3 Laws that Endanger Motorcycle Riders
No surprise to anyone paying attention but it’s not all rainbows and sunshine when it comes to laws and motorcycles. Do some traffic laws actively increase your risk factor instead of minimizing it?

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  • FortNine

    To answer some common questions on the first one: Crashing due to failure to turn your ABS back ON requires a rider to: 1.) Disable it in the first place, which beginners rarely do. 2.) Forget one’s settings when rejoining the pavement, despite the obvious visual and tactile reminders that the surface has changed. 3.) Fail to notice the bright orange (ABS) light on the dash, which is another (more sensible) requirement of UNGTR 3 whenever ABS is disabled. And 4.) apply the brakes poorly enough to crash. All this requires a level of incompetence so high that it is actually less common. On the flip side, crashing due to failure to turn your ABS back OFF is easy. Off-roaders stop their bikes all the time - to consult a map, to chat with other riders, or simply because they stalled or tipped over. It’s common to quickly restart the bike and forget that ABS has automatically re-armed itself. There are no external reminders because the riding surface hasn’t changed, and the dash warning lights are now unlit (off-roaders rarely look at the dash anyway, since they are typically standing). On top of all this, no amount of braking skill can prevent a crash when ABS is working against you. My conclusion is that the law is poor, because it serves an unlikely level of incompetence at the cost of causing averagely-competent riders to crash. Most ADV folks will tell you that it has happened to them. Bear in mind that this does not affect the vast majority of motorcycles, which do not have switchable ABS in the first place. ~RF9

    • J S
      J S

      @W4TT5 wait, what ? Harley Davidson doesn't make an mc that small. So everyone should buy a Japanese bike for their first mc? I've worked in Harley dealerships for over 25 yrs and I always tell people who say I've never ridden a street bike before so I want a sportster they are wrong. First thing is get some training on street bikes it's cheap and only a couple weekends. Then if you buy a small bike you will out grow it buy the end of the summer then your looking to trade your depreciated mc on something bigger. I've started many riders on dynas and softails.

    • J S
      J S

      All you " professional" riders out there talking about how bad anti-lock brakes being a bad thing are ridiculous, including the idiot that made this video. Do you even know how abs works ? You could never pump the breaks even half as many times per second. If you're such a great rider how come you can't remember the functions of your motorcycle? I mean how hard is it to push a button. My truck turns on traction control every time I turn the truck on, first thing I do every time I turn the key is push the button to turn it off. I can't turn the abs off on my motorcycle nor would I if I could. If you can't remember to turn it off on your dual sport then you belong on an off road only

    • D.B.

      I train hundreds of riders from beginner right through to track school…. I mention 👈🏻 because I’m more experienced than the “average” rider. I’m with you on this. A lot of laws don’t actually look at the _real_ consequences of their laws.

    • Steve

      As a motorcylist from that dim period when ABS was rare, the primary lesson of braking has to be learning the skill of stopping as quickly as the tires will allow on a given surface. Even as I'd been riding for years, I was 45 when I did my first track class. in addition to excellent track instruction, we were also given a class on threshold braking. I began to practice threshold braking even on the street, just to get a better feel for it. The germ of braking knowledge I received in a number of track classes has allowed me to avoid accidents I lacked the skill to avoid when I was younger.. Thanks Ryan for your continuing education in all things motorcycle!

    • Michael VIENS
      Michael VIENS

      @Sabi1234567890Asdf 35 year writer speaking lane splitting or lane filtering is the most dangerous thing besides seatbelts they might as well put a seatbelt on a motorcycle!!! Maybe it’s the governments way of weeding out humans.. idk

  • sourand jaded
    sourand jaded

    only owned one bike with ABS, made sure to test it out at every chance before disarming it permanently... braided stainless lines. could not stand the squishy feel of metres of brake line, or having some silly device having its say on what was happening. of course, it also only lasted 3 months or 17,000km before one of its three factory recall failures caused it to seize its engine... *only rides bikes over 20yrs old now* and sorry, here in australia where we ride on the other side, i still always feel sketchy doing right hand turns, has nothing to do with turning radii. personally i think its because of having one hand always holding the THROTTLE.

  • Lawrence Genereux
    Lawrence Genereux

    The law of gravity, the law of momentum, and pretty much any of Murphy's laws come to mind.

  • david mcfaull
    david mcfaull

    Filtering is legal in New Zealand .. the problem is convincing car drivers

  • jed dej
    jed dej

    When you think you're going to simply watch a review/commentary video and you get.... real world life lessons ala 5:49 to end

  • jed dej
    jed dej

    When you think you're going to simply watch a review/commentary video and you get.... life lessons

  • Bes Mrtnik
    Bes Mrtnik

    I also dont like ABS on cars, they only help you not to spin out, but they greatly expand brake distance

  • Daniel Saavedra
    Daniel Saavedra

    I always lane filter at low speeds, i dont really know if its legal where i live, to be frank i dont really care, im not about to let people that has never stepped on a bike tell me how im safer, i much rather fall at 10 kmh than be crushed by the endless wave of normies that cant hold their attention span for more than 5 minutes, totally agree with Ryan.

  • Bobcat Arts
    Bobcat Arts

    By far my favorite youtube channel. Nice video boss

  • Ellis Legato
    Ellis Legato

    lmao the left and right are like american politics, both undesirable.... and im American laughing at this joke... lmfaoooooo FML

  • Flash Er
    Flash Er

    Been riding for over 50years, the only ABS I’ve ever needed is my two fingers on my right hand. The only law that matters is the law of survival.

  • Tony B
    Tony B

    Great video as always!

  • 50 Pence
    50 Pence

    Just improve the training instead of legislating for the weakest denominator. I hate ABS.

  • Bill392

    Lemme get this straight. If my left is your right and your left is my right then neither one of us can turn either way, right?

  • YouTube censorship sucks
    YouTube censorship sucks

    That’s the one and only good thing with California is legal in splitting. I still can’t figure out why other states don’t allow it

  • EJ K
    EJ K

    First I've heard of lane filtering vs lane splitting - makes a lot of sense though.

  • Paulo Carrolo
    Paulo Carrolo

    BMW enduro pro mode keeps rear abs off all the time.



  • Richard Steele
    Richard Steele

    I laugh. I learn. It’s a good arrangement.

  • TennRides

    I completely agree and wish everyone would watch this video...especially politicians that write such nonsensical laws.

  • Bence Balázs
    Bence Balázs

    While taking my motorcycle license, we had to do figure 8s on the practice course, which was basically learning how to turn around on a two lane road. Doing it to the left was easy, but I had a hard time turning around right between the lines. My instructor told me it happens to nearly everyone, and it’s almost always to the right.

  • Rich Clarke
    Rich Clarke

    Except when traffic is stopped, and lets cross traffic move..and some twit rides between the stopped cars and hits the crossing traffic.

  • Lou Vega
    Lou Vega

    Hmm, not what I was expecting at all! What was I expecting? 1. Stupidity, 2. Arrogance, 3. European bike prices. Aka, The law of diminishing returns.

  • Davy Gravy
    Davy Gravy

    Thankfully in Florida a law did not pass that required all motorcycles to have sear belts, I believe it was in the late 1970s.

  • Waqar Ahmed
    Waqar Ahmed

    They should allow lane filtering in Canada. There would be less traffic and pollution if more and more people ride a bike and something like lane filtering is allowed.

  • fastlane

    Watching your videos makes me wanna get a bike but watching your videos also makes me not wanna get a bike. I am conflicted

  • MSG63b Retired
    MSG63b Retired

    In Germany if a driver fails to yield to a motorcycle then the driver pays the bill for the bike, lost wages, etc. People should respect the law rather than argue for publicity.

  • G Hrt
    G Hrt

      for Belgium what does this mean? fibill.info/nick/videot/sHatlIvEmYefj50

  • Chaperone

    Im glad cali is cool with filtering however even if it wasn't id still filter and take the ticket rather then some idiot take my life

  • Meatball Salad
    Meatball Salad

    Filtering or splitting in my experience is similar to starting a free for all on riders. People opening doors, turning the car to push you into another car, the list goes on. People can't get past the "me first" mentality and it truly starts a road rage scenario. Dangerous behavior that can seriously hurt a rider. Very unfortunate we can't get past that and improve traffic flow.

  • No One
    No One

    Always perfectly succinct.

  • zbow1974

    no right hand curves are not more dangerous, uneducated poor driving is more dangerous, if someone is to damn stupid to slow down then they deserve the prize they are about to win. the UNIVERSAL SOLUTION is to damn well slow down and ride and drive using common since and respect for other motorists. and yes thats my mind set every time i get on my bike or get in my suv.

  • Greg Appelgren
    Greg Appelgren

    Shall we list all of the ways we all know that in the U. S. And Canada “safety” is the word used, for “Control”. Not one politician cares about your life but once they get into office they are taught by their varsity members that control, will keep them in office.

  • Aaron Walls
    Aaron Walls

    no need for abs when your brakes are too bad to lock up anyway

  • Jon G
    Jon G

    These videos are pure art

  • Stephen Cummins
    Stephen Cummins

    Hey I am that septuagenarian you are talking about and have just bought myself a 100HP Indian Scout, a bit more respect for the old farts please

  • Rick

    Hmm since we can’t turn right, is that why NASCAR became so popular in the 90s? 🤔

  • MilesB

    filtering and splitting both suck. Splitting is allowed in California and it’s a nightmare.

  • Brian Payne
    Brian Payne

    The biggest issue that “endangers motorcyclists lives”, is the motorcyclist, himself/herself. Remember, you’re just one mistake away from death/head injury. You think your helmet will protect you from that? Wrong. I was wearing a top shelf (at the time) icon helmet. I STILL got a head injury.

  • Krishnan Ramakrishnan
    Krishnan Ramakrishnan

    But just two questions, wouldn't filtering also result in multiple vehicles trying to get in front of the other one the lights go from red to green? And on top of that would that not be lane splitting one all 3 vehicles are at 30kmh?

  • giovanifm1984

    Here in Brazil we call lane filtering as "the corridor", where bikes can filter our very heavy transit. They are fairly secure, most of our bikes accidents occur when cars hit bikes from behind, not on the "corridor" where the most dangerous event is smash someone's mirror. There's no purpose to ride a bike in cities if one cannot do the lane filtering.

  • Yudo NeidaNo
    Yudo NeidaNo

    Yet again, being less of a dumbass helps exponentially. Don't play russian roulette on the road. threading the needle between cars in traffic jams at top speed is high handed stupidity.

  • Jocelyn

    Funny, filtering is exactly the reason that motivated me to learn how to ride a motorcycle. Daily trafic jam after work decreased my will to drive a car. I honestly thought it was legal and common practice everywhere (from Belgium btw)

  • Daniel LaRusso
    Daniel LaRusso

    I would argue that 'the more conscientious(?)' rider will know/remember that their motorcycle's settings reset to default every on/off cycle. It's the idiots that we need to protect from themselves, not the autonomously aware. :)

  • StonyRC

    Lane filtering is inherently dangerous. The biker is always in someone’s blind spot. Keep it illegal everywhere.

  • Gravity Slave
    Gravity Slave

    The only thing endangering motorcycle riders is the riders. Speeding through lanes they split, cutting cars off, showing off, intimidating drivers.

  • Lee Wolf
    Lee Wolf

    I’m so glad filtering is legal in the UK

  • its me
    its me

    Lane filtering is a fancy phrase for trying to squeeze by. That's how riders get crippled.

  • Aesop

    I cringed so hard as soon as the footage around 2:50 started. It took about a nanosecond to predict that was going to go wrong..

  • Janne Peltonen
    Janne Peltonen

    I rented a car that had quite aggressive lane assisting feature which was completely out of whack in January when the roads were full of snow, so I disabled it. And on the next leg, realized that the F'ing thing had turned itself back on, causing another near-accident. I mean, really. If I turn something off, it should stay off until I say so. Anything else is unexpected behavior and will result in surprises; at worst, accidents.

  • Shell Back Beau
    Shell Back Beau

    So glad I ride in Japan

  • Bob Sullivan
    Bob Sullivan

    Just be more careful.......Well......Err.......Ummmm.........I suppose......

  • C.R.E.A.M.

    Lane splitters are douche bags. If you are a newer rider don't lane split. There are so many ways to die from it and it just pisses people off.

  • M Pacheco
    M Pacheco

    The US doesn't want Lane Filtering legislation because they want everyone to purchase cars it's more more in the governments pocket. There pushing to eliminate Motorcycle Riders completely

  • norman sabel
    norman sabel

    Two great reasons to be in California. Lane splitting and right turns on red lights.

  • Logan

    i think its common knowledge that you cant lane filter only because all the car drivers get pissed off about it, even though it is in the best interest of everyone involved

  • Logan

    il always take left hand turns faster because I would rather go into a tree any day of the week than an oncoming car

  • Daan Demeyer
    Daan Demeyer

    Lane splitting is perfectly legal here in Belgium

  • Colin G.
    Colin G.

    Next time I ride, I am going to map out a route that only does left turns.

  • NotoriousDBG

    “People who drive boxes can’t think outside of them” 😂😂

  • Flo

    The last fact also occurs with truck drivers. A lot of truck drivers will brake while they are in the turn instead of braking before it which often leads to one tire poping.

  • B Nagy
    B Nagy

    We have filtering in Budapest, the only problem when the scooters do it😂

  • Kelsey Jackson
    Kelsey Jackson

    That Zoolander turn at the end.

  • Evert de Vries
    Evert de Vries

    About that turning right is riskier than turning left statement: I've always lived in countries where we drive on the left, with oncoming traffic passing by to the right so that as you say in the video the statistics in 'tea-sipping' countries should mirror the statistics of countries driving on the right. However, like the majority of humanity, I'm right handed and taking a bend to the right has always been a bit more 'awkward' than taking a bend to the left. For me, that's true both in the car and on the bike. Friends have from time to time commented the same when the subject has come up. Are there any studies that indicate which handedness those riders that crashed were? I think that handedness and the consequent awkwardness plays a role in the creation of the statistic. I'm wondering if the crashes to the left in countries that drive on the left will be as high as they are for crashes to the right in countries where one drives on the right. I'm expecting that they'll be lower...

  • Deckzwabber

    Really don't understand why lane filtering is illegal... Every vehicle less in a traffic jam is a good thing. And by promoting motorcycle use through this benefit, that's even less cars in traffic... Double win for the car driver

  • Smitty Werbenjagermanjensen
    Smitty Werbenjagermanjensen

    Yo what shoes do you wear in the opening shot??

  • Marcel Demir
    Marcel Demir

    Tea sippers! Lol!

  • Justin Case
    Justin Case

    Yeah. And Canadian politics is ALL LEFT now. How's that working out for ya?! Gun confiscation, churches burning, Trudeau, etc. But I like your content, despite the condescending, pseudo intellectual attitude.

  • Wiresx UK
    Wiresx UK

    2:54 not in the UK... is a highway code rule is to filter... Move here lol; like the videos J

  • Pete Rhein
    Pete Rhein

    "OH Shit!" at all the decreasing radius right turn dumps I've ever been in! "They were all.....Right Turns!"

  • Nikica Sekulic
    Nikica Sekulic

    From personal experience, lane filtering is a life saver, i did it all the time in EU, when i lived there, and line splitting is, well, sometimes fine but for the most part, a risk as car drivers are equally blind towards bikes in every part of the world. It would be very nice if Canada finally made lane filtering legal, i wouldn't ask for more than that.

  • Bob Stover
    Bob Stover

    We just passed a law making lane filtering legal in Montana.

  • Solocanoe

    Really interesting about the R vs L curve crash stats! However, as a guy who's ridden bikes 3 decades but never lived in a state where lane splitting or filtering was/is legal... it sure freaks me out to see it. I envision some angry cager seeing me coming and purposefully 'on accident' opening his door right when I'm passing his stuck in traffic car or truck, lol! (Yes, I live around some mean drivers!)

  • Benjamin Eastwood
    Benjamin Eastwood

    filtering in uk is legal

  • Skoll _
    Skoll _

    It’s not that Americans drive on the wrong side of the road. It’s the Imperial system usage that blows my mind. Work all day in factory that works in metric (now) and then go home to tools in a imperial. That’d break my logic bone. Show em the way Canada!

  • Winter Rider
    Winter Rider

    How can we change the laws for filtering.... I filter regardless .... id rather eat the ticket than get rear ended

  • sTEALtooth

    1:56 - hahaha! What world are you living in? XD That'd be nice, but that's not how lawsuits work...unfortunately, there's no limit to how stupid an individual can be, which is why warnings like "do not iron clothes while wearing" exist :D


    It's legal in the Uk and our roads are a lot more narrow than you roads, In your country people can learn to ride on any capacity regardless of whether they are capable. In the Uk you have to prove your skills as you move up capacitiies. Although a restrictive process it tends to make for better riders. Rear ending is less common in the Uk for that very reason we can filter filter filter. Even had the law move over to allow me to filter on the harley how cool is that.

  • Tauno Kekkonen
    Tauno Kekkonen

    At the end I was sure he'd pull a Clarkson and finally just say "get a car".

  • Puckosar

    6:08 American politics has no left, just right and extreme right

  • Xel N'Jare
    Xel N'Jare

    I live in the US - only California allows lane filtering (and we all agree lane splitting is squid activity that is rightly avoided)...

  • Faryl Daryl
    Faryl Daryl

    "Our law should presume intelligence rather than incompetence." Wow for a smart guy you don't know much about why laws are made!

  • nathan chapman
    nathan chapman

    Nailed it with our American two party system! Lol

  • Great King Rat NZ
    Great King Rat NZ

    In NZ lane filtering is not only legal, cops frown at you if you don’t do it when traffic is heavy and start stop.

  • Tom'sView Photography Adventures
    Tom'sView Photography Adventures

    I despise ABS for those reasons.. both in cars and motorcycles. There are times when you want those wheels to lock.

  • Hans Baeker
    Hans Baeker

    Once when at the local bike dealership where I lived at the time, the salesman motioned me to come look at something. He pointed to the back wheel of another motorcycle that the owner had just ridden up on along with his girlfriend. The wheel showed absolutely no wear to the right -- it was like new. The rider was apparently comfortable making left hand turns but not right hand turns. I never did figure that out.

  • seedyrom247

    I was amazed when they legalised lane filtering in Australia in 2014. It was the first time I’d seen the government treat adults like adults, or as you succinctly said: “our laws should assume intelligence rather than incompetence “.

  • nawack1

    It's jut a personal opinion. But I feel like the right turns are also more complicated because of the angle of the right wrist. Which makes braking and accelerating a bit less precise. Thanks for your sense of humor, I love it !

  • Justin R
    Justin R

    I’m convinced filtering is outlawed because cars are butt hurt about it

  • Huo Shing
    Huo Shing

    Mmm, no. Gov't has already established a monopoly of force, the monopoly of aggression will logically follow. Two wheel vehicle as compared to four wheel, by definition, is more aggressive, effectively. You're barking up the wrong tree.

  • Devonbiker

    Funny. Never heard that expression before - T sippers! Enjoyed and agreed with your video

  • 711 dose stuff
    711 dose stuff

    I love in a state that allows filtering not a motorcycle rider I'm a bike rider

  • fremeaner

    right turns are left turns in countries on the other side of the road :P

  • Mirmi

    3:20 Okay, so in Germany I learned it's not allowed because you as a motorcyclist don't know what causes the traffic jam. If it's an accident you could stop the ambulance because all motorcycles are in the front or you could create a new traffic jam when you want to exit the road or the highway. I... really hope this makes sense in a grammatical sense..

  • idcraw

    If you lane filter here in Canada some dickhead in a pickup will cut you off no one can pass my f250

  • BubbaSmurft

    3 lefts make a right.

  • Marc Ritz
    Marc Ritz

    It is more reliable to have ABS rearm on ignition than to remember the last used setting. You only need to remember when you last ignited the engine (same day). Not when you last changed it (could be days to months in between). If you get into the habit of checking ABS after ignition, it becomes a non-issue. You are just stuck in an old habit

  • Barbu Alin
    Barbu Alin

    This is the problem with society 😕, making laws to protect every single idiot, we all have to change in order ,,protect ,, that idiot who doesn't have common sense.... 🍻

  • Billyum12

    I love your videos man. The constant witty remarks, jokes and humor digs thrown in are absolutely amazing. Always informational yet endlessly entertaining. I am taking my MRF course in two weeks and still looking at which motorcycle I want to buy for my first but definitely looking forward to hitting the open road in the future! Pretty close to buying a 2012 Harley Fat Bob - know anything good/bad about that model? Most folks I talk to tell me to steer away from Harley but I want the "cool factor" and feel of a Harley... Also odd because those folks own multiple Harley's and ride them most... Lol

  • tray rean
    tray rean

    Ducati Multistrada V4 Becomes First Motorcycle With Radar. Any thoughts?