Motorcycle Airbags Exist - But No One Uses Them?
Airbags are a no-brainer in cars. But the case is not so cut-and-dry on motorcycles. Here’s why airbags haven’t reached mainstream adoption on motorcycles.


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Klim AI-1 Airbag Vest :

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  • Neil Williams
    Neil Williams

    I don’t leave home without mine. Happy to not need computational power and enjoy the tether if ever needed.

  • Joseph McDade
    Joseph McDade

    Maybe the majority of people not wanting them is because they aren't cool or want that danger feeling. For me it is the price. They need to become more affordable.

  • Ricardo Cox
    Ricardo Cox

    If the tech is available and one can afford it, i see no reason not to buy one. I receive mine on friday. Hope I´ll never have to activate it.

  • Dr Gamma D
    Dr Gamma D

    Why not an ejection seat? Just come down on chute.

  • Cistic666

    Viktor (44) Europe Slovakia. Sorry for my English. Is not my mother languege. I have the Helite Airbag 4 years and wear it as well on a 150ccm scooter also on 650ccm. And of course my wife siting behind me has one too. Never more withouth it. I like this video and I agree with you that the Helite is now still the best choice for Airbag. I bought it for 630,-€ for one. And I hope I will never need it 🤞

  • John Elliott
    John Elliott

    Totaled a bike tether airbag no major injuries. Other thing is shock absorbing helmet.

  • Brandon Wilson
    Brandon Wilson

    I swear, this fucker could sell ice to an Eskimo. Well done my dude, well done💯

  • Joseph Shim
    Joseph Shim

    This was actually very informative. I was thinking of the dainese d-air systems but now im just gonna go with the turtle. Function always beats style. I want to ride for years to come and if i have a spill i want the highest chance of being able to get back up and ride again. I dont care about looking cool. Im a rider not a poser.

  • Mike Barker
    Mike Barker

    I feel like these air bags would make you bounce. Maybe bounce into oncoming traffic or off a ravine.

  • Wild Eye Studios
    Wild Eye Studios

    I broke my collar bone on a minor crash, recovered well. But I wish they could evolve this airbags even further to protect more than your torso and neck, like also shoulders. I think in the video I've seen one that also covers shoulders but wasn't considered as one of the good options.

  • 77gravity

    Skydivers wear a device called an AAD (Automatic Activation Device), it is a computer-controlled system to activate the reserve parachute if the skydiver gets too close to the ground, going too fast (i.e. without a good main parachute above them). This could be due to a high-speed malfunction, loss of Height Awareness, or injury/unconsciousness due to a freefall collision or other incident. They have become so common and reliable that many Drop Zones require them for all jumpers, regardless of experience. One of the most common types, CYPRES, had an agreement with "the world's best skydiver", who was required to WEAR one as part of his sponsorship agreement, but often he did not turn it ON before the jump, as he said "I have to wear it, nothing says I have to activate it". On a jump with 3 low-experience jumpers, he was knocked out, and impacted at 120mph+. Strangely, his death was the best advertising for the product the makers could have ever bought. Many jumpers then bought AADs because "If Tom had his turned on, he'd be alive today".

  • Gogo

    Can I wear a standard back protector underneath it?

  • YL915

    Another thing about the Helite is that it is available in high-visibility yellow, to also help preventing an accident. The black Dainese D Air comes with a high-visibility... liner, to help prevent losing it in your closet! I remember looking at the traffic on a grey overcast day and the only thing that stood out, attracted the eyes, was a high-visibility helmet. Then I understood. In term of heat, I find air bag vests surprisingly comfortable when moving. There is plenty of air circulating via the sleeve's opening. Proof is that after a prolonged stop where you sweated some, once you start to move, you feel the noticeable cooling from the evaporating sweat. But being stuck in bumper to bumper traffic for 45 minutes on a hot day will be a bit more of an ordeal.

  • Ralph

    Sod the risk, it's the cost.

  • Rahul Baba
    Rahul Baba

    Motorcycle airbags *exist* *Upper body* - Well..thanx *Lower Body* - Why have u abandoned me

  • Hienz Stienz
    Hienz Stienz

    I would but the price is bonkers, 50% more expensive than a horse riding air jacket arghhhh

  • Jarrod Glanville
    Jarrod Glanville

    Thanks mate I have purchased one can't wait to ride with it

  • Jerry Liu
    Jerry Liu

    Anyone else think these would be great for PWC’s?

  • seth817

    Does anyone know if there is any reason a helite vest wouldn't be ok with a scooter?

  • HayRonMan PUBG
    HayRonMan PUBG

    I really like the way you show us what you want yo show

  • niklas johansson
    niklas johansson

    This is a guy everybody would love to have as a friend

  • DaxXx988

    Mandatory on the street? C'mon, I am still waiting for the govt's to enforce gloves, shoes and jackets for motorcyclists.

  • JustKeepSwimming

    Why don't they make these for women? I'm assuming the fit would make a difference. Not looking to get my boobs crushed with a product that blows up with such force not made in consideration of a woman's figure. Alas, we wait.

  • Paul Denne
    Paul Denne

    Maybe old CycleCruza is onto something. He accidently set his off jumping off his bike on a grass slide out to resemble Michelin Man.

  • p c
    p c

    I'm been thinking about getting a bike but having a young child has really prevented me from making the jump. I'm not trying to look cool, I'm trying to survive for my kid. This is awesome

  • islandInsanity

    I have an alpinestars tech air 5 and it’s definitely warm on warmer days, but the arm vents on your jacket will keep you cool enough and honestly it’s worth every dollar. And if the batteries happen to be dead then I just throw the back pad in the jacket and go, but that hasn’t happened yet.

  • m brice
    m brice

    great idea cost keeps me from getting one.

  • Jeff Wiebe
    Jeff Wiebe

    Sigh. Another video I can only Thumbs Up once. Seems unjust to disallow repeat Likes! Such a fantastic channel: many thanks to the Fortnine team.

  • Shmeat Stick
    Shmeat Stick

    This reminds me of the life vests i get for my boat. They strapon in a similar way and for one of them if enough water gets on the water sensor it inflates. The other one is pressure activated and inflates at a certain water depth. They're both powered by co2 and it costs like $80 a charge.

    • RaRdEvA

      Too expensive, a single cilinder of co2 is half that.

  • Joolk

    Am I the only one just being scared of forgetting to remove the Helite cable when getting off of the bike? XD

    • Joolk

      @Ralph Sorry I missed that, still not fluent :( Thank you!

    • Ralph

      Covered in the video. 60lbs of force is required to initiate the inflation, which is way more force than just pulling on the cord as you get off.

  • MR. Mechanic
    MR. Mechanic


  • Bugra San
    Bugra San

    man I wish I saw this video 1 month ago when I bought full motorcycle gear with a tech air 5... dayum

  • John

    You comment about having to send all argon mixture bags back to the manufacturer for a reload is inaccurate. The Klim can be recharged by the rider on multiple deployments.

  • Dennis Foster
    Dennis Foster

    Best video I’ve seen can it work on a escooter

  • Constance Miller
    Constance Miller

    Last week a local 21 year old motorcyclist was paralyzed from the chest down. He'd been riding since he was 6. Huge balls aren't going to do 'dick all' after you've paralyzed. I hope the technology keeps your choices open.

  • gusjeazer

    You didn't show the most important part of the crash test video. The moment the rider hit the car with his head before the airbag deployed. Wouldn't have happened with an electronic one.

  • Russell Lajoie
    Russell Lajoie

    Interesting. Personally I'd like to see more of the airbag on the bike option too. It seems like the tethered bag on body wouldn't protect you from the one type of crash that would. i.e. when a car cuts you off and you and your bike indo head first into it.

  • TheOracle217

    co2 is flammable, so is it possible and/or likely that the canister could explode in an accident?

    • Ralph

      CO2 is not flammable

  • Rob Edmunds
    Rob Edmunds

    Fantastic an informative.

  • Shujayet Hossain
    Shujayet Hossain

    Hey! I was wondering if you could review my essays for my application to Cornell University! You are so good.

  • Nine Lives Racing
    Nine Lives Racing

    Bought one. Thank you

  • Montana Mary Palmer
    Montana Mary Palmer

    I was going to use a boat inflatable vest

  • scott boelke
    scott boelke

    Meanwhile, in Florida, no helmet laws. I don't know a single rider who has an appt bag

  • ThorgalsWalhalla

    It s good for the racetrack

  • yo wtf put the mask back on
    yo wtf put the mask back on

    that airbag that doesnt work if you dont pay your subscription thats just... ooof. i dont know what to call this. is it a crime? it should be ? i think?

  • fhhsvnggbh

    for anyone thats been in a plane crash this same system is in the lifevests. the heelight one.

  • LessCommonKnowledge

    Just saw my first helite turtle and Svartpilen in the wild today.

  • Emotional Friend
    Emotional Friend

    5:28 I doubt the mandates will ever come for the reasons that you allude to at the end of the video. While I don't support helmet mandates, they're easy enough to enforce. Any one-eyed pig can spot a domeless biker and pull him over, but how do you get people to comply on something that they have to buy and supply themselves with no real visual indication of noncompliance? With cars it was easy because the federal government can apply legislative pressure directly onto the manufacturer. They can force the manufacturer to produce them thus forcing you to pay for them. If the issue isn't obvious yet, who will the government busybodies twist the thumbscrews on this time around? They can try to force people to wear jackets, but if you can't visually tell the difference between an airbag-equipped jacket and one from Burlington Coat Factory it hardly solves the problem. If drivers were responsible for buying and supplying their own removable aftermarket airbags what do you think the compliance rate would be even with a mandate?

  • Pablo Albu Motovlog
    Pablo Albu Motovlog

    "But No One Uses Them?" because it costs more than 600€... But is cheaper than your life.

  • Klaas B
    Klaas B

    Hit-Air from Japan makes great airbag jackets for motorcycle riders.

  • W H
    W H

    Perhaps the will part of the purchase of the motorcycle?

  • W H
    W H

    How about cant afford 900 for one plus cost of cartridges

  • Go On
    Go On

    That should come with the bag

  • Jamie Sachtleben
    Jamie Sachtleben

    "Buy one while you still have the choice" is such a seductive way of saying it

  • Peter Toth
    Peter Toth

    I used to have a motorcycle airbag....but now I ride solo because we are no longer dating.

  • D S
    D S

    Been wearing this exact vest since some years for my commute. After a while it feels like wearing a seatbelt. You just don’t feel safe on the highway without it. Helite does recommend you send it in for checks after 2 inflates though, which seems reasonable.

  • colin mckenna
    colin mckenna

    Personally prefer the full d air system, I just know I would forget the tether with a cord attached and look like a ninja turtle walking into the pub

  • Scott Campbell
    Scott Campbell

    I own a Turtle. I wore a neck brace before. The turtle more comfortable

  • Intension

    Yeah, nah Im good. I think I would rather die before putting that abomination of garment on my body

  • Bella20

    Why do I feel like we just watched an infomercial

  • johnnyrvf

    I wish I had an airbag back in 2015 when I was shunted from the rear by an asshole in a van texting rather than looking at the road. I’m willing to bet I wouldn’t be in a wheelchair now.

  • D.B.

    GReAT video! Thanks!

  • Robson Enduro
    Robson Enduro

    What if I don't fall of the bike during crash? or if you get hit in the back while on motorcycle? no, I prefer regular protection.

  • Josh M
    Josh M

    Is this a sponsored video?

  • Leopold Stotch
    Leopold Stotch

    Just dropping by to say thanks. Your video probably saved my Fathers life. I showed it to him a couple weeks back and it convinced him to buy a Helite E-Turtle just ahead of his trip to Sardegna, Italy. On his trip there he ran front first into a Cow that came out of the bushes around a bend at around 110km/h. He survived with just a gash on his elbow, the paramedics could not believe it. Now he equipped all of us with it. So yeah, cool vid m8.

    • Calico Jack
      Calico Jack

      @The Insomniac Scientist Now im a vegan

    • The Insomniac Scientist
      The Insomniac Scientist

      @Kuppyswamy Srinivasa100% dead. It either died on impact or it lived for a few moments till it died or was killed out of mercy

    • Jumpeex

      @Kuppyswamy Srinivasa steak

    • Kuppyswamy Srinivasa
      Kuppyswamy Srinivasa

      what happen to cow?

  • cod pi
    cod pi

    Ok so I just got mine and it's huge. What size did you try on? I'm roughly built like you.

  • James Kerr
    James Kerr

    25-years-ago, my wife, kids, and I were heavily involved in horseback riding competitions. After I had a bad fall breaking several ribs, on paper, I designed a CO2 inflatable riding vest activated by a tethered cord. My wife laughed at me, made fun of me, and said it was a waste of time, and no one would purchase it. I never pursued my idea. My wife and I ride motorcycles so I'm purchasing both of us Helite Turtle 2 Airbag Vests, and every time we get ready to ride, I'm reminding her of my idea 25-years-ago, lol. Thank you for the great review.

  • Dylan C
    Dylan C

    dont do it california... i'm warning you... DON'T DO IT

  • McScrotty Boggerballs
    McScrotty Boggerballs

    F.I.D.L.A.R. = fuck it dude life’s a risk.

  • Lilmrcalamity

    Hit-air is still better because there more protection on the lower back and butt. Hot air also completely keeps your head from move during a crash and uses a tether

  • Vardhan Shrivastava
    Vardhan Shrivastava

    those crashes were BRUTAL!

  • v p
    v p


  • Anden Möwe
    Anden Möwe

    LOL 3 millon+ views, this channel gets about 500k views per video usually. Guess people are really intersted in motorcycle airbags for some reason...

  • Nicola

    600-900€ only for 1 use is too much bro

  • SweCreations

    Guessing this works for ATVs and Snowmobiles as well?

  • ima piledriver
    ima piledriver

    that only because my wife won't ride

  • Christian Campbell
    Christian Campbell

    Great video, made me decide to buy my own Helite Turtle this week.

  • Ned White
    Ned White

    First: the tech air 5 has 30 hours of battery life you are a idiot if you think you are going to be riding for 30 hours straight. Second: the vest will not get a dam scratch on it because you wear it underneath your jacket. Third: motorcyclist don't buy airbags because our ego is to big which means you just called every motorcyclist stupid because you think we don't care about our safety we don't buy them because they are really expensive.

  • Nobody

    I use them , emergency services in London used them too. Id like to think It wont hurt me to wear one

  • zeusi boy
    zeusi boy

    yes, everybody wants the danger until they have an accident, then they want the airbag. getting one soon.

  • Manon Scholte
    Manon Scholte

    Hey Ryan, (maybe you covered this already but:) you'll get protection if you're flying but what about if your sliding? My accident I did slide 4mtr on the ground causing me to have a concussion which set me back a year while I couldn't be awake for more that 2 hours a day due to major headaches. Still damaged by light and noise which won't go away anymore. So how does the Turtle protect from sliding? I'm buying one soon so I'd like to know :)

  • BudFox559

    Could you do a test and review on these new Chinese Airbag vests they are a lot less money and it makes me wonder if they are any good?

  • The Chosen One
    The Chosen One

    I've owned the Helite Turtle Airbag Vest for 5 years now. Never wore it once! It just lives it's life at the basement with all other stuff that I don't use 🤗 still alive🤪

  • Arnuuld

    Quentin Bikerino! Good times

  • Albert Siemers
    Albert Siemers

    "A lot of us wánt motorcycling to be dangerous", you sold me, I won't buy one 😎

  • Martin Sinclair
    Martin Sinclair

    Looks like an expensive pain in the ass

  • Gee Whizz
    Gee Whizz

    Spot on Ryan! I have been wearing the Helite Leather Vest for the past 4 years, it's comfortable and looks great. I've never accidentally deployed it, I always carry a spare tether and CO2 cartridge in my saddle bag. The primary reason I bought my Helite AirVest was because I felt that with 50 years of riding under my belt and the many near misses I've had (the vast majority are with wildlife), I felt it was about the future odds!

  • Stone Stitch
    Stone Stitch


  • Cameron Jones
    Cameron Jones

    "We want Motorcycles to be dangerous, we WANT to risk something real, because when we come home we know we had the skills, the focus, and the balls to make it home!" I don't think I could describe to anyone else why I ride, but this pretty much says it all I think.

    • Christian Campbell
      Christian Campbell

      Totally agree, but our "make it home" not always depends entirely on ourselves.

  • Burner Colt
    Burner Colt

    Holy shit this is a quality channel. This could easily be broadcasted

  • Aaron Rainer
    Aaron Rainer

    I don't have the right size balls to ride but damn I'm loving these videos

  • Mr. Lo
    Mr. Lo

    4:32 dude crashes and smashes his hand with his helmet......crazy lol

  • DK Danis
    DK Danis

    8:30 nobody said you can't reload electronic ones. And helite offers electronic ones that rider can reload. And you have every right to get your suit back no matter condition on your own risk.

  • JedFleming

    Wait if your tied to your bike and crash what if the bike follows you the airbag won’t go off

  • Cam

    If it doesn't inflate automatically upon contact with water, pull the strap.

  • RedPill Bill
    RedPill Bill

    You know I think these might have a place for quads as well

  • Steve

    I bought a Helite jacket that uses the same technology and worried that I would forget to tether. I leave the tether in a visible location and find that the habit is now so ingrained, like donning the helmet, that I have found myself moving the bike from one parking spot to another and clicking in. They are also a very decent company. I encountered a deer that inconveniently jumped right in front of my Africa Twin as I was moving about 15 mph. The deer absorbed the majority of the energy, so the bike stopped and fell over. I didn't even leave the seat, and landed on my left leg and left arm. No airbag, but the jacket was damaged as my arm made a short slide on the zipper. I took the jacket to my local dealer to inquire about repairs and he remembered selling me the jacket 10 months earlier. It turned out the zipper could not be repaired and Helite replaced the entire jacket under warranty. Great company, great product!!

  • Thomas Wagner
    Thomas Wagner

    Nobody uses these because the manufacturer cannot provide them. I've had one on back order for months. Helite says they have every intention of filling their orders but the evidence to date is not encouraging. This begs the question of reliability if they ever come back in stock. I'm guessing Helite is on the way out of business.

    • Thomas Wagner
      Thomas Wagner

      @Sadeq Albana Good tip Sadeq, I'll check out eBay. Thanks!

    • Sadeq Albana
      Sadeq Albana

      I had to make 5 orders to get it, amazon, revzilla, cyclegear, helite store. they were are all labeled as "in stock" but the order would get cancelled later because there is no actual stock. luckely, I've found it on ebay later

  • Bob Bralee
    Bob Bralee

    I've been using a Helite Turtle for 4 years now, it just becomes second nature like putting your helmet on. Great review

  • JoseRamos64

    I dont use them because theyre $900