryan, your content is alway informative, practical and often down right hilarious!

  • KDMag 88
    KDMag 88

    Another huge advantage to a larger bore is you have room for larger valves. Allowing more air and fuel per cubic inch vs a narrow bore engine. Also, more room to play around with valve angles, plug angles and even multiple valves and plugs per cylinder, if they so choose.

  • Wheel Talk
    Wheel Talk

    Great job

  • Patrick Quinn
    Patrick Quinn

    Nope, each end every one of you all got it completely wrong! Every single one of you!! When I'm taking my turns at 210+ miles an hour the trick is to lean backwards and outwards as far as you can midturn. It's also essential to lube up your treads and rotors to help keep the temperature down. Trust me, your bike will end up doing most of the work from that point on 🤛👊✊👍

  • Wheel Talk
    Wheel Talk

    I had the Husky 401. Couldn’t stand how slow it was. Sold it within a couple on months.

  • Luke Warmwater
    Luke Warmwater

    I always steered with my feet when I had my 86 ex-500. sharper turn, step on that peg harder. I ride more neutral on my 11 special.

  • HonorB 4Glory
    HonorB 4Glory

    I ride a motorized bike, which can be invisible to certain people, so I always have my fingers on my levers in traffic. I also stand up through intersections, to make myself appear larger, so idiots will be more likely to make the connection that I'm an obstacle to avoid.

  • Cool Videos
    Cool Videos

    $40 for a First Aid Kit? Woah!

  • James Jack
    James Jack

    Brilliant video mate, Kind Regards James Fae (from) Scotland 🏴󠁧󠁢󠁳󠁣󠁴󠁿 Part of the UK 🇬🇧 😊 👍

  • DaveM3Fan

    Excellent content, as always.

  • CoffeeSquirel

    My dad has a 71 widowmaker :D

  • Grant Kallevig
    Grant Kallevig

    Tempted to buy motul paste for the ease of application....anyone else?

  • KevinsChilli

    Plexiglass is a brand of Acrylic which is brittle and fragile as you saw in your experiments. You should be using Polycarbonate for your protective screen

  • Phatty Mills
    Phatty Mills

    This channel is criminally underrated

  • S41nt-Hardy

    that ECE test, exactly how it is done. True story.

  • Александр Дзен
    Александр Дзен

    0 skils on tdm900

  • Soraya Imperial
    Soraya Imperial

    It's interesting to hear "for most of you riders, counterlean might look wrong". I'm a very new rider (1 year) and I've done ALL my corners (both slow maneuvres and fast corners) counterleaning because I felt more comfortable, more stable, more in control and overall faster at turning. It just felt so intuitive ever since the first day I sat my butt on a bike. Body position was not taught in classes, probably because neutral generally works fine for never going past 80 or 90km/h. Only like last month I thought "well, I should learn proper cornering, because everyone leans into turns" and am positively bad at it. Glad to see it explained with the vectors, makes a lot of sense and I'm just fine counterleaning, even if everyone else says I look stupid doing it.

  • Aldrin Jay Montero
    Aldrin Jay Montero

    the underrated channel became popular 👏

  • Graham Pinkston
    Graham Pinkston

    Ok so I am right to lean and not counter lean when ripping my crotch rocket around always going for max corner speed. I knew my math was right.

  • Christiaan-Patrice Sarucco
    Christiaan-Patrice Sarucco

    Simpel, the sound.

  • John Berry
    John Berry

    I went around a soft turn about 20 mph and it rolled me over into the ditch in 1981. Then my friend Daryl asked if I wanted to ride it again? I said no I don’t need to break my neck! And at 1st glimpse I thought it would be great fun to ride, until a minute later when I rolled it!

  • Graham Pinkston
    Graham Pinkston

    A bit raunchy but love it !!!

  • John Hartley
    John Hartley

    "Brilliant" and "genius" don't seem to cover it somehow

  • Lukas von Daheim
    Lukas von Daheim

    You inspired me to get my lazy ass going and taking motorcyling classes. Yesterday I had my first two driving lections and holly I love it Thank you for your awesome work!

  • Adrian Ramirez
    Adrian Ramirez

    Most smart phones now are ip67 to Ip8

  • Pododododo Ehoh
    Pododododo Ehoh

    2:34 I love how he still leans corner 😂

  • Alan Robinson
    Alan Robinson

    Who in hell is Tim Horton????

  • Dean Forrest
    Dean Forrest

    Got to be the most punctual and informative automotive journalist I've come across .. much better than Clarkson 🤔

  • David Fairley
    David Fairley

    F9 the only motorcycle youtuber worth a sh!t.

  • bontemps Rudyjeanpaul
    bontemps Rudyjeanpaul

    Down shift if necessary!

  • eGalt

    I am on the island--you are great! Now, what adventure bike? Norden 901?

  • guagua

    How large is this mans team? Consistently top quality

  • BANC Boys
    BANC Boys

    Thanks for this style video about reasonable priced gear. Look forward to the others to come. Cheers and happy riding

  • Shocka1111

    I wish he would have mentioned it here, but SBK and GP racers a lot of the time enter heavy braking corners crossed up a bit, then will lean after they are into the corner. I raced SBK for several years and it feels like the front sticks better, not to mention you have more of a chance keeping the bike up if you lose the front. Once you are set in the corner, it’s back to biz and hanging off as usual. I believe these methods are meant for a racetrack though. My opinion of all this is that people should do whatever works for them depending on the type of motorcycle, corner and riding. Also, one method could be safer than the other - I’m thinking of those street rides where you are tearing ass down a country road that tends to look like a dump truck dropped a load of limestone randomly at every other corner - if you are GP leaned off mid-corner and you hit a patch of gravel your buddies will be picking you (hopefully alive) and your bike out of the ditch, woods, or whatever. All the Ricky Racers out there in sportbike racing are pulling the craziest of yoga moves in order to drag their elbows mid-corner. It’s great for pictures, but we should never forget that not long ago crossed up racers like Larry Pegram were turning laps consistently right on the lap record at tracks all over the USA, some of them possibly having records which still haven’t been broken yet.

  • john sperka
    john sperka

    Dude you just unraveled the reason capitalism is about to explode from its crimes for putting paper (digital) profits over real people making sell real stuff- the end is near

  • Filip Mucala
    Filip Mucala

    i have never thought of it like that, but i gave it a try and it work flawless ... thanks man !


    Consumer Reports did a 4 year study of motorcycle reliability. Yamaha is at the top but all of the Japanese bikes tower over the rest of the world in reliability. Harley Davidson comes in at 5th position well ahead of Triumph, Ducati and BMW (Way to go HD!). On average it cost more than twice as much to get a European bike fixed than a Japanese bike. KTM, Royal Enfield and Indian didn't make the list because the sampling was to small. I suspect KTM and RE would rank below BMW and Indian would be close to HD. You have to pay to see the report.

  • Lawrence Genereux
    Lawrence Genereux

    The law of gravity, the law of momentum, and pretty much any of Murphy's laws come to mind.

  • Phil Simon
    Phil Simon

    HATE TO BE THAT GUY, but technically the liver is on the other side of your body when it is being stabbed by an allen wrench from your fanny pack, so this video is not credible in any way.

  • Resurrtronics

    Lemme turn my abs off and try that on my Street Glide. Awh crap, I just dropped it.

  • Walter

    I think the thief is the best

  • Kilian

    whats the motorcycle in the article left at 3:20 ?

  • Drift

    You mean a lot to me!

  • Wet Life Sports
    Wet Life Sports

    Well done, you have great technical information that makes things understandable.