How Indian Makes 43% More Power than Harley-Davidson
Metallurgy? Keto diet? Liquid cooling? Red Bull? What’s the secret behind Indian's huge power advantage over Harley-Davidson?

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Cinematographer & Editor : Aneesh Shivanekar

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  • KDMag 88
    KDMag 88

    Another huge advantage to a larger bore is you have room for larger valves. Allowing more air and fuel per cubic inch vs a narrow bore engine. Also, more room to play around with valve angles, plug angles and even multiple valves and plugs per cylinder, if they so choose.

  • Phatty Mills
    Phatty Mills

    This channel is criminally underrated

  • Thomas Marchese
    Thomas Marchese

    My problem with Indian is that they’re owned by Polaris. And look aweful. They look like big plastic toys if that makes sense.

  • Anatoliy R
    Anatoliy R

    Could've named this video "Everything wrong with American motorcycles"

  • HYDE96

    I miss my indian scout lol

  • Techweavers Techweavers
    Techweavers Techweavers

    i have watched a lot of your videos, they are great. I'm in central Alberta, so short riding season but it is still awesome. I have ridden all sorts of bikes, Japanese imports to English bobbers. I recently got my first Harley Davidson. For all of the hype, it truly is my most favorite bike. Tons of power, surprisingly agile and has that Harley rumble. My sister has the Indian, she seems happy with it. I would just like to thank you for the time you put into your work. its refreshingly Canadian ;)

  • WP Speed
    WP Speed

    love my FTR. indian FTW

  • Sagar Parmar
    Sagar Parmar

    Indians are summoned. So many Indians will be confused why this video has nothing to do with the country India. I get it after seeing the view count that how many Indians have visited the video.


    The heck is a “Chode”?

  • Hector Estrada
    Hector Estrada

    awesome video man

  • John

    Maybe Harley should just install faux rod covers and fins. A lot of muscle cars in the late sixties and seventies had fake hood scoops etc. No one cared that they had no function, it was all about the look.

  • Evert Mcdonald
    Evert Mcdonald

    They my have more hp but not as much Torque

  • ManicSalamander

    Your coordination between the footage and the narration is brilliant in this one. As usual, your explanations are sound, and substantial. Thank you.

  • jacesaces15

    before i knew anything about bikes i never really preferred Harley, but now that i see this i wonder why anyone buys a Harley.

  • FS2000

    Music in this amazing video?

  • Bear Buster
    Bear Buster

    Luv B.C.!

  • Frank Wood
    Frank Wood

    It not about all that excess power, it’s about the ride , the style, and the legacy of the brand. Harley Davidson as of 2017 and again in 2021 with their new revolution max engine with its injection lubrication system of all moving parts, full liquid cooling, full counter balancing, less moving parts like a huge primary chain rotating, rocker arms, bottom end cams, light bulbs, and a hot air cooled engine have help Harley Davidson back until their new revolution max engine that has seemed to design all the problematic issues out but only did it when forced by the competition.

  • Sippy Cup
    Sippy Cup

    I think dude is lip sinking

  • azwad noor
    azwad noor

    Yeah you can get along with james may..

  • Delorian The Ultimate
    Delorian The Ultimate

    whats the music at the end??

  • daniel mcnulty
    daniel mcnulty

    Outstanding video.

  • Crash Test Goat
    Crash Test Goat

    Your vids are so well done. 👍

  • joracer1

    A better challenge, name anything that make less power per cc that HD.

  • Merrill Cannon
    Merrill Cannon

    Former Victory owner, still pissed off.

  • SeanyBoyT

    >Video focuses on a demand to go backwards; nostalgia over innovation. >The riding clips were played in reverse. Damn that's good editing.

  • Nate

    It’s clearly not about speed, it’s about being a badass. Harley does just that.

  • MyLonewolf25

    Why? Because they don’t rely on a fan base of cosplay dads and have to be competitive

  • shad ruxx
    shad ruxx

    Why are theirbikes still massively pigfat though? A sporty motorcycle should weigh around 450, not 500+ lbs

  • Roger Cohn
    Roger Cohn

    I have owned and ridden hundreds of bikes. But never an Indian. Maybe it's time?

  • Doug

    Harley riders aren't motorcycle enthusiasts. They're Harley enthusiasts. If they truly loved motorcycles, they wouldn't buy antiquated, unreliable, pieces of junk when vastly superior products are out there.

  • Jeffrey Engle
    Jeffrey Engle

    Somebody once said it best, if you get off your motorcycle and you don’t turn back and look at it when walking away you’ve bought the wrong bike….. seriously though, I could walk away from Indian without ever looking back maybe that’s the reason why I drive by the dealership And never walk in.

  • Ahab

    Been thinking of grabbing an Indian Scout Bobber as my next bike, and then FIbill goes and does that mind-reading thing to me and this video pops up. I knew I wanted one before, but now I really want one.

  • Ilija Ivancevic
    Ilija Ivancevic

    Who dislikes these?

  • Jason G
    Jason G

    “What a choad”(sp?) lol

  • Bradley Tibbetts
    Bradley Tibbetts

    How Indian makes 43% more power: (slightly more) modern engineering.

  • Tait Jones
    Tait Jones

    Wow, you have no idea what you're talking about. My sportster engine (stock Buell, 2000 model) dynos at 99 horsepower with 93 ft. lbs. of torque. But okay, just go ahead and claim 56.

  • Kewin Taylor
    Kewin Taylor

    Next mission is...make a sale number more than HD...😝😑🤐😝

  • Rick

    Good old ftr

  • Aditya Verma
    Aditya Verma

    Is Indian available in india , i would like to buy one .

  • VinDeshe

    The name indian kills it for me.

  • Robert Hoffman
    Robert Hoffman

    Does the Indian have a single pin crankshaft? I always thought that was a part in the lack of performance. But it gave them the vibration and sound that honda was sued for after cutting the power on one of there bikes to make it sound and vibrate like the Harleys did. I haven't kept up on things so I am not sure how Indian motors are built.

  • Orosander

    The solution? *choose the chode*

  • micheal earls playlist
    micheal earls playlist

    Just proves Pencils are better than Chubbs

  • Mohsen Khalili
    Mohsen Khalili

    *When you discover reverse motion*

  • Mohsen Khalili
    Mohsen Khalili

    It's like watching topGear for bikes

  • Benjamin Gray
    Benjamin Gray

    "Two extra penises per cylinder, it's iconic." You, sir, are a master wordsmith

  • chipp cruise
    chipp cruise

    not a single mention that a Harley 1200 sportster puts out as much torque at the Indian scout, and as said by yourself the Indians gearing is no good. So work it out, considering 90% of these riders are just out cruising and not racing, what would you rather ride? Also never seen an engine with as horrible casings on it as the Indians.

  • Vardhan Shrivastava
    Vardhan Shrivastava

    The video that made me a subscriber. Never have I ever and since( I think) have subbed to a channel right after watching just one video of their's! Seriously, this is _Top Gear_ of Motorcycles.

  • George Loera
    George Loera

    @fortnine & @ryanf9 We are considering moving to Vancouver from the States. We took a trip there and couldn't find a neighborhood that was in a regular humans price range. Would you have some advice? Maybe we cna take another trip and do an tag along ride with ya around town with some gopros?

  • Beach Daddy
    Beach Daddy

    Could you make a video on Honda CBR 900rr Fireblades? I ride a 1995 one and have acquired my license with it. I don't ever wanna ride another bike ❤

  • HighPlainns Drifter
    HighPlainns Drifter

    This guy brings real engineering tech into his discussions which always serves to inform. Just excellent.

  • Dennis McKee
    Dennis McKee

    Indian has a real problem with their corporate office. They do not honor their factory warranty. Their dealership maintenance shops are not really qualified to fix issues with their bikes. Buyer beware when buying Indian motorcycles.

  • Ralph Nicholson
    Ralph Nicholson


  • Skull Man
    Skull Man


  • rahorin

    People buy Harleys because they are dumb. It's the same reason they buy oversized, difficult to drive and inconvenient big pick up trucks to drive to their office jobs and the occasional grocery haul. Simple as that.

  • Stanley Laurel
    Stanley Laurel

    Think about Indian and it's ugly radiator HAHA

  • sourand jaded
    sourand jaded

    unfortunately combustion has ideally completed before the piston even leaves TDC. hence why there is a thing called ignition advance. it isnt COMBUSTION pushing the piston down. a flame doesnt push anything. it is the HEAT liberated via combustion that causes air to EXPAND and increase cylinder PRESSURE.

  • suspicious tree
    suspicious tree

    This guys production quality is GODLY

  • Jeff Something
    Jeff Something

    harley and triumph made some trash engines back in the day lol use more oil then gas

  • Josh Knight
    Josh Knight

    Chose the chode. That’s going to be my new pickup line.

  • Ginger Ninger
    Ginger Ninger

    Production quality is top tier on this, damm

  • Colin Driscoll
    Colin Driscoll

    Quentin Tarantino talking about motorcycles

  • John Carriere
    John Carriere

    Indian doesn't know anything that's why they fail until Polaris bought the name Polaris knows how to make power not Indian

  • joKer

    Indians from India: Yeah we do, don't know how tho.

  • Reletlyn Pranks
    Reletlyn Pranks

    2021 soft tail 107 engine 86FTTorque stock. Once you add some pipes, and an air intake with my tuner I’m up 7 to 9 with a good map. Than stage 2 cam and way over that Indian for a better price. 102ft Torque.

  • Moe Lester
    Moe Lester

    Dont forget Buells version of the Evo produced 100 horse. Of course it still felt like 60.....

  • Milan Kapetan
    Milan Kapetan

    Ride whatever you want. Be fast or whatever you want. But speed limits are everywhere anyway... For me when I sit on my Harley the vibration, the sound and the feeling of easy riding makes me smile every time. I do not want to go fast even if I can. It is too dangerous. Harley puts smile on my face and takes me to many places with it and that is enough for me. If I want to ride fast or go off road I would surely choose other bike. I really respect all bikes and bikers. Even enjoy scooters. But ultimately as one and only bike Harley is for me. Indian bikes are beautiful too in cruser category. Enjoy your rides mates

  • Russell FPV
    Russell FPV

    nice bike, helmet looks like it came out of a yard sale.

  • Russell FPV
    Russell FPV

    because harley has a built in misfire and they are junk.

  • Ssekandi Magala Abdul
    Ssekandi Magala Abdul

    Absolutely a masterpiece.

  • exposingthetruth

    Lmao. I ride for a living. Literally. Of the tens of thousands of motorcycles I run into, I never ... ever... Run into a damn Indian with over 15k miles or 2 years old.

  • Greg Utter
    Greg Utter

    old stats....enter the the Sportster S

  • Azethet

    I once heard Harley Davidson described as the most efficient way to convert fuel into noise without the side effect of horsepower.

  • YnIanIo

    I don't even own a bike or have a license yet but watching your videos is like watching a high quality movie.

  • FishmacFLHTK

    That’s AMAZING! Polaris liquid cooled a motor!!! Incredible, let me drop everything so I can rush right nowhere and not give a shit.

  • ashengineer

    Awesome video.

  • Stuart Buckley
    Stuart Buckley

    He takes boring things and makes it entertaining.

  • Yogie SR
    Yogie SR

    And consumes 42% more gas, isn't......

  • BSM Racing
    BSM Racing

    2021 and still Europeans call Americans as Indians.

  • Brandon K
    Brandon K

    I like all bikes. I ride my 98 dyna wide with a 80 inch evo mostly. It's simple, sounds sexy, and insanely reliable.

  • Scooter Tramp
    Scooter Tramp

    I will be riding my Victory until the wheels fall off it or I'm dead, whichever comes first.

  • Avraham Aryeh
    Avraham Aryeh

    This bike is so damn beautiful. I’m getting an Indian or 3

  • Donald Rigolo
    Donald Rigolo

    Try to find parts for your Indian / Polaris , Good luck with dealer support. Where I live the nearest Indian dealer is 4 hours away. No parts / aftermarket parts on line. I will keep my 2015 Harley with 35,000 miles on it , might not be as Fast as a new Indian , but , there is a Harley dealership in every town if you need one

  • Rajnish

    Well at first It didn't feel like its his voice.

  • Serkan Durgun
    Serkan Durgun

    2022 Indian Scouts are definitely putting HD to the ground.

  • Xavier Stewart
    Xavier Stewart

    Ryan is really good at riding backwards isn't he

  • Peter Acke
    Peter Acke

    Nicely done

  • Brian Keane
    Brian Keane

    Can someone tell me what that harmonica-slide guitar song is? I'm desperately trying to figure it out.

  • Mark Rayner
    Mark Rayner

    How the heck can you dislike this video??

    • Sixchuter Hatesgoogle
      Sixchuter Hatesgoogle

      Butthurt harleytards.

  • segothecalidor

    My problem with this channel is that i dont have fav video i just cannt the quality is up the scale!

  • Eric T.W. Wang
    Eric T.W. Wang

    Are those Canadian geese in the last 10 sec of the video? Brilliant!

  • CanadianMike


  • Rito Tron
    Rito Tron

    What an amazingly crafted video

  • Brent Mitchell
    Brent Mitchell

    Harley-Davidson the worst motorcycles ever made.

  • DONK

    What's the bike at the end of the video?

    • Sixchuter Hatesgoogle
      Sixchuter Hatesgoogle

      Indian FTR.

  • Thomas Ban
    Thomas Ban

    hey, I recognize that road...that goes to Cypress Mountain. Thanks for making these videos. THey are a treat to watch.

  • Elijah Pinales
    Elijah Pinales

    I rode my dads Indian scout and the amount of go juice and power is just unbelievable for how heavy it is

  • hakzeify

    this man is out here making life changing movies

  • TheOne ThatWon
    TheOne ThatWon

    i was aware.. but that just made me love my bike that much more. Great Video!

  • Be Realistic
    Be Realistic

    if you want a car, buy a demn car!

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met gala
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