Road Rage - Why Motorcycle Riders Smash Windows
As the generation that grew up playing Road Rash, we have some learning to do about de-escalation. Here’s how to avoid ending up as a hood ornament.

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Invisibility Training for Motorcyclists :

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  • Crash Test Goat
    Crash Test Goat

    I agree 100%

  • Mag Dump
    Mag Dump

    I love the pouty rev bomb.

  • Steven Ducati
    Steven Ducati

    A 3 foot long 9 iron golf club is the best companion if you ride a bike 😂

  • bitcoin daddy
    bitcoin daddy

    The production quality is insanely good

  • Crevan Izekil
    Crevan Izekil

    I never was so frustrared and violent than when I was drived to work and back on my yamaha. Drivers should really look more on the road and less on their phones.

  • Honza C
    Honza C

    I ride. I dont smash anything...

  • docchocobo

    Hard to do when driver stupidity has been blossoming in the last two years or so. Maybe it's covid brain fog. Who knows.

  • Crooks

    "Ask the fly on your windshield" brilliant

  • 1Down 5Up
    1Down 5Up

    Nah carry a bag of change around and throw it through the next window that cuts you off 👌

  • D.B.

    I think I dislike the idiot bikers who swear and damage people’s property whenever they want, more than the cars who aren’t aware of what they’re doing most of the time. (Especially if said idiots out it on YT)

  • Mike Barker
    Mike Barker

    So stoic Ryan

  • Morkanz

    god damm always perfect videos

  • Dominique Clarke
    Dominique Clarke

    Perfect! You have the upmost best logic on this subject.... Do nothing. 👏🏽👏🏽👏🏽🤘

  • Skippy Peanutbutter
    Skippy Peanutbutter

    Who smashes windows when mirrors are such an ideal option?

  • Gio J
    Gio J

    Name of jacket or link to where to buy at 4:44 please. Thanks. Great vid too

  • Gio J
    Gio J

    Name of jacket or link at 4:48

  • Jaden Hurd
    Jaden Hurd

    Ok wtf. I’m very high and one of the first things I see is a finger smashed by a hammer. Why

  • Heshan Sandeepa
    Heshan Sandeepa

    I was wrong. THIS is your master-piece

  • Cubano Deportivo
    Cubano Deportivo

    if you can make that video on all language you can please

  • MrSpiderpeg

    Your channel has my respect and you give good advice. My respect for bikers in general has gone down after seeing the amount of horrendous riders on youtube. They are giving good bikers a bad name so please start doing something to educate the idiots.

  • DucatiHyper821

    Pro tip - leave the helmet on if you get off the bike and approach someone. That being said, don’t do that under any circumstances. Leave or pull over and let them pass.

  • Meinbher Pieg
    Meinbher Pieg

    I want that Bronco

  • GuiTardZan

    lemmee do some math here......Let's see...The hypotenuse of the negative integer over the angle of the dangle (squared) ....mumble....mumble....I GOT IT! That fucking car is bigger than me and can kill me!

  • Baleur

    Every single youtube video ive seen where riders hate on cars, its the riders fault for literally not even bothering to brake or turn before coming up to clearly visible traffic.

  • Mohammad Petgar
    Mohammad Petgar

    my solution to road-rage is simple.....Just assume you and the other rider/driver are on foot. You would hold a door for the person behind you before entering a building, your greet people on the sidewalk as you encounter them, you accommodate elderly people no matter what, you don't pass a person in trouble on the sidewalk indifferently and many other points. If we walk as we ride, badly that is, we should consider anger management courses.

  • Chuck wolf
    Chuck wolf

    Never take the helmet off before a fight.

  • Paul Am
    Paul Am

    3:04 got damit mom

  • Fred Knteblox
    Fred Knteblox

    keep a lid on it,,,, if you participate in road rage you're on a loser no matter what the outcome,,,,,,,

  • will riseabove
    will riseabove

    as my great grandmother would say the graveyards full of people who had the right of way.

  • Mason’s Casual account
    Mason’s Casual account

    This is like, a professional grade video dude.

  • killingkat

    I really like the title of it it's intended to grab the attention of non-bike enthusiasts as a self-help defensive measure but what it really does is just try and help give the perspective of motorcyclists

  • UnbeltedSundew

    Because they're big fucking babies who put themselves in a life threatening situation and blame everyone else for it.

  • Renaldo Xhahu
    Renaldo Xhahu

    The editing is next level

  • Tyler Taylor
    Tyler Taylor


  • DoglinsShadow

    Incredible videos and content man. 1,000/10

  • Pooky's Dad
    Pooky's Dad

    If anyone on a bike (I like bikes, it's the boneheads ON them I can't stand) breaks my mirror or window, their next view will be of my oil pan. And I don't care if they had the "right of way".

  • Kyle Costello
    Kyle Costello

    I feel attacked, violence is always an option that is available to all.

  • TheBloodyLion

    Honestly, i drive a car 12 hours a day, as a delivery driver, alone, perfect for rage. After an hour of driving you just reliase its not worth it spending your energy on someone who doesnt care. If they didnt make you emergency brake, they didnt cut you off, and its not worth confronting them. If you are gonna do it, be nice. Just say, hey dude, please dont do that again, check your mirror next time, thanks. And thats it.

  • thelongtony

    Nice message, congratulations for this video. Drivers should watch it too.

  • David Chile
    David Chile

    Your videos are absolutely gold.

  • Bob Sullivan
    Bob Sullivan

    Do nothing.......If you want to frustrate the shit out of a moto-troll who is trying to piss you off... *DO NOTHING.*

  • Anon Nymous
    Anon Nymous

    I carry a 16 oz. hammer. It does a much better job on a**hole's mirrors, without causing damage to my fists.

  • Karol

    Now tell us why some people make traps out of wires for cross riders.

  • Yorkshire_Tea_innit

    Pinching a side mirror at speed is the closest thing to a modern caverly charge.

  • Ryteu Lopki
    Ryteu Lopki

    This is why you filter, why you are always ahead of the traffic staying away from idiots. Being quiet, invisible, stealth... is better that laud, showy and arrogant. This is like muffs on your handlebar. If you are pro rider who does 30k miles a year in every kind of weather, you have them. If you are Sunday hero who takes his 190hp toy out for a ride in sunny weather... yeap, you are the the one you gets into arguments and fights!

  • Uni-Byte

    And I thought I was strange for pounding in 3 drivers side windows in my time.

  • ThePedalGuy

    I tend to ride where I can have the most fun and my interactions with cars the fewest , I would never dream of breaking windows or mirrors , most folks don't mean to cut you off it just happens sometimes. I have more close calls and more cut offs in a car than on my bike , I also don't lane split or ride to the front. IMHO a lane is a lane and your spot it sound be respected on both sides.

  • Simon Says
    Simon Says

    paraphrasing Capone: you can get far riding a bike, but can get much farther riding a bike and a (sawed-off) shotgun. :oP

  • Muzz muzzamotors
    Muzz muzzamotors

    Soo true bro excellent thanks

  • Piotr Nowak
    Piotr Nowak

    Does anyone know the title of this song which is at the beginning?

  • PG G.
    PG G.

    Splitters deserve to get it

  • MX after 30
    MX after 30

    I don't objectify anyone. I'm not mad at their car, or at traffic. I'm mad at them, personally. I'm mad that they either haven't take them time to learn how to properly operate their vehicle, or that they have zero regard for the life of anyone else around them. Obviously, they believe that their task trumps everything.

  • Fernando Hernandez
    Fernando Hernandez

    So in the US more people get killed trough road rage related assaults than the total murder rate of most other western countries. Congrats, there is something wrong with your country.

  • Irfan H
    Irfan H

    Yep, "shitty cheap" describes it perfectly.

  • Cal. R
    Cal. R

    Blue Velvet

  • Deckzwabber

    I can get how the adrenaline rush of having almost been killed by the stupidity of some lazy a**hole in a truck will trigger some primeval aggression some otherwise very civil human beings have deep deep inside of them.

  • Mike Ziviello
    Mike Ziviello

    dude, great content.

  • Chris C
    Chris C

    1:26. Greatest. Scene. Ever. But what a great message. Your reaction should be no reaction. Please don't feed the cagers.

  • brian r
    brian r

    I would chase said biker. (To get insurance info and call police) Now I can't help it if I accidently clip him with my car along the chase...

  • Ishanator

    I just always give em a thumbs down calmly, not being an asshole, but just saying "hey there buddy, ya messed up"

  • Hououin Kyouma
    Hououin Kyouma

    2:02 Seinfeld reference?

  • MrTheclevercat

    Motorcycles are usually bought by insecure young men who couldn't afford a fast and cool car and think other people see them as hardcore. That's why they smash windows. Because no one gives a fuck about motorcycles.

  • stevest1300

    I've ridden since 1977 and never felt compelled to take out a window or mirror when a driver makes a mistake. So many videos on FIbill show 2 wheeled GoPro trolls out putting themselves in positions that encourage conflict or exaggerating how "close to death" they were by someone doing a totally legit tight lane change. These children need to grow up. Most drivers aren't idiots. Many riders are. Ride fast. Ride safe. Ride smart.

  • EZE95

    One of my favorite vids from you dude. Love the editing and the message Thanks

  • who am i
    who am i

    Motorcycle gloves got armored knuckles for a reason......

  • Acho Official
    Acho Official

    Raging is way more fun some times...

  • K W
    K W

    I love this!!! X

  • Great King Rat NZ
    Great King Rat NZ

    100% correct. I attribute my rage to watching a video on a “good guy motovlogger” that was just out to stop people using their phones while driving. It’s still passive aggressive at the least and road rage at the worst. I’m so glad I saw this video…I needed to see this video.

  • MalexanderL

    "My god that was only a moment." I wonder how many guys sitting in prison cause they lost their cool have said the same thing.

  • 16-Bit Bernie
    16-Bit Bernie

    Even if someone in a car is being an asshole don’t be one back for your own safety, plus it makes all bikers look bad.

  • RDA8191

    I've been riding for 15 years and these "moto vloggers" are the biggest p-ssies on the planet. They cry and throw tantrums about everything. Riding is full of hazards, if you're too scared for the hobby, take up golf. Touch my vehicle because I'm on my phone and we're going to get into an "accident". Good luck proving intent. Guarantee these clowns text and drive all day. They throw on their moto gp costume and they're real tough guys all of a sudden. Most of them ride like sh*t anyway, scared to pick up their feet on take off 🤣. Looking like noob from a mile away

  • Govan

    I get pissed at idiots when I'm in my car, I get pissed on my motorcycle, I get pissed on my bicycle... Hell I get pissed as a pedestrian nearly getting hit in parking lot or crosswalk. I'll always flip the bird at a shitty driver.

  • Zakaria DeFaye
    Zakaria DeFaye

    Mount train horn to motorcycles

  • Kinang Eagle
    Kinang Eagle

    I still don’t understand why Americans get spooked and lose their nerve way too easily. I always think to myself that im lucky to be from a country where your everyday patience is an American’s boiling point.

  • Kinang Eagle
    Kinang Eagle

    It sometimes makes me think the motorcyclists want to be in a road rage situation. Ever just stood in the shower or stared at the ceiling before bed thinking of bad ass situations you can get into. Yeah I’ve been there, but man I don’t wish i have to be there irl

  • John Reynolds
    John Reynolds

    I have had to learn that as I ride my motorcycle through London and come across poor driving I have to be calm at all times to make sure I control the bike and myself so I ride as safely as possible. I now believe I am a much better rider and I enjoy it so much more as a result. Keep safe everyone! 😎

  • J.T. Jaeger
    J.T. Jaeger

    You're over complicating things, there's c@nts in cars and on motorcycles.

  • Maximus Decimus Meridius
    Maximus Decimus Meridius

    Anyone else noticed the cool Bronco at the end

  • Jaime Reyes
    Jaime Reyes

    I can't believe this video has only 4.7 k views... good subject, good quality, good narrative... let's work all toghether to spread the word, because videos like this save lives... good job.

  • Richard Delinsky
    Richard Delinsky

    Legit had a tailgater on my butt on I-5 today. Just another day on the road when I heard a crunch. Thought I lost a pannier, until I checked my mirror and saw that too-close-for-comfort subaru Impreza spiraling from its impact off the jersey barrier into a truck three lanes over. Would have seemed like justice had whatever happened not happened 20 feet behind me. Goddamn, I'm lucky to be alive

  • David David
    David David

    If they don't use their side mirrors, indicators or get out their mobile phones while driving.. breaking them are notes pads for the next motorcyclists. -- "this car owner is a potential killer".

  • Jesse Maier
    Jesse Maier

    Incredibly awesome! Well done.

  • Christopher Nickels
    Christopher Nickels

    A very Zen way of looking at this problem. Not just applicable to motorcyclists, but anyone. Once again, an awesome video!

  • 3V0

    The only time I smashed someones window or mirror in, was when a guy actually tried to run me over. Needless to say, it was worth it. By the time they were getting out of the car to beat my ass, I was on my bike speeding off. This was after a couple accidents on my bike and having my own road rage to myself. I normally am not for that kind of violence. But when someone actively tries to kill you, all niceties go out the window.

  • Who said that ?
    Who said that ?

    I would run over the guy who smashed my window

  • Dukeq27

    Remember if you’re going to go at it with a driver keep your helmet on:)

  • Jiří Michalik
    Jiří Michalik

    4:56 that Charlie Sheen look... Nice. :-)

  • Wendell White
    Wendell White

    Remember, cagers either do not see you or do not care. Either way, you will still lose.

  • shrimpdilf

    Dude what song are you playing in the back? It’s really good

  • john smith
    john smith

    This dude's videos are becoming works of art.

  • Pekestyx X
    Pekestyx X

    Another problem is you never know who has a gun these days. Startle the wrong person…

  • Jamie W
    Jamie W

    In the UK they now saw it is OK for bikers to overtake and undertake, how do you look in both mirrors at once?....dangerous and absolute madness!

  • Hash1m

    1:51 Nice touch with the Apple startup sound on the lamp

  • mrcla55yguy

    Great video man. Love the music at the end. So, what’s that orange thing on the carabiner??

  • Dantick09

    Bring mace and spray if they have the window down, works like a charm

  • seeratlas d' Tyria
    seeratlas d' Tyria

    OH!!!!! so THATS why all biker gloves have knuckle protection:)

  • seeratlas d' Tyria
    seeratlas d' Tyria

    my solution was always a jacket pocketwith a couple of 'well protected' rotten eggs.. If you're in front with a quickly available 'escape' route, just toss one over your shoulder and disappear asap. If behind, you have more options; if you're REALLY mad, like at the guy with the convertible, just lob it into his car, preferably into his lap, HARD:) When you gain some skill, a well targeted egg thru an open sunroof worx, as do a smack into the side or rear windows. Be creative:) Spread the 'love':) just ALWAY"S be damned sure you have your ESCAPE 'cocked and locked'.

  • DCM SR
    DCM SR

    As a child going to school we were told "The crosswalk does not come with force might be right, but you don't want to be dead right." Spatial awareness is key. You can easily outmaneuver the vehicle giving you issue (Use those skills and the power of your bike). keep in mind if you pull up on that vehicle, well know that's a threat. And it's foolish.

  • Mr JASH
    Mr JASH

    Well.... nice bronco though... the end