7 Minute Motorcycle Teardown - Mechanic Crash Course
It doesn't take long to learn the core of motorcycle mechanics! We bring you a short and sweet breakdown of what every component on a motorbike does.

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    Really love the way you teach and the much information you condensate in fucking 7 minutes. You are just amazing ❤️❤️

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    Dimitrios S.

    I do not even ride a motorcycle and yours is the greatest channel on FIbill, I wanted you to know that.

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    Marston Norris 2

    I wish my bike was this simple.

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    Mikael Kalliokoski

    I have a 1975 suzuki gt125 and it's framework is suprisingly the same as this one

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    thomas karnick

    God damn, your voice and smile are so attractive. Why is everything so lovely up north?????

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    Pete Rhein

    A rotary valve 2-stroke. Not gonna see many of those smokers anywhere these days. Not even off road. Sadly.

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    Canadians are nice. And funny.

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    Excellent! :-)

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    Jimmy Corn

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    Andy Flagg, the original GGPCTU

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    Dat NOT Me

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    Matt S.

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    InFinity PT

    This is Linus Tech but for motorbikes

  • My True Love is My FR-S
    My True Love is My FR-S

    "Fuel flows- through this hose, into the carburetor *IS WHERE IT GOES* Really wanted you to finish the rhyme man wtf

  • Benz Castaño
    Benz Castaño

    This is very informative for me who aspires to be a mechanic

  • Kamil Trebunia
    Kamil Trebunia

    @FortNine or anyone please oh please do tell me which model of Suzuki this one is - I watch this channel for so long and I tried to look it up oh so many times and it drives me so mad!

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    Joe Pratt

    that was one of the coolest videos i have ever seen ... made me think of how its made

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    Albert Spice

    The only FIbillr who breaks down, explains and rebuilds his bike in 7 minutes. Others will do a 10 part series with each video being 10 minutes long

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    Rolf Sleddens

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    Filip Kujundžić

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