Motorcycle Tires Worth Switching For in 2021
After a roller coaster of a year, we’re hoping for a better 2021. And in preparation for it, we’ve listed three motorcycle tires that are worth the trouble of switching over.

Dunlop Roadsport II Tires :
Continental TKC70 Rocks Tires :
Michelin Commander III Tires :

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  • Matt B
    Matt B

    If I need a new tired, is it technically still switching?

  • C Bell
    C Bell

    I bought a 2012 Goldwing, which is currently equipped with a Michelin Commander 2 front tire that has little wear, and a Dunlop Elite 3 rear tire that will need to be replaced before too long. My question is: What should I do? Replace the Dunlop Elite 3 (radial) with a Michelin Commander 2 (bias ply) for a matched pair? Or maybe I should install a Michelin Commander 3 on the rear instead? Or should I replace both tires with new radial tires, such as a pair of Dunlop Elite 4s, Bridgestones, Metzelers, or some other pair of radials? Any recommendation is appreciated.

  • Petar Atanasov
    Petar Atanasov

    Love your work.

  • sever 13 clouds
    sever 13 clouds

    Haaaaaa. Cocaine cola!!!!!!!

  • Simon of Oz
    Simon of Oz

    The real question is where are they made?

  • Bob Walsh
    Bob Walsh

    It's more of a bell curve...with erectile dysfunction.

  • Michael Deliyanis
    Michael Deliyanis

    Correction: Size

  • Michael Deliyanis
    Michael Deliyanis

    Okay, I'm sold on the Road Sport ll -- unfortunately it doesn't come in 170/60 17. Can you recommend something like the Road Sport ll in that's eyes?

  • Tim Wicks
    Tim Wicks

    your channel is awesome - thanks for the videos

  • Al Tulawie
    Al Tulawie


  • Tony Fabrizio
    Tony Fabrizio

    Not because I’m a cheap bastard but rather because I am lucky bastard that my wife let’s me ride a motorcycle, what are the longest lasting white wall tires you would recommend for a sportster? The only ones I find on F9 that fit my dimension (130-80-16 front & 150-80-16 back) are the Shinko 777…

  • David Ruggles
    David Ruggles

    As a Californian I agree with both points relating to the Dulops.. Also expensive AF. Like California. 🤣🤣🤣. Keep the great work coming Ryan!

  • steve taylor
    steve taylor

    Not sure whether any of this applies to my Jawa 350.

  • James VanDemark
    James VanDemark

    Love the grip curve as you succinctly describe why I quit riding off-road! BTW, just bought new Kenda Kozmiks- lotsa grip!

  • Stephen West
    Stephen West

    Well i used to run on BT 52s sticky's on a gpz 900 r 17" front 18" rear it was the best tire in my book ever made it made the handling out of this world give me a tire like that...

  • John Ganzon
    John Ganzon

    What anime was that? Been looking for another motorcycle anime 😂

  • Mr.Teqnikal

    Good explanation. You sounds like JerryRig. Great.

  • Allen Hare
    Allen Hare

    Super informative and interesting. Thanks

  • Melvin Melv
    Melvin Melv

    What about the Mitas Sport Force+ EV multi compound tire ?

  • microMobilidade

    Ryan what is your opinion on ebike riders putting some shinko 240 tires on their ebikes?

  • Holy Hitman
    Holy Hitman

    My front tire is a Dunlop road smart 120/70/17 from 2011. I've put 6000 miles on it since may and I don't know how many before that. And it's still good!

    • Holy Hitman
      Holy Hitman

      @mr Tree I'm a Dunlop man for life now.

    • Holy Hitman
      Holy Hitman

      @mr Tree I just replaced both tires. But it was still good! Lol

    • mr Tree
      mr Tree

      I'd replace that tire for safety for it being so Old

  • Horizon FPV
    Horizon FPV

    My bike came from the factory with the roadsport 2, good to know I don't NEED to change to a different tire.

  • Ed Doell
    Ed Doell

    Like California, lol!

  • Kevin Mcgrath
    Kevin Mcgrath

    Great review…but california is well into senility…like hidin’ biden

  • Marek Vahle
    Marek Vahle


  • bullinape AMuriCa
    bullinape AMuriCa

    Just got here seeing if my tires I just bought are on the list. I run my tires until the cords show 😅

  • Jack Dipper
    Jack Dipper

    Links don’t work

  • Masked Avenger
    Masked Avenger

    As long as the tyres are the correct type & are in good legal condition .I ride on them & then if they don’t suit my needs I will change to other type when they are getting very near the limit wear bars .I only usually have the same make or model of tyre ,on new bike or a used one already fitted I have mixed makes of tyres budget & top end on every bike I have owned over 50 years ,once scrubbed in never had any issues .even with with the old Bridgestone Japanese nylon teflon tyres fitted as standard on some Honda’s in early 1970’s .The best mix I ever had was a Pirelli super sport on front & a cheapo Swallow Malaysian Kung foo special on the rear .They gripped like a limpet in all conditions ,don’t get taken in by the m/ cycle media hype in the USA & the U.K. ,they are elitist & get incentives off major tyre & component companies for favourable reviews .You don’t need to have the same make & matching pairs of tyres to have a good handling bike ,you just need to know how to control a bike properly in all conditions that comes from experience & using basic common sense .



  • Robert

    I'm about to throw some of the Conti Rocks on my Super Tenere. Anything should be better that these "bullshit stock battlewings"

  • Brody

    Thinking about getting a VPN solely to access the fortnine shop. Its so mysterious and elusive to us U.S.ers

  • Józef Korzeniowski
    Józef Korzeniowski

    Nice bones reds skateboard bearing reference. Now you're speaking my language. For those who don't understand; Bullet abec7 bearings (free w/complete) price/quality: 😐🤮 Bones REDS bearings price/quality:😀🙂 Bones Swiss bearings price/quality:🙂😀 Bones Labyrinth bearings price/quality:😫😄 Bones Ceramics bearings price/quality:💀🤷

  • Ross Peets
    Ross Peets

    Damn... he said WHAT REDS BEARINGS ARE TO SKATEBOARDS! That hit ❤ right there

  • Kyo Svoboda
    Kyo Svoboda

    I shouldn't say I just paid $240 for a new rear tire...

  • Bikerbred_46

    Dean of Motorcycle affairs- Ryan

  • pacificloon

    I enjoy his high IQ take on all things moto.

  • Two Wheel Pilot
    Two Wheel Pilot

    Running the Michelin Power 5 tyres and they are amazing. Wet grip excellent and sticky as hell. If you can out ride these on the road you probably won't be breathing unaided in the future. Also love the Michelin Anakee Adventure, only dual compound adventure tyre on the market. Road/gravel use they are excellent. Not agressive enough for mud however.

  • aravind t.c
    aravind t.c

    No Metzerler M9? Bascially only tyre with Silicon compound.

  • Pied Piper Mods
    Pied Piper Mods

    I would never again trust my health in a Dunlop Tire. Crashed my bike in low speed (10mph) while going around a corner. Was riding on some Dunlop Roadsmart III and then out of nothing the rear starts spinning, throwing me into a highsider, catching this one but couldn’t handle the death wobble afterwards. The tires had a weird slippery feeling on them, no oil on the street... never again. I will only ride on Continental Tires from this Day✌🏼

  • zachary farmer
    zachary farmer

    I recently switched to road sport 2s after riding on rossi 2s. I am 100% just as confident on the street with the rs2!

  • Rexford L
    Rexford L

    I put 10K miles on a set of Roadsmart III's. The replacements are Roadsmart IV. I can say that I really like them, rode a couple hundred miles in the Black Hills of South Dakota with them and definitely the best tires on the bike so far! (2018 K1600 GTL).

  • Gvidas Lazutka
    Gvidas Lazutka

    The fact that he mentioned reds bearings ❤

  • Angry Gnome
    Angry Gnome

    I’ll stick with Shinzo 804/805. Long lasting, gobs of grip on the road and cheap.

    • Angry Gnome
      Angry Gnome


  • Shaik Safa Mehwish
    Shaik Safa Mehwish

    The first line hit me so hard, I use stock yahama r3 india it has the mrf tyres. I still ride like the one your addressed. Videos on my channel. I will upgrade now.

  • MrFurley

    Gpr300's were slippery on a little r3. Would never reccomend them.

  • mr Tree
    mr Tree

    Tires are cheap your not. get the most sticky tire u can get last thing u want is to loose traction the q 3's lasted long enough for me and now I got the q 3 + and they'll last 30% longer so I'm happy with them

  • Mike FXR
    Mike FXR

    30k miles on one tire?

  • SOSmotorcycles

    just bought a rear michelin road 5 for my 2021 mt10. the bridgestones they came with were pretty cooked at 3k miles.

  • Bob Mirror
    Bob Mirror

    You're dirt tire recommendation blows sand! There is a reason there are off road non street legal tires.

  • In 2 Minutes Or Less
    In 2 Minutes Or Less

    "Like California"!

  • Luke Rabin
    Luke Rabin

    The 90’s? You would have hated the 80’s big time! LOL

  • Michael Reed
    Michael Reed

    Serious question, what is your "go to" bike that you find yourself riding the most or gives you that "warm and fuzzy" feeling?

  • Michael Reed
    Michael Reed

    Absolutely great info on all of your videos...with chuckles. This Harley driver appreciates you my motorcycle guru guy.

  • reda red
    reda red

    Still lost lol what you suggest as tire for canadien wet and dry weather tire z900 180 55 zr17 with good mileage

  • Branden Allen
    Branden Allen

    The only problem for me is my 1980 gl1100 takes a size none of them make.

  • Jordan Crofter
    Jordan Crofter


  • DrAmit Gajeelee
    DrAmit Gajeelee

    Dunlop is better than michellin/hankook/bridgestone 👍👍👍

  • Melangell ATC
    Melangell ATC

    Mmmmmm, cocaine cola!

  • Laird Wilkie
    Laird Wilkie

    Honestly.... I am blown away riding Dunlop Mutants after a few years on a couple of sets of Michelin PR4s

  • Joe Geiman
    Joe Geiman

    I switched to Dunlop Roadsport II from Michelin 2CT based on your recommendation. I like the Dunlops better. You are on the money there FortNine. Thanks for tip!!

  • Aurora Jones
    Aurora Jones

    I love the Q4. If you ride like an asshole you should be riding on these. ;) You know what i mean :-P

    • Aurora Jones
      Aurora Jones

      I love my PSCV2's but having burned through 4 sets in a 4 mo period i was paying for the tire i put on a month ago while charging a new set! I had to change so i went w/ the Road 5's. They are not on the level but for being a longer lasting shoe they are doing pretty well. I feel ok doing 160mph but no faster like on the first two mentioned. I can get away from the cops still and thats all that matters.

  • Luca Herman
    Luca Herman

    I need to grab that first tire, my tires are super dry

  • Jerremy Vinson
    Jerremy Vinson

    This guy has the same persona as Doug DeMuro the car reviewer guy. Just great stuff

  • urano1988

    How much is the Roadsport supposed to be cheaper that the Qualifier? My trusted shop in Italy has them at 212 vs 220 EUR.

  • Jesus

    Dude it seems you know me, as a confessed cheap bastard i still keep the original tires

  • Jason Shave
    Jason Shave

    Just took the TKC70’s off my BMW R1250GS due to massive vibration and shaking of the front tire. It ruined the bike turning it into a magnet for a death wobble. Ended up putting Micheline Anakee Adventure tires on and I have that smooth ride back.

  • Bryan Kluth
    Bryan Kluth

    Dunlop Trailmax Missions

  • Gerald Siesser
    Gerald Siesser

    fort nine never disaapoints, sometime informative, always asmuzing. ill give *****

  • sever 13 clouds
    sever 13 clouds

    Lol Like ca.!!! lol!!!!!

  • Atari Mega
    Atari Mega

    So the Dunlops are a great value, but is there anything that handles with the same light, twitchy fun (FortNine's words) as the Pirelli Diablo Rosso Corsa II?

  • Erwin Patio
    Erwin Patio

    "It's more like a bell curve with erectile dysfunction." LOL, kudos to the writers.

  • Andy Lives
    Andy Lives

    Love this guy!

  • Laird Wilkie
    Laird Wilkie

    How about another including Dunlop Mutant

  • Bobby G
    Bobby G

    You are one of my favorite channels to watch of all time. I watch videos about bikes I don't even own because they are interesting and informative. Great job, keep it up, proud of you.

  • Neil Conradie
    Neil Conradie

    With all your physics knowledge, your chalkboard skills and teaching ability, would you mind making a novel clip showing how the POWER of the bike as well as the WEIGHT of the bike and rider plays a role on tire choice. I ride a 291lb XT250 and I weigh 170lb. The bike makes slightly more power than my lawnmower. Together my bike and I weigh almost less than some ADV bikes without the rider. My question is... Would a cheaper softer compound tire like a Dunlop D605, Kenda 270, Shinko 244 with softer compounds not be safer on a bike like mine, rather than a harder compound upper end tire for the larger heavier bikes? Just the weight difference between lower and upper end tires makes a huge difference to top end with small bikes. I hope this makes sense. Tires should be classed according to power categories, not just weight carrying ability. Thanks!

  • mike stewart
    mike stewart

    commander 3 are vibrating junk still fighting to get mine replaced again cause replacement vibrates as original did

  • Jim Harvey
    Jim Harvey

    So back in 2016, you told me that the COmmander II was the tire to buy.. Now it's crap? Funny, I found it to blow the Dunlops away on all surfaces AND in the rain.. So what's the tire I should be looking at? The Michelin III?

  • Anthony Howard
    Anthony Howard

    Hi, I've ben a long time (about 30 odd year) loyal customer of Bridgestone tyres, and currently run T31's on my VFR800 (pre-Vtec) with confidence in their grip, handling, especially in the wet. I'm now seriously considering changing the VFR for a 2020 Kawasaki Ninja10000SX which is fitted with a specific version of the Bridgestone S22 tyres. When the OEM S22's and my current T31's wear out are you suggesting that the Dunlop RoadSport 2 tyres might be a better product for both the VFR and Ninja1000SX? BTW, my riding consists of fast road and some touring with camping gear. I'm neither a complete knee and elbow down scratcher or a 55mph one-speed cruiser on highways, I enjoy fast twisty roads and ride in all weathers.

  • Peter Fitzpatrick
    Peter Fitzpatrick

    I ran a wing in the70s ... Avon tyres were my choice for sheef grip .... but mileage was optional... 🙄😂 Living here in Ireland where it virtually never stops raining, you NEED a tyre that doesn't feel like its been 3d printed... 😣

  • Mark VanZant Jr
    Mark VanZant Jr

    As a life long skater and current skate shop manager turned vintage bike hooligan who's ruined more than one classic with a angle grinder. The second the words reds came out of your mouth my brain knew exactly where you were going, and my heart had a epiphany. I've loved this channel since day one, but hearing the skate referenced just reinforced so many things. Always felt of all the moto vlogs this one was the closet to a kindred spirit and now I know for sure. Keep it up Ryan you're the best in the buisness

  • A Austin
    A Austin

    What about the new Dunlop crossover mutants -- can you do a review of them??

  • My Name?
    My Name?

    I just bought some road 5s. Ill do a vid on it

  • Kelby Hawe
    Kelby Hawe

    30k on commander 3s?!?! They only lasted me 6 months… There’s no way I rode 30k miles in 6 months.

  • rollingthunder277

    I have always been a Metzler fan. Since the early days of tourers, I have ridden almost exclusively Goldwings. From the 1000cc or the 1800, Metzler has always been my tire of choice. Yes, I also liked the "stock" Dunlops because there were stickier than gummy bears, but wore out in 8,000 miles. I also like the Metzler because of Tennessee's back-asswards rain groove on their highway road surfaces. The tread design allowed my wings the ability to ignore Tennessee's linear rain grooves where as other tires wobbled at any speed.

  • Michael long
    Michael long

    I remember tires back in the 70's....4k miles was a miracle back then!

  • Kenny Mars
    Kenny Mars

    I need something better, my concours 14 eats tires like Rosie O'Donnell eats fries.

  • Greg Huston
    Greg Huston

    No shit, but on my R12GS the TKC70 Front will be spent before the rear! I had this issue with one other tire a long time ago with the Conti Trail Attack. Otherwise it's the normal 2 rears for every front.

  • Ever Endless
    Ever Endless

    I just put Bridgestone Battlax S20 Evos on my Yamaha R3 and am in love. Much better grip than the OEM Michelin Pilot Street. Cheers and awesome content as always.

  • James Brown
    James Brown

    This guy is on another level of FIbill 😎👍👍👍!!

  • WetBanana Mike
    WetBanana Mike

    Ryan, the slip angle comments… I almost pissed myself!!! I don’t know how I missed this video!!!

  • Bob M
    Bob M

    I don't know who was getting all those miles out of Commander 2s, I started showing cord at 7,000 miles on mine. My OE Dunlop went 3,000 mile further.

  • Mark P
    Mark P

    ANOTHER great video 👍🏻

  • Frank Techmaniac
    Frank Techmaniac

    Can't wait to see all these obese riders on more obese adventure bikes sliding down dirt roads because they put on the tkc 70 "rock". I am gonna stay with normal tkc 70. Best. Tire. Ever. In 27 year and 200k km.

  • Gixxer983

    PIRELLI Diablo Rosso 3 is the best tire for long range and kneee draging.

  • Savi GG
    Savi GG

    loving the jokes.

  • kato64

    Good of Michelin to modify their tires so Thor would feel like less of a pansy! 🤣🤣

  • Richard Vanags
    Richard Vanags

    never been keen on Michelin as they are really good up to a point but go beyond that and they are not progressive when the tyre starts to slide, they tend to snap and let go too quickly. Dunlops have improved over the past few years but are still not as good all around as Mezeler M7RR or M9RR, even though the M7RR at least is more sporting than some, it has very good road manners and works well even in wet and damp conditions but are more than good enough for novices and inters at any trackday too.. .

  • Bruce Santa Cory
    Bruce Santa Cory

    Ryan i work for a small independent shop here in New Hampshire and we've had 3 or 4 sets of Commander 3's installed on big Harley's come back with vibrations and replaced them with Commander 2's and Vibration is gone, we have yet to explain the issue, but these tires work fine on the metric bikes no issues but the Harley guys (me included) not liking the commander 3 and we were huge fans of the 2's , this time around i may try the Conti Tour on my Road King next set. or the Bridgestone H50

  • Donald Oehl
    Donald Oehl

    I continue to be mystified by one who will spend $25k on a bike but too cheap to buy good rubber for it.

  • Arie Moldvan
    Arie Moldvan

    The Road 5 is an amazing tire. It's pretty well perfect for most road bikes.

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