3 Incorrect Reasons to Ride a Motorcycle
Why should you buy a motorbike? Your reasons to ride might be as philosophical as "freedom" or as practical as getting on the ferry first. I've heard worse. But it's hard to be gracious with 3 reasons that are fallacious.

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  • Nolan Shinn
    Nolan Shinn

    I don’t have a bike, but can confirm the third point is equally true about classic cars… 9X out of 10, the person asking about my car or giving me dumb advice is a dude.

  • Bodhi Ench
    Bodhi Ench

    Why did I buy my first motorcycle? Because it fit on the back of my RV and got better mileage. Second motorcycle was given to me by my nephew, as was the third "as a lesson to the irresponsible son who bought it." Fourth motorcycle was my dream bike. I still own #2 and #4 (though #2 is now officially a project bike). #1 was ridden through the rain, snow, chilly and hot days alike - a dual-sport that went everywhere. #3 scared me to death. #4 is my commuter for when I don't need to use my service truck and don't need to haul passengers or groceries, and gets better mileage than my car. It's also my "head clearer" to unwind from the day's stresses. Luxury? I wouldn't call it that - it is a mental necessity.

  • jed dej
    jed dej

    "Facts don't care about your feelings" Ben Shapiro

  • Above world
    Above world

    I think the price savings depends on your bike, my insurance is way cheaper than my vans and I go like 240 miles on 16$

  • Inside Business
    Inside Business

    Your old-nostalgic-biker-guy impression was spot on! Love the hobble away too, you should be an actor! haha

  • ThePartarar

    My Rebel is def a money saver. Dyna, not so much

  • beber forumer
    beber forumer

    Im from 3rd world south east asia, which is probably the majority of bikers in the world. We buy motorcycles because only a few can afford cars. So your 1st argument is flawed.

  • ButterBagelGaming

    the honda c90 was built to last

  • CatfishSilo

    noooooooooooo what happened to the poor tc90???????????????

  • ItsJustMe

    I'm one of your very few chick fans .. but I do love bikes. :)

  • Yudo NeidaNo
    Yudo NeidaNo

    Enthusiasm over practicality..

  • William White
    William White

    In 2012 and 2013 when I was 68 and 69 years old I worked 72 hrs a week for 14 months as an engineer modifying a nuke plant south of Miami. Riding my 85 Kawasaki ZN700 to work and back each day was the highlight of my work days. No time for anything else. If the rain forecast was 40% or less and there was no rain cloud between my apartment and the job I rode to work and never got rained on!! Higher than 40% I drove my truck.

  • William White
    William White

    Way back in 73 I compared the cost of driving my 71 Ford Pinto to my 73 Honda CB750 and I decided it was cheaper to drive the Pinto.

  • Attilio Valli
    Attilio Valli

    I live in VA and I work in DC. By car, it takes me 45 min to get to work, on my Tracer GT 12 minutes (Bikes can go on HOV/Easy Pass lanes for free). So yes, it saves me money, time, it helps the environment, and IT'S FUN!

  • Sam W
    Sam W

    BEST MC channel on youtube !! bar none . FIbillrs take notes

  • Speedmachine

    🤣 you got the wrong bike .. for the women 😅

  • GoPro Dog
    GoPro Dog

    Chicks don't dig bikes but they do dig bikers.

  • Snehajan P
    Snehajan P

    Wheres joey?

  • J.R. Boyett
    J.R. Boyett

    2:59 This Every time

  • Charlie Solis
    Charlie Solis

    I’m getting 140 miles per gallon on my 2022 Honda grom…. As long as I use my new grom to drive 15,000-20,000 miles, that I would have otherwise driven in my 2018 Colorado LT (~19-23mpg), the Grom will have paid for itself in gas savings alone….. 😂😂😂

  • Scott Condie
    Scott Condie

    The sort of subtle poetry of this is sort of sensual and sort of sizzling.

  • Jiří Lžičař
    Jiří Lžičař

    When I was riding around 20yo, I thought motorbike would would help me attract girls. It didn’t. When I started riding again now at 30yo, I neither thought it wouldn’t attract girls nor did I care. But it does, massively. I still don’t care.

  • Lynwood Jackson
    Lynwood Jackson

    I rode a motorcycle exclusively for more than a decade. Until the pandemic. It has definitely gotten me laid and it was cheaper than a car. Mostly though it goes brap.

  • lokatzistakis

    Ι mean.....for as long as I've been riding my '97 F650 BMW (with the bars and side-bags and shit that I bought at the same time) I've only gotten lustful looks from old bikers that recognize the bike from when it came out. Even Harley bros give me the "nod" when passing by. But in any case...old biker dudes' respect>chicks getting wet......

  • Hoang Sean
    Hoang Sean

    Idk how motorcycle works in Asia tho.

  • Shindinru

    Bicycles can be comfortable but you have to know what you are looking at. There are Ninjas and Goldwings among bicycles as well.

  • Conrad Erb
    Conrad Erb

    Haha David Suzuki

  • eternal learner
    eternal learner

    Are there people that actually think buying a motorcycle of any value is going to save them money???? Cheap transport is a modern used Korean car, any half decent bike will will in the long run be a more economical proposition than that cool bike. Ive been riding bike coming up to 50 years now and currently have three, so plainly I am paying for the privilege but it is my choice of addiction!

  • 70 going on 25
    70 going on 25

    I ride for my ego, I just look so cool rippin around the MX track. BTW, I'M 70 now and have been doing it for over 50 years now. Oh, and it's so damn fun.

  • 70 going on 25
    70 going on 25

    I ride for my ego, I just look so cool rippin around the MX track. BTW, I'M 70 now and have been doing it for over 50 years now. Oh, and it's so damn fun.

  • Jonny B
    Jonny B

    And that's all the reasons for not buying car.

  • Ssekandi Magala Abdul
    Ssekandi Magala Abdul

    I need a car too!! Hilarious!!

  • CaddyTF2

    My question is how did Ryan manage to get an issue of the Winnipeg Free Press all the way over in Vancouver?

  • Jason

    I seen a Ryan gosling movie one time and he had Eva Mendes hopping on the back of his bike and I figured look it’s as easy as that! 7 years later and I’m still waiting to meet my Eva Mendes

  • Joe Dimajo
    Joe Dimajo

    You forget if you have a motorcycle with one seat, you have a good excuse to not bring back a chic who can do ruined your road trip. You are only with other bikers, if someone wants to go somewhere, this is his own responsibility. Nobody lets a hitchhiker on the side of a highway nowhere when she start yell at you because you stop after 11 hours of driving. Never on my dead body, I will do an another road trip with a car. Moreover, I have a 45 caliber, you see the problem if I stay too much time somewhere with people who want to attack me. I can't give a revolver to a stranger.

  • Eden Ghirmai
    Eden Ghirmai

    Who else here is apart of the 3%? 😂 😭

  • Jake Thomas
    Jake Thomas

    Bikes attract the right kind of girl. Tomboy who listens to metal and wants to get weird.

  • kill all the brainwashed leftist
    kill all the brainwashed leftist

    Lmao at the end

  • Syed Moin Doja
    Syed Moin Doja

    hillarious vid. thanks

  • Jay

    I bought a new motorcycle to be my primary commuter vehicle for all three of those reasons, does that make me extra dumb >_>

  • Pooky's Dad
    Pooky's Dad

    David Suzuki, lol. I loved watching him on The Nature of Things as a kid.

  • DooF

    Motorcycle insurance in the states is relatively cheap compared to our neighbors to the north. I pay about 100 bucks a year while someone's paying more than a monthly payment on a nice car up in Canada. I don't know what the used market looks like up there but I picked up my first bike (Yamaha XJ 550) for 600 bucks. Also, bikes up north are just smaller. I witnessed very few bikes that were above 400cc's. As was outlined in the video, I definitely get the feeling that bikes in Canada aren't typically used as daily commuters.

  • Roman Ryunin Valek
    Roman Ryunin Valek

    I decided to ride a motorcycle because I realized I would never afford a vintage ferrari and a motorcycle is the closest thing to a nice sports car if you are on a budget. Another reason is that I enjoy finding out if I am able to do something I thought I would never be able to do. And the last reason is that I thought riding a bike would be cool both subjectively, and objectively. In fact, it is rather exciting than cool and I don't think people think I am cool, but they probably have no idea who I really am and why I ride. The chicks - they look at me and wonder how old I am - wearing my full face helmet, they have no clue. But based on the fact that I ride a small adventure bike, they probably think I am a pensioner.

  • areadingvoice

    Does anyone know what helmet that is he’s carrying/wearing?

  • musikSkool

    Under 150cc insurance = $100 a year. You read that right. Electric motorcycle = green. If you have no money, get a 125cc, if you have money and want to save the environment, get an electric motorcycle. If you want a woman, you need to make enough money to handle a woman. If you have enough money to take care of a woman, you can afford a car.

  • Justin Tyler
    Justin Tyler

    You have the right delivery. Don't do anything fucky bc you're Really good at this.

  • Bryce A
    Bryce A

    Cite ur sources better please

  • billd66

    As far as attracting women, I was an ugly guy. Then I bought a motorcycle, and I was an ugly guy on a bike.

  • Shivansh Dev
    Shivansh Dev

    You mentioned all three main reasons why I want a bike.but lastly,I really want to ride one

  • Mitch Palmer
    Mitch Palmer

    I got my motorcycle license because of the Australian upside down side of things it seemed like an easier and more fun than getting a car, because of Australian law you have to start out with a learners permit, which means you can only drive a car if someone with a full license in the passenger seat, aka parental figure, and cant have any alcohol in your system. Then after collecting 120 hours of daytime and 10 hours (or 20 I cant remember) of night time driving then you can proceed to your red P's license (Probationary license) which means you can drive by yourself but are restricted on how many passengers you can have in the car and what age they can be. next up is the green P's which kinda removes the passenger restriction I mentioned and to my knowledge that's kinda all you get from from the green P's. Then there is the full license which removes all of the mentioned restrictions. I cant remember why I went on this explanatory rant about Australian license law, its only half the reason why I chose bike over car. I'm kinda on the piss at the moment so please forgive me for my rant. Hope you found this interesting tho

  • Brandon K
    Brandon K

    I've been hit on by more dudes than women while on my vintage harley.... What does that tell you about HD.

  • Elemar

    If you haven't got the time to stop and talk to someone who owned the same 40 year old bike as yours, I don't want to know you.

  • kretzschクレツ Music
    kretzschクレツ Music

    gotta disagree with the saving money part. Parking is incredibly expensive here in europe and so is public transit. less than half the time of public transport for the gas each time I drive. Road tax is also laughable for bikes compared to cars and so is insurance. Maybe 10 bucks insurance a month and roadtax is similar. Saved a LOT of money for the years i've already had motorcycle as my only transport. When I worked full time it saved me around 200 bucks a month which includes repairs.

  • Randomsheit

    666k views tho

  • Big Daddy
    Big Daddy

    No comment

  • United Assassin Revolution
    United Assassin Revolution

    I actually started rinding because of many reasons but the number one reason was the parking spot problem which i have in my street. It was driving me crazy so i was like, f*ck it i'll become a rider and now i love it

  • Fernando Hernandez
    Fernando Hernandez

    A scooter is kinda something like a small motorcycle and EVERYONE uses them because they're cheap to buy and operate. It's simple: You wear no protection gear except a helmet and wear a backpack to carry stuff around on it. Protection against rain is simply a normal rain jacket, water repellent boots and maybe waterproof pants. Sure, I kinda agree on the bicycle part but most people are just too lazy and some are physically not able enough (usually the latter is a result of the former) to ride a bicycle to work everyday. Very rarely, the commute is even actually too far for that (usually it's not but people claim it anyway).

  • BradyStone

    Me with a truck with like 12 mpg and the cruisers im looking at get 40 mpg. It costs 80$ to fill up at 3$ a gallon. meaning I could fill up 10 times or buy gear and sell the truck get the motorcycle, then save around 9$ per gallon on a cruiser or more as its about 4 gallons in the truck to get the same distance on the cruiser with 1 gallon. Ofc that is freedom dollars if you didnt know lol.

  • Unisex Bathroom
    Unisex Bathroom

    That ICBC paper was a little too accurate Ryan. Don’t give me flashbacks like that again.

  • Deyvson Moutinho Caliman
    Deyvson Moutinho Caliman

    Well, it does save a lot of money. With the amount I save on gas I can fix the motor to go far beyond 100k quilometres. Also motorcycles can go on dirty roads and come back unscathed, do that too much to a car that it will bring you a lot of maintenance. But nothing that you do to save money will bring you girls, and I don't care about the environment.

  • Killdozer

    riding a motorcycle is not as much as to get the girls you want, but to keep the undesirable ones away. Still be wary of the ones that think they can "fix" you. Really stay away from those, before they castrate you.

  • Chad Greene
    Chad Greene

    You ride a rocky mountain slayer....don't pretend you're not into bicycles.

  • Simon Sutherland
    Simon Sutherland

    #1 is actually spot on, which is to say you are dead-wrong on #1. I'm not trolling, I'm a subscriber & lover at least 80% of your content. But i'm calling BS. It probably depends a lot on where you live.. But I live in a costal city in the US ( which *is* still in North America, despite what red hat country tells ya. ) On parking alone a bike pays for itself. A garage for a car around here is $300 to $500 a month (i've lived in cheeper apartments) a days parking in a lot is $20-$30 at a meter ~$18 I rent bike space in a garage for $100/m, lot parking is often free, at worst $10/day, you usually don't need to park at a meter either but if you worst $8/day Gas: I spend about $18 a month, vs $70 when i had a car - and i drive the bike twice as much because i'm not afraid to loose my spot Maintenance? Shoes for the bike are about $300 for a pair, new tires for a car ~$900 I don't know what's going with insurance up there in the great white north...but when i had a 15yo car it cost me $95 a mont for insurance here, the most i've paid for any bike, a 5yo liter bike, was $550 for the year! And outright cost? When my g/f moved here she sold off her used Honda Civic for about as much as i paid for a Monster new. The finances are no contest! I grant you bikes probably cost more than a kid looking at his first bike thinks. Especially with gear and maintenance. But as a young adult fresh out of collage, tired of waiting for busses, or arriving everywhere tired sweaty from my bicycle, motorcycles we absolutely the practical choice. I'm 2 decades into my career now, and still couldn't afford to keep a car here, even if i thought it was worth it 2 more nits: I used to regularly ride home with 4-6 grocery bags slung off my arms on my rackless street fighter. You just learn to be creative. I'm sad to learn our non-C02 emissions are comparable - thanks for eye-opener - but from my experience the reduction in time spent in traffic (lane splitting) and huge reduction in time spent circling for parking have to tip the equation in our favor. That said if you _really_ want to be green you pedal, or you pay bus fare. Truth. Lastly I concede point #3 Even on my shittiest rat-bike i'm regularly cornered by old guys who are past their glory days, or never had them who want to talk my ear off about my bike - even when you can tell they have no idea what they're talking about. :| The number of time an attractive woman has done the same... well i'm still waiting ;>

  • Herja

    No justification needed. Just get one if you like them and want to enjoy them.

  • 0Turbox

    I started with 25cc, 50cc, 80cc, 125cc, 300cc..... A youth without mobility, was unthinkable to me.

  • Bigus Dickus
    Bigus Dickus

    I'm not saving the environment the way I ride. I ring my throttle like Homer ringing Bart's neck!

  • Yeshua Jotunn
    Yeshua Jotunn

    Gotta do a tutorial, wanna make one now haha !

  • deaks25

    "Bikes are built to go fast, not too last." My NT650V says otherwise. 103k miles on the clock, starts and runs perfectly (And a recent garage visit for little more than a good service says so). Also, it's slow. And is much cheaper as a daily commuter... Sh*t I think I'm doing this all wrong...

  • Yuki Hyo
    Yuki Hyo

    for me and my current situation, it's a massive money saver, and i don't even need my full license that i can't save up enough money to even take the road test (it's a 49cc moped) but, i do enjoy it so, maybe if i free myself from the hell of only having $8~ to live off of for 2 weeks at a time i plan to get a motorcycle

  • SweCreations

    Tbf if you want to save money you buy a scooter, not motorcycle

  • A Potato
    A Potato

    Here in Costa Rica bikes are more a need than even cars because Fi the traffic :'v

  • L0op

    That didn't need to be a poem. But it was. And that's awesome.

  • Matte Black
    Matte Black

    I bought one to save money. I commute 50 miles to work daily and doing that in a truck burned through over $400 a month in gas. Within the first 3 months the bike paid for its self

  • Michael Spence
    Michael Spence

    🤣🤣🤣 2:44

  • BigCladWolf Detecting
    BigCladWolf Detecting

    "Millennial Baggage" tho 🤣

  • PhilQc109

    As a Ural owner... I feel the last section of the video! Damn that delay factor is huge!

  • BTNagasaki

    It’s a good idea to buy a motorcycle cause you want one. Not for the extra “bonuses” but for the actual basic love of the ride itself. If you want one get one man. Don’t have a car? That’s good too. Just be prepared for what you’re getting into, understand the pros and cons, and plan accordingly.

  • Mark S
    Mark S

    Right now cars are 10 -15k over priced including used I'll pay the extra on gear on others. Still less than car and I still have a truck

  • Dylan White
    Dylan White

    So by a zero motorcycle instead

  • Dr Doom-skull
    Dr Doom-skull

    Motorcycles are one of the last really adventurous things you can get as a civilian for reasonable money. A plane, a sport car, a proper 4x4, a bike can give you similar performance and ability for a feaction of the cost. Plus there is this physicality about bikes that brings challenge. Drive 300km is nothing in a car but it can be an odessey on a bike, a yarn to talk you kids about.

  • Woody Wood
    Woody Wood

    I’m frankly indifferent to motor biking but damn, the clothing is cool.

  • JoseRamos64

    Ive actually saved a lot of money on my motorcycle cycle as opposed to owning a car. The only thing that cost me more, was the tires. Besides that, everything is cheaper than owning a car.

  • Random

    My motorcycle is slow and insurance is $26 a year. It's also Chinese and has a Honda clone engine that is actually reliable and can be replaced for $500 in only an hour or 2. It's just for fun but if you live in a small town and like doing a little trail riding it would be perfect for you.

  • zhaldorian

    Ha ha... David's Suzuki. Good one!

  • Thomas Knapp
    Thomas Knapp

    only time I ride to a destination is to the gas station,my zr does 100 in third and gets,35 being a hooligen!

  • mitchell montgomery
    mitchell montgomery

    My drivers license has been pushed back 4 times, 6 months at a time since covid started and I'm fed the fuck up with it, covid made finding jobs hard as it is and without the license I have to further filter it down to whether or not someone else can get me there. Nah, fuck that. Been wanting a good excùse to get a bike for awhile and opportunity has knocked, lots of nice used bikes for sale around me (one even in my desired color scheme purple primary with yellow accents which saves money on that) and gear is just...I'll save big for that shit, you get what you pay for and on that note I would rather pay big. Plus one of my neighbors is a motorcycle guy, and retired cop so who better to strike a conversation with and learn from regarding how not to become soup in a suit? Except for dandan the dandanmandan I guess. Got fuck all places to practice though.

  • Michael Kemp
    Michael Kemp

    I rode a 550 Honda year-round in college in Colorado because I was too cheap to pay $35 for a parking permit and I had to park at the end of the world when for 10 bucks I could park my motorcycle in front of any building, riding in carhartts isn't very sexy

  • Peter

    Can absolutely attest that getting a motorcycle has attracted me -0- women. If you want to attract women, get a cute dog. Still remember when I was riding my Daytona 675R (beautiful bike) to the bank for a work deposit run as I drove by 2 hot girls walking on the sidewalk who did not even glance my way because they stopped to admire and pet a Labrador some guy was taking for a walk. Also can absolutely confirm that you will instead attract a large number of other dudes who either brag about having had a bike in the past or talk to you about their dreams of owning one in the future.

  • My Motorcycle Obsession
    My Motorcycle Obsession

    I try to ride my Harley every day, I get about 50 miles per gallon. I save a ton of money, and my insurance is less than three bucks a month. Can't beat that with a stick. And every time I stop tons of people come up and talk to me, at least one at every stop, chicks flash their junk too, it's pretty amazing. Every biker on the road waves at me too, something I didn't expect when I bought my bike.

  • Langor

    Why is a motorcycle greener? Because the little amount of gas it take leaves more green bills in my wallet

  • Gaming52

    "I used to have one of these triumphs in the 80's" now.. which 80..? his or the 1980?

  • Generation Tech
    Generation Tech

    Motorcycles attract other dudes

    • justinl458

      Hey nice to see you here. Need a top ten list of movie motorcycles.

  • River city rampage
    River city rampage

    In the UK I can buy a brand new 125, pay a years insurance and road tax, and it would still be cheaper than taking the bus everyday

  • Iván Iván
    Iván Iván

    A motorcycle might get you a first date, but after that one, most girls will want you to pick them up in a car.

  • Wallace D
    Wallace D

    My motorcycle insurance is $186 per year while my car insurance is just under $1200 per year, so I'm curious where the more expensive to insure comes from.

  • Gary Abbey
    Gary Abbey

    Ryan, you are very good at this! Best channel on FIbill. When Hollywood hires you to write screenplays, don't let them melt your abundant common sense. Oh, and I didn't even get the rhymes until someone below noted it. Genius!

  • M Renovatio
    M Renovatio

    imagine careing about the environment, while riding a motorcycle..... lmao...

  • Corey Keesler
    Corey Keesler

    Insurance must be more expensive in Canada because I pay about 5 dollars a month for my NINJA 650

  • Josh Bascii
    Josh Bascii

    Gas and insurance might be expensive in Canada but cheap as can be here in the states

  • Anthony

    Disagree with the first point on saving money unless you're deciding between a motorcycle and a car, unless you don't already own a car and also need a car to carry more than your significant other and plenty of luggage or groceries. For those that can make do with small luggage and one passenger, or for people that already own a car, then I think buying a motorcycle can save money. Less upfront cost (even with starting gear), less maintenance cost, less on insurance, and even less on gas. If I'm wrong for some reason, do tell, but saving money is one of the reasons I want a motorcycle. I'll use my motorcycle most of the time and my car when I need to take my mother in law, friends, or brings lots of luggage on a resort style vacation trip. Anyway, this is more of an ancillary reason, but do tell me if I'm wrong somehow. My main reasons are being able to cut through traffic and having fun. Every day on my commute to work I see a motorcyclist whizz by me to cut through deadlock. Eventually, "I need a motorcycle" verbally fell out of my mouth and I decided to get one at that moment.