5 Life-Saving Habits for Motorcycle Riders
If there’s a golden rule to motorcycling, "don’t be an idiot” would rank #1. But beyond that, there are a few things you can do to drastically lower your risk factor.

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  • HonorB 4Glory
    HonorB 4Glory

    I ride a motorized bike, which can be invisible to certain people, so I always have my fingers on my levers in traffic. I also stand up through intersections, to make myself appear larger, so idiots will be more likely to make the connection that I'm an obstacle to avoid.

  • James Jack
    James Jack

    Brilliant video mate, Kind Regards James Fae (from) Scotland 🏴󠁧󠁢󠁳󠁣󠁴󠁿 Part of the UK 🇬🇧 😊 👍

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    bontemps Rudyjeanpaul

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  • Jomary Ambrosio
    Jomary Ambrosio

    When i know I'm faster than my group i stay behind and start speeding on straight line just so they know I'm fast. When near turns i start going behind.. you never knows whats around so i let them check :)

  • Rat Rod Studios - DRR Customs Ltd
    Rat Rod Studios - DRR Customs Ltd

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  • jed dej
    jed dej

    I "feel" like I've actually learned and restablished some truisms that I know. An everyday rider.

  • Paul Cowell
    Paul Cowell

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  • khan la
    khan la

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  • YEEYEE Brother
    YEEYEE Brother

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  • C.I.A

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    lee batt

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  • lee batt
    lee batt

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  • Mutti the beast
    Mutti the beast

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    Symon Cryer

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  • Al Pussycat The Substantial Chanel
    Al Pussycat The Substantial Chanel

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  • Al Pussycat The Substantial Chanel
    Al Pussycat The Substantial Chanel

    That was cool. As an old man, I already knew all that stuff. You did a wonderful job plainly explaining. Thank you. Most enjoyable.

  • philjohnson725

    Get to the five habits and then explain them. This video is droning on and I just had to leave. The boredom was overwhelming.

  • Nate

    We are too competitive. Everyone has something to prove. Just ride for fun, that’s why I always prefer to sweep.

  • 35ozgur

    My English not so good but still watched whole video =) this is first video of yours... For breaking simple saying squeeze like limon

  • Intruder Grid
    Intruder Grid

    Ryan has his own funny way of presenting very serious issues! His humorous ways always makes me watch everything to the very end!

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    Das Mole

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  • Almis Peter Salcius
    Almis Peter Salcius

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  • holmes1956O

    Lots of bad info here. Applying your front brake as stated will nullify your brake light guaranteeing a rear end crash. As road racers learn braking the rear brake is used first lightly to set the chassis up to brake hard with the front thus reducing the tendency to lock the front wheel. Scanning forward should be done by looking as far forward as posible then scanning one side. Return your sight to the forward point then scan the other side. This gives you sight of animals approaching the road. While doing this scan pay attention to the vehicles on cross roads. If their speed appears to be not slowing prepare to stop because they probably are not going to. Be safe take care and remember you are the only one paying attention

  • Daniel Torrecilla
    Daniel Torrecilla


  • Firth

    Is this guy a physicist?

  • C VIGY
    C VIGY

    I've been riding bike like years of my life, i can say that my right hand have ABS feature since i broke my hand 2 times Edit : i mean motorcycles, not bike like bicycle

  • Badboys &co
    Badboys &co

    By the way you should be reading audio books...... very pleasant to listen to and perfect explanation.

  • Kelso Bradshaw
    Kelso Bradshaw

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  • Thizz Fox
    Thizz Fox

    0:52 Great way to destroy your brake pads and also clutch

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    J.C. on a bike

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  • Pablo

    What's up with the mixed direction road diagram at about the 5 minute mark? The horizontal road has folks driving on the left. The vertical road has folks driving on the right. \_0_/

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    Syed Moin Doja

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  • DigiPal

    Deep rut on city streets, sometimes so deep, I accidentally dropped my brand new motorcycle tonight. It seems that both feet where unable to reach the ground like as a normal level, so, yes, lost balance, dropped it on the right side. No damage, thanks, maybe beginners luck. Just got my motorcycle driving licence a couple weeks ago, and one of the first thing we've learned, is to break using the rear brake, like in the video, preferably use the rear brake to hold the motorcycle too. Never use the front brake if the handlebar is not straight. Funny to see you talk about those very usefull tips in that video. Instructors repeated those tips so many times, in way to let us remember them as much as possible.

  • The Clockwork Angeloid
    The Clockwork Angeloid

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    SVRZ 7

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  • Union News page too much FB Censure
    Union News page too much FB Censure

    forward medical commercial, how many people do you share our medical files with,people like their privacy! i.e. you and customer, that is it!

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  • DoglinsShadow

    That last tip was great and really explained a lot of my own emotions I had about a recent group ride in which I decided to go to the back of the group because I noticed a new friend kept following me too close... it became clear if I had to brake he would be coming too close to me as a result of that effect. In one occasion he rode up the side of another guy.

  • Brian Roach
    Brian Roach

    But we’re not taught to cover our brake lever in traffic. We’re taught to keep away from any control not in use. Also, locking fingers behind the lever can get in the way of a full squeeze of lever travel (as a common denominator. shaped levers matter, but that is advance specific) Emergency stops should also be practiced. Pedantic, yes - but practicing emergency stops on your bike(s) in a parking lot matters. Also, loading the lever activates your brake light unless adjusted , which was missed. One issue in so many excellent videos

  • BOYGENIUS538 _
    BOYGENIUS538 _

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  • David Garratt
    David Garratt

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  • Yorkshire_Tea_innit

    I already recieved these lessons from 1. father 2. bike test instructor. Am I rare in that? Are these lessons new to many people out there?

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    Jesus Antonio Sosa Herrera

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    The Flashing Eyes

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  • Engine Notes From Underground
    Engine Notes From Underground

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    In his left to right explaination the drivers of the horizontal road drove left while those of the verical road drove right 😂

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  • Please Bring the Fire
    Please Bring the Fire

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    In everyday life, paranoia is not a great thing to worry about, but on a motorcycle it is!

  • NotYurBusiness

    My instructor told me '' Ride like everybody's trying to kill you'' Saved me a few times in 4 years already.

  • 1panic0 Drive
    1panic0 Drive

    Traffic lights i always use my front brakes (whilst sitting) i stop with both 20%Front 80%Rear. And i dont ride with people i dont know and i assume he cant ride better than i can so expect the unexpected.

  • 1panic0 Drive
    1panic0 Drive

    I always ready my brakes (not engaging them) but i have my foot and 2 fingers on my brakes at all times (ready to use) especially in the crowded country i love in. (Thats why i prefer to own ABS)

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    Derek Haggerty

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  • HostileTakeover2

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  • Asahel

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    Serithin Miaghee

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    Mechanically Creative

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  • Thobias MARTIN
    Thobias MARTIN

    On thing that infuriates me I have a very good friend of mine that is a learner we ride to work pretty much every day From the first ride to today I always wanted her to ride in front so I can go at her pace and she doesn't push herself too much and learns at her speed (I know from personal experience that if you try to keep up with more performing buddys that's when you crash) And also because that would tame my crazy ass riding a custom like it's a sports bike But she has the phobia to be followed.... I've been behind her a few times and she gets all stiff on the bike takes corners awfully and all kind of bad stuff So I'm stuck always checking for her and sometimes making stops to wait for her if the road gets too curvy Because you can't be in someone's head and know at wich speed they want to be It's always either too slow or too fast And it makes the ride less fun Just a random rant I don't know if anyone can relate or something but yeah...

  • seeingeyegod

    Who knew that learning to read Hebrew as a kid would make me a safer motorcycle rider!

  • John K Lindgren
    John K Lindgren

    Thanks 'FortNine'. Solid, science loaded video and "Life Saving Tips" Greetings from tropical THAILAND "Johnny-BikeSanooK " I am a 71 years-old newbie rider with two new titanium knees (TKR Total Knee Replacement). Last year (2020) I discovered the JOY of motorcycling and I've now decided to purchase the Indian made =RE= Royal Enfield Meteor 350 Supernova (350 cc). Cruiser (flat foot) no vibrations and easy to ride. A little street cred, too. Finally, here is my "Thumper" Meteor review fibill.info/nick/videot/1qZ8gWOmqoaHdns

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