Can Fuel Stabilizer Kill Your Motorcycle? Comparison Test
We find answers to all of your fuel stabilizer questions, so sit back, relax and soak it in. [Links below]

K100 :
Seafoam : Don't.
Sta-Bil :
Ipone :
STP : Available locally.
StarTron :

Cinematographer & Editor : Aneesh Shivanekar

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  • Jacob Jeffries
    Jacob Jeffries

    Dude this guy HAS to be the hardest working youtuber there is. Regardless of what the created content is specific for. He outworks dem all!

  • southized

    I put seafoam in a mint 2005 crf450r and it dropped a valve later that evening i never used that trash on anything else i own

  • Siddakid

    “The Canada box”😂

  • Tanner Saurus
    Tanner Saurus

    I freaking love you guys.... Best motocentric channel out there!

  • NuLL

    well, I learned nothing has improved over Stabil

  • john schlesinger
    john schlesinger

    Great video: very informative. In the UK, one can buy fuel without ethanol, which is what I always use. Never had a startup problem after six months off the road, whether in a garage or outdoors.

  • Ol’ Blue eye’s
    Ol’ Blue eye’s

    Awesome, wont be buying seafoam anymore

  • Merit Holding, LLC
    Merit Holding, LLC

    Two questions, Ryan FortNine: One, will shaking the fuel by rocking the bike side to side or using a rod to agitate it cause the unsuspended water to resuspend, at least enough to allow combustible fuel to reach the cylinders? Two, is it better to fill the tank with fuel (displacing the air that holds the water) before storage or better to leave less fuel that you can then mix with fresh fuel in spring?

  • Rå

    Love your videos man kudos to about one on octane boosters...

  • bradley o
    bradley o

    I logged in just to comment.... fantastic info and even better video!!

  • dude112

    This is next level! Not safe for work lol

  • Zeke Falkovich
    Zeke Falkovich

    Won't fuel without ethanol be worse for storage? Pure gasoline absorbs little to no water. So condensed water will just sit at the bottom of the tank corroding or freezing. While E10 after absorbing a lot and after separation didn't even freeze in low temps (I'm assuming -18°C in that freezer?) and assuming corroded less than pure water. How about just increasing ethanol concentration for winter storage? Would absorb more water before separation...

  • postersm 71
    postersm 71

    Well done!!

  • Zehnuss

    Have had years of luck with using K100, I swear by it


    My Harley xr1200x , 2011, has a plastic tank. E10 fuel has just been launched in the U.K. this week. What would you recommend to treat fuel for storage and daily use to minimise Ethanol damage? Keep up the good work from the colonies……😉

  • nihonkokusai

    lucas injector cleaner

  • MementoMori2070

    I swear is this an ARG?

  • Evan Legere
    Evan Legere

    How to winterize a honda: Yeah just dont ride it

    • Evan Legere
      Evan Legere

      Or do

  • Allen Hare
    Allen Hare

    Spooky stuff, man. I’m a year-round rider down here in Dallas, TX, where it rarely freezes (except for February 2021, ha ha!). Even so, I add a couple ounces of Lucas Fuel Treatment to every fill-up in all my vehicles. All my vehicles start up right away even in the coldest (Texas) weather. I always use Sta-Bil in the container with my lawnmower gas, because it sits the longest. This episode had lots of useful information, and was well presented, so thanks for the education. Happy Trails

  • Moe Lester
    Moe Lester

    Interesting. Been murdering my carbed bike for 13 years now. Start adding seafoam every fill up in october (premium), knowing any ride may be the last until april. Never had an issue. Heated storage, idle it 15 minutes once a month. Tank is spotless inside.

  • Liberty4Ever

    It's not too difficult to make your own ethanol free gas. Add water to gasoline, shake well, allow it to sit overnight, and drain the water and ethanol mixture from the bottom of the container. Water soluble food coloring in the water makes it easier to see the water ethanol mixture after it separates. If you don't want to mess with ethanol free gasoline, it's a good idea to fill the tank before parking the bike for the winter. The liquid is mostly incompressible. It expands and contracts negligibly as the ambient temperature varies. A tank of mostly air will expand and vent when warm, and as it cools, it'll draw in moisture laden air. The water vapor in the air will be absorbed by the ethanol in the gasoline. A hundred cycles of this over the winter will add a lot of water to your fuel tank.

  • Tab Creedence
    Tab Creedence

    I have been using about an ounce of seafoam in the 1 gal gas can, every time I mix up a new gallon of 50:1, for my Jonsered chainsaw for 30 years. It starts and runs fine every year and I have had no carb issues whatsoever.

  • eduardo m
    eduardo m

    i just use 2 stroke oil on my 4 stroke ATVs when i leave them for months

  • Smart Bikers
    Smart Bikers

    Fuel system cleaner do job better than fuel stabiliser

  • Andrea B
    Andrea B

    This is great proves taryl fixes all test correctly

  • Kerem Kekeç
    Kerem Kekeç

    05:34 Dude 😂 awesome humor

  • Darren DeLuca
    Darren DeLuca

    They say that the best educational videos are the ones that entertain. Story is king when making a good video. This was probably one of the best I've seen in a long time. You took a topic that by all rights should be boring AF and made it great. Well done.

  • preventec47

    Stabil has three fuel stabilizers for gas, regular red, blue marine, and 360 gold. I do not think they are the same because they have different recommended recipe dilutions. I use only non-ethanol gasoline and I would like to know which fuel stabilizer is best for non ethanol gas. It seems to me some stabilizers exist to mostly focus on ethanol gas. I would like to analyze which fuel stabilizer is best for non ethanol gas.

  • Alakh Patel
    Alakh Patel

    There is less chance of moisture mixing in if you fill the gas tank to full, a Sta-bil run the engine for 5-10. Then store it. This has been working for me for my riding mower, trimmer, and my r1.

  • SuperDd40

    Run your gas tank and carb dry for winter storing... Done.

  • Jim Hill
    Jim Hill

    I quit using fuel stabilizer a couple years ago. It does very little. For storage the real key is keep your fuel tank full, do not allow air to contact fuel. If there is not water to extract from air, then there is no problem. Fuel tanks are vented, but this is not significant source of air to become water in fuel. I run the carburetor dry prior to storage. Conduct this test. The evidence is my bike starts every spring.

  • Anthony Bluhm
    Anthony Bluhm

    I wonder how Amsoil Stabilizer would perform.

  • Sav

    Cheers Mr Ryan and Co. Seen this just now (9months later) and my only comment is: pls just remember that you have followers all around the world. Meaning, some product you show and we may want to try - e.g. K100 - it is not readily available in EU/UK. Stay safe

  • Robin Marquardt
    Robin Marquardt

    What a plot twist. He was the murderer for not riding his bike enough and writing scrips instead

  • Akirasan Akirasan
    Akirasan Akirasan

    The BIG picture is the end of petrol vehicles. If they give us shit fuel that actually kills fuel systems we are forced to buy electric vehicles.

  • Henry Lee
    Henry Lee

    FortNine video, click like, then proceed to watch.


    Star Tron Didn't hurt my moped for the winter and I used probably 10x more than I was supposed too.

  • Saladin Yohol
    Saladin Yohol

    Your videos are very well done 👍🏻

  • Christian Friedemann
    Christian Friedemann

    This is youtube Gold!

  • Fuscão Preto
    Fuscão Preto

    Seafoam may rust more but when it saves a carbon clogged engine its just gold.

  • Jeff B
    Jeff B

    So from researching gas stations in my neighborhood I've learned that shell 91 octane or higher does not contain ethanol and this is the fuel I put in my bikes,seadoos and anytime I store gas. I've had no fuel related problems so far. Just fyi.

  • Roger Barraud
    Roger Barraud

    Best winterizing for Canadians is to ride to Florida.

  • Roger Barraud
    Roger Barraud

    Chandleresque? :-)

  • bigteddybear012001

    I just fill my tank with fresh gas and let sit tel summer.

  • Omnivore

    So wait. Alcohol blended petrol is bad because the alcohol apparently reaches outside the fuel into the air and sucks water from the air into the fuel, and that water eventually separates out and causes problems, so we add a fuel stabilizer which contains, among other things...alcohol? Did I hear that right? And anyway, back in the olden days when we had no alcohol blended gas, every farmer, country household, and every suburbanite kept a bottle of Heet around, for dissolving out water in carburetor bowls and fuel lines. The main ingredient in Heet? Alcohol, of course. So apparently the more alcohol the better. But alcohol in your gasoline is bad, we are told, and so what do the people who say alcohol is bad say we should do about it? Add yet more alcohol? Of course! If anyone truly understands this stuff, then I’ve yet to hear the full explanation. Every time I see a new video on this, I am more inclined to think that it’s BS, that there is a large gap, a chasm if you will, between having the ability to make nice videos and know a lot about engines on one hand, and having any real scientific knowledge or understanding of basic chemistry on the other hand. Apparently though, we should be using alcohol as a desiccant because it really mops up the water out of the air, like from ten feet away or more, by some magic force field, molecular level tractor beam, sort of action...thingy. Bedouin tribespeople traveling in the dessert could carry large flasks with a little bit of pure alcohol in the bottom, and end up with gallons of water, just by exposing that little bit of alcohol to the air. Quite frankly at this point I am disinclined to believe anything anyone says on the matter.

  • CV01

    My '78 Suzaki GS550E and '14 Yamy R1 both sit outside all days of each year in Chicago weather. The only protection from the elements are their covers. I don't use any fuel additives. I fire them up at least once a month when the temperatures are above freezing. No trouble starting up for either one so far. I've had the Suzaki since 2011.

  • Love Like a Hurricane
    Love Like a Hurricane

    I heard Amsoil Gasoline Stabilizer is the best

  • Killer2600

    Should I just store it with an empty tank?

  • lennartjakob

    I used one by Liqui Moly, that my mechanic sold me, wish this had been in here.

  • Fred Gullett
    Fred Gullett

    does alcohol make water burn?

  • Craig Morris
    Craig Morris

    Who puts E10 in their bikes? Not worth the pennies saved.

  • djturnz

    What about Green Sta-bil? That's what I've been using for years.

  • kilt6680

    I know I'm late to the comments party. Buuut.... I cant help it. " All work and no Play makes Ryan a dull boy " " You can stay with us Ryan, for ever, and ever and everrr " 😁😬😐

  • Mike Barnett
    Mike Barnett

    I don't use Seafoam as a stabilizer, as we ride year round here in Florida - but I do run it through my tank every once in a while. When I bought my used, low mileage, but older Shadow 750, the carb was a bit scuzzy - and two tanks of fuel didn't improve it much. But adding 6 ounces of Seafoam to the 3rd tankful did the trick in about 100 miles - no more off the line stumble or hesitation. No, I wouldn't leave it sitting in my tank over a winter, as I've heard of the oxidation issue, but as a fuel injector/carburetor cleaning treatment, I think it's a pretty good product.

  • ST Detroit
    ST Detroit

    Well what i do is make sure the tank is just about empty and then fill it up with true fuel. Zero ethanol so no chance of water collecting!

  • theymusthatetesla

    I store my bikes for 2 years at a time with NO stabilizer.....never had this problem. Used 5 year ikd unleaded in my probs! Just make sure you leave at least 2/3rds of a tank full.

  • Jake Blanton
    Jake Blanton

    My Harley is fuel injected and will start right up even after being stored for quite awhile (if the battery is charged up)... My sport bike has carbs and if I leave it for a couple of months, I need to get the carbs overhauled since the damn ethanol that they contaminate our fuel supply with around here just ruins the carbs...

  • Peter Smith
    Peter Smith

    Use race gas for Canada 🇨🇦 vp110

  • Alex C
    Alex C

    Hey, Hollywood, pay attention....

  • robert watson
    robert watson

    I’ve used stabilizer. for years now when my bike goes into storage. Never had a prob

  • benarcher45

    Glad to live in Southern California where I don't have to worry about storing my bike for the winter.

  • dheeraj

    This is henceforth my favourite forensic mystery, It's the best

  • B Family
    B Family

    Would love to see how PRI-G performs. I've used it for years and either it's good - or I've ben lucky.

  • John Bauman
    John Bauman

    Really excellent! I only wish you had tested more additives such as IsoHeet, Pri-G and Lucas to name a few. There is SO little research on the topic of gas stabilizers/preservatives. Interestingly a few of them are manufactured by the same company under different names which is a bit suspect. From what I can gather, the best results for preserving gasoline usability in storage are obtained with ethanol-free high octane gas in a high quality tightly sealed metal container filled as full as possible to exclude air and moisture and reduce oxidation. As a decrease in octane is observed with storage, starting high seems prudent. Maybe you would recommend adding Sta-bil as well, or not necessary if not using E10 fuel? If one can't get ethanol-free gas, or add sufficient methanol, aka wood alcohol, to counter the effect of water in the gas, then it especially important to use a proper container, fill it as full as safely possible and seal it air tight promptly. I don't know anything about motorcycle gas tanks, or if the above makes sense for your purposes, as I have no idea if keeping a full gas tank over the winter is safe or wise, or if it would be best to siphon off the gas to winterize the bike. New subscriber. Thanks!

  • Joe E
    Joe E

    Or, you could just fill your bike’s tank with some Sunoco Unleaded Race Fuel (95 Octane) at the end of the riding season 🤷🏼‍♂️🤘🏻

  • T Sav
    T Sav

    If possible start your bike a few times a week while it's not going to be ridden.

  • roguesquatcher

    Fresh tank of non-ethanol fuel and attach the battery tender.... never a problem in 35 years of owning my bike.

  • Shane C
    Shane C

    Drain the carbs and gas tank before storing would be the best option

  • Angel

    Love the video guys awesome glad I use sta-bul for winter storage lol

  • Phelan Pawly
    Phelan Pawly

    The problem is ethanol, not fuel additives. It’s illegal to add ethanol to fuel in Australia unless it’s labeled on the pump. I store my bikes when not in use with clean fuel, no ethanol or additives and they start first time every time.

  • Bill G
    Bill G

    Entertaining and informative. Thank you. I need to watch again

  • Brian 885
    Brian 885

    Just saved me money.

  • Evan Sims
    Evan Sims

    Im problem preaching to the choir here but there is a brand called VP lawn guys use it to keep fuel stable throughout the winter its free of ethanol and will keep all winter with no problem as long as the tank is full its only downside is its expressive.

  • Brad Russell
    Brad Russell

    Ever heard of kerosene...been mixing it with fuel for decades, works wonders in all conditions....test it and see, cheers :)

  • Ok Ok
    Ok Ok

    Project Fort

  • Alex Swanson
    Alex Swanson

    But who was phone?!

  • Owen Johnson
    Owen Johnson


  • James Brown
    James Brown

    Amazing just amazing wow

  • fatalfury26

    Here's what I've been doing for years to combat this; I put the Sta-bil in my tank, mix it up then let it sit for about 5 minutes to let precipitates fall out. Then I start the bike and let it run for about 5 more minutes to burn all this stuff off. That way, there's no water or other badness sitting in the bottom of my tank all winter.

  • TwinForce_Fusion

    What about an E0 fuel, can it benefit from any fuel stabilizer ???? To keep stored in a drum for a few years???

  • Dylan Zelensky
    Dylan Zelensky

    so you're saying i should drain my tank before storage

  • Jared Briggs
    Jared Briggs

    My biggest question what about the marine grade of sta-bil? How would that compare?

  • MattW

    I really enjoy Fort Nine videos but this "test" doesn't gel with reality. I've worked at a bike shop for years and have had plenty of experience with Star Tron. It flat-out works. Actually this past winter I didn't use any on my personal bikes because I forgot and I had the joy of rebuilding the carburetor on my generator and my dirt bike. So whatever it does it must be above the capabilities of the test that Fort Nine administered.

  • johnny bravo
    johnny bravo



    Interesting.... I’ve been using stabilizers in my bikes etc for years and so far they always start. I’ve only used stabil and Canadian tire branded (which likely is same thing). However I also run them every month and only use premium fuel which possibly has no alcohol...

    • MJS MJS
      MJS MJS

      I'm no expert, but I've heard various mechanics over the years say that stuff is not great for your engine. Like you I also exercised my engines once a month during the winter months. Instead of a stabilizer I've been using Heet dry gas, or water remover, whatever they call it these days. Been working really good for me, couple ounces and I let it sit in the tank for about 20 minutes. Engine starts in an instantly with authority. But like I said I'm not an expert for all I know it's the same s***.

  • Serh1y


  • Srini Krish
    Srini Krish

    Next we need to talk about the cleansing agents they recommend to add during oil change.

  • AmericanFarmer27

    Honestly seafoam is my favorite

  • Jafman

    what I learned is that my generator was stored for 17 months and would not start. I added seafoam and it started and ran... the rest is academic...

  • Al Adams
    Al Adams

    This is about as scientific as using a pellet gun to test a motorcycle helmet's impact resistance. Oh wait.....You did that too. If you spent as much time conducting scientific tests as you do in melodrama, post production, and WAY too much foreshadowing, you might actually be helping the consumer. As it sits you are misleading people like sooooo many on the internet. Entertaining? Slightly (although the Rod Serling thing is overplayed). Scientific? Not in the same zip code. Factual? Somewhere in a galaxy far, far away.

  • Lin Mal
    Lin Mal

    We only have E10 in Australia which I avoid for lawn mowers, bikes and older vehicles! Couldn't you add some 2-stroke premix to stabilize fuel as it has oil in it which should help prevent rusting of the tank. Crazy that all gas in the US has ethanol!!

  • Latitude

    Two things I took away from this. Auxiliary fuel additives not already included in the gasoline are an absolute scam. The other, never stop riding year round

  • Ben B
    Ben B

    I have used Stabil fuel stabilizer since 2005 and have never had any issues. One year I ran out and got some of that blue Startron crap and it was terrible. My engine barely started the next season and I had trouble until I got some fresh gasoline. Ever since then, back to Stabil and no issues.

  • flakocibao

    Im impressed with the quality of the content, well done.

  • Dirk Rieger
    Dirk Rieger

    worst part is that ethanol eats rubber....old bikes rubber gets destroyed by gasoline with ethanol in it....

  • Dynamic Automotive
    Dynamic Automotive

    Why not simply drain the fuel tank before storage and eliminate the problem all together ?

  • OS Mason
    OS Mason

    Should try marine stuff

  • Sonrise Sunset
    Sonrise Sunset

    Hahaha! I use Stabil - not for my bike but lawn gas powered equipment (don't live in that cold of a climate zone). Always wondered about the other brands....will stick to my stabil.

  • srinivas Das
    srinivas Das

    Just watched a detective story 👍

  • Street S W A T
    Street S W A T

    Welp, considering I've had my bike in storage for a year and now on another year long break and both times I've used Stabil I was sorta scared to watch this video.