The #1 Tip for Motorcycling with a Pillion Passenger
Two-up riding can be an extremely enjoyable experience or a terrible one. Here's how you can ensure the first option.

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  • Donald Oehl
    Donald Oehl

    I've removed the pillion seats from every motorcycle I've ever owned. The motorcycle IMO is a single occupant vehicle. My wife, after a few rides on the back with me, decided that she would rather ride her own and did. That was 30+ yrs ago. She once took a relative for a ride and discovered for herself how much it really does suck to ride 2up. Having a solo seat has also given me a great excuse when some drunk landwhale wants me to take her for a ride. It really confuses them for some reason. My bike is not a free amusement ride for drunk skanks!

    • Donald Oehl
      Donald Oehl

      Edit: Women are strong and independent so they can buy and ride their own stuff!

  • PAUL Watson
    PAUL Watson

    My girl is a great pillion. Just had to remind everytime we stop I will sign ok to get off bike, so I can hold bike steady and same when getting on I will let you know as to hold the bike steady so she can climb on. Also lots of trust in my riding to wear I have to remind her to hold on at all times in case I have to move fast in a emergency etc. Other wise easy to forget she is behind me.

  • Jaker

    Took my 6 foot 7 friend on the back of my xr650L dual sport. Not too bad

  • Shy Devil
    Shy Devil

    hey i have a really big problem with wind on the motorway when i go 140 km/h its not always but what should i do the whole bike starts to wiggle a bit

  • Mr Tea
    Mr Tea

    My stomach is hurting from laughing so much 😂 I've had all you're examples on the back of my bikes. My signal sequence involved tapping my helmet for certain situations, one tap, need a drink, two taps need a bathroom break and so on. Lot cheaper than communication headsets 😂

  • Tanner Saurus
    Tanner Saurus

    I'm going to show this video to anyone I ever have as a passenger from now on.

  • Syed Moin Doja
    Syed Moin Doja

    any tips for us indians where ladies ride pillion Side saddle, which is to say -sitting side wasy with both feet on one side, lol

  • Yudo NeidaNo
    Yudo NeidaNo

    Thank you for giving me an excellent excuse to not give people rides.

  • Lynwood Jackson
    Lynwood Jackson

    If your pillion's hands are cold, they can go in your pockets to get the wind off of them and get some of that radiating heat from your gut.

  • Max

    This video is the funniest thing I've watched in quite awhile, had me in stitches. Cheers

  • Bob Walsh
    Bob Walsh

    "She's spineless, yes..."

  • Sasza Blaze1
    Sasza Blaze1



    I remembered my friend gave me the first pillion ride on a CBR400RR. It was scary, my leg were planted on.😅

  • Beatz_V__TV

    I don't do pillions lol I love to hit it solo 😂

  • Yeah it's me.
    Yeah it's me.

    I'm 69 years old. I don't bother anymore. I ride a single seat cafe racer (you know, an old guys sport bike) no pasengers, period. My son has his own bikes so I'm good.

  • Aby Mathew
    Aby Mathew

    I have been riding supersports for a long time with no problem, Couple of months back for the first time ever I rode my bike as a pillion...Good Lord, it was scary as hell..I have no idea How on earth my wife sat behind me for a long time...🤕🤕🤕🤕🤕🤕🤕

  • Kerby The Slayer
    Kerby The Slayer

    Touchdown Terry 😭

  • S James
    S James

    1:23 - lol..I actually LOL'd as you slammed into that semi-tractor trailer...hahahaaaa..nice going Hanna!!!!

  • wkdravenna

    This is like art 🎨🎭

  • Tok Nrs
    Tok Nrs

    vespa graphics : good harley graphics : good motorsports grapics : bad (really, why the tire so very distinctive and looks terrible imo)


    My Piaggio mp3 250 made for two but I only one drive it myself! I let my dad test it out and almost crash it 😴!

  • Joseph Colligan
    Joseph Colligan

    Loved this!



  • David Reams
    David Reams

    Well presented. A friend with a Gold Wing had to put a velcro seat belt on his pillion because his wife would fall asleep on long rides. She is also the only time I've ever seen the pillion knitting a scarf while rolling down the interstate at 80 mph.

  • patrick jason
    patrick jason

    enjoyed the narration funny af


    Noodle neck Nicole lmaooooo

  • Umakant Kumar
    Umakant Kumar

    Bruh come to India people ride here with 2 pillions and that without problems

  • Dan Boccuzzi
    Dan Boccuzzi

    I once had a pillion that thought she needed to act as a gyroscope. I'd lean left, she leaned right. I'd lean right, she'd lean left. I had to pull over and correct her.

  • Masa Sjö
    Masa Sjö

    I'll soon take a blonde nurse on my bike

  • James Cullen
    James Cullen

    Put your t.....on my back and hold on tight

  • Kshitij Iyer - Street View Trusted
    Kshitij Iyer - Street View Trusted

    Saddling offroad with a pillion is an art

  • Kshitij Iyer - Street View Trusted
    Kshitij Iyer - Street View Trusted

    Title : Number 1 tip Actual video : Gives out 10


    Thin skinny people find it hard to ride with pillion

  • c s j
    c s j

    If by chance you do have to give a ride to a bro or a kid, have them hold on to your belt loops. (If wearing quality jeans)

  • c s j
    c s j

    Dudes don't ride on the back of my scooter.

  • Angel Prude
    Angel Prude

    This was mad funny

  • Kinang Eagle
    Kinang Eagle

    I dont trust my friends. Not because they’re homophobic or anything, in fact, they would happily tickle away on my waist

  • Table Tennis
    Table Tennis

    fucking hilarious.

  • Pankaj Kumar
    Pankaj Kumar

    Tell me about it Back in school 3 of us would ride through the super busy indian market rushing through at 39kmph (that is aviation speed in the market where average speed is 8kmph) Nobody wearing a helmet, chatting and laughing around like maniacs. Best time ever

  • Whitney's Week
    Whitney's Week


  • George Brown
    George Brown

    What I get from this is if you want to ride with someone else, they need their own motorcycle.

  • Mark Sanford
    Mark Sanford

    "Motion Graphics by Daniel Cantor" - nice stuff. when are you guys getting your own Amazon Season 1?

  • Daniel Castro
    Daniel Castro

    What a great way to actually teach something with humor, props!

  • shrimpdilf

    I’ve always referred to it as tandem why is it called pillion?

  • Arno Kilianski
    Arno Kilianski

    You forgot about the passenger who dozes off on long rides, like my late wife, (She died of causes unrelated to motorcycling, thanks!)

  • Brito Barros
    Brito Barros

    Very useful video. Thanks.

  • mochlod

    1 ball per wheel takes care of most of these scenarios

  • David Willis
    David Willis

    Yep, I admit it I'm uncomfortable pressing my junk into another man's back. Which is why I'm not a good pillion passenger.

  • John Lord
    John Lord

    Didn't expect to see myself here in martyr mike and sailboat simon. No wonder some of my friends have me drive their buke when I need a ride.

  • Maurice Appelhof
    Maurice Appelhof

    Having a pillion can make you a better rider, for me at least. Instead of thinking what to do inside a corner I tend to overprepare every corner, braking zone and acceleration. You tend to go a lot smoother (and slower in the beginning), and your pillion will love it. When the hands stop overclamping your waist and your steering gets lighter, up the pace.

  • bigboxer91

    This feels like something they would show on the driving lessons

  • simon dean
    simon dean

    It sucks being a pillion, the fun bit is riding, so why not help and encourage her to get some good gear and some proper lessons instead and see if she actually might like to be the pilot herself?

  • Nate Sand
    Nate Sand

    I call them pile-ons

  • Mark Jones
    Mark Jones

    I don’t think I read *every* comment but I’m not seeing my #1 lesson: when braking, don’t lean on me, reach around and lean on the tank.

  • Chiliboom

    Thanks for the video mate. Good data.

  • agaddzdub

    I cried laughing. Ahhhhhh great stuff! Will defo come back to this one if I’m having bad day 🤣😂😂🤣🤣😂

  • Nico Nicolosi
    Nico Nicolosi

    This is one of the best FIbill channels ever! Thanks for the content

  • Isla Bonita
    Isla Bonita

    😂😂I love Terry, the moon lander😂

  • infinati

    And here I thought the number one tip would be to make sure she's a super hot girl

  • Mr moon
    Mr moon

    Haha this video is so true

  • alan

    You didnt mention the ' I'm so unconcerned i' ve nodded off to have a little nap back here' Yes internet people you can fall asleep riding pillion, been there done it....

  • Big Bootros
    Big Bootros

    What about fatty Fanny?

  • Her Words
    Her Words

    So I think, after watching this, I'm going to go ahead and say... When can we all be YOUR pillion. 🤔

  • Kunal Khargal
    Kunal Khargal

    I died laughing 😂

  • jcsrst


  • stolenlaptop

    You forgot wicked Wanda... Whacks you whenever you're going too fast or lean too hard for her comfort. I'll never forget the series of kidney punches after a t(l)ame front wheel lift.

  • JaCk nickolstine
    JaCk nickolstine

    Got myself a 190lb noodle hahahaha I'm only 160lb wet hahahaha 😆

  • Mateusz Sobanski
    Mateusz Sobanski

    I couldn't stop laughing at the helmets bumping together 😂😂

  • golnectr

    My ex was taking me to pick up my bike from the shop on her 250 Ninja. She didn't feel comfortable with me straddling her so I had to grip the pillion strap for 30 mins on the freeway. I've been riding 20 years, scuba diving, bungie jumping, roller coaster junky, and snow boarded down black diamonds. This was the singular most terrifying experience of my life. I felt like I was dangling off a tiny plastic plank over an asphalt belt sander. We were a bit early, so she offered to ride us to breakfast. NOPE! I told her I would never do that again. Not even down the street.

  • Roy Batty
    Roy Batty

    When you have a passenger, you want to accelerate as fast as possible and squeeze the brake as hard as possible when stopping.

  • Torched nail
    Torched nail

    How about those tandem street riders that get in the missionary position while riding

  • Jon Ruger
    Jon Ruger

    Only Europeans or wannabe Europeans aka Canadians actually call it a pillion lol

  • Ataur Rahman
    Ataur Rahman

    Awesome content!!!

  • Greginski

    This is your most important video to date!

  • LeoSiX

    Thid dude has more bikes then i had girls XD

  • Alex Mc Keown
    Alex Mc Keown

    What happens if you never have been a pavilion?


    the tip should be dont do it :)

  • Ritwik Anand
    Ritwik Anand

    YOu forgot 'airbag' Sally. Her airbags bumps whenever you brake. :P

  • ConfusedAvocado

    Once had a pillion on. I told him time and time again to lean with me. He would always lean the opposite. I turn left he'd lean right and so on. Nearly mounted a curb twice. It's scary when you go to turn and you cant lean enough because your passenger is pulling you the other way.. I dont take him around anymore.

  • New Guy
    New Guy

    Great tips. I never let anyone on my bike with shorts or open toed shoes. (I've seen some horrible photos) Also I give them a quick run down of things to do and not do, if they complain, they don't ride. If they ignore my rules, they get off and walk. i'm not risking two lives. Also my dad taught me a slick trick for shifting, when going into a higher gear, you can just slightly pull up on the sifter while letting out the clutch. It'll grab nicely and just accelerate smoothly after getting into gear. It's really satisfying once you get it right. Also, don't worry about downshifting to brake if you don't need to. It wobbles the passenger a lot if they're not ready for it. If you make the ride nice, the girl will want to ride again :)

  • Abhishek Soni
    Abhishek Soni

    I had a friend who liked to sit off center on his left thigh instead of his bums. No shit. Completely blocked my right rear view mirror. I had to sit a little off center myself to compensate for his gymnastics. And then there was one friend who jumped off moving bike at his will, without spoiling the balance. Sounds like bs but my Indian compatriots will agree (cuz everyone here has that one friend).

  • Dan de los Reyes
    Dan de los Reyes

    I told my friend to hug my waist if he doesn't wanna die and proceeded to go from 15-50 kph in less than 3 seconds

  • Ellis Thomas
    Ellis Thomas

    In 2017 I saw a 27 year old girl killed because she was riding pillion and the bike went into the central reservation. The rider survived with minimal injuries but her leg was lying in the road next to her. He killed himself a few months ago because of it. I won't ever take a passenger on bike after seeing that

  • Agnes Do
    Agnes Do

    I laughed so hard , this vid is realy fun to watch.and well made, thanks

  • Varun

    The thumbnail of Ducati multistrada though😂 seems like 17 inch rear with 6 inch front 😂😂

  • Gromin With Rob
    Gromin With Rob

    I have a Honda Grom and I can feel a difference when I put my bike chain and lock into my seat storage bag. 20lbs that slides late into a lean on that little bike is a eye opener.

  • TruE EyeS
    TruE EyeS

    2:55 im gonna need that video for wallpaper purposes

  • Jack Cooper
    Jack Cooper

    When I first saw the title of this video, I didn’t know what pillion meant because I usually call them backpacks

  • Michael Belhumeur
    Michael Belhumeur

    Ah yes, I remember when I was riding on the back of my dads Ducati street bike in the 90’s. I had my hands on the handles just below my seat which was all of 48 square inches. He pulled out onto the highway in front of a semi truck 🚛 going 55 mph. He accelerated so fast I was looking at the bumper of the truck, upside down. When he shifted into second gear, my head went from plate height and whipped into the back of his head (we both had helmets on) Soon after he pulled over and said to me “I forgot you were on the back of the bike” Thanks pops…

  • gizaha

    Seat cowl, solo riding. Because our lives are not a joke.

  • Moritz

    Serious question to all Americans: you do have to go to drivingschool right? Because that’s exactly what you learn in drivingschool....

  • Himalaya_171

    Homophobic Harry here 🙋‍♂️

  • Mr Kakbuhn
    Mr Kakbuhn

    Meanwhile in Mexico i see a family of 4 together with their dog on a scooter.

  • Ferd The Terd
    Ferd The Terd

    Harry isn't homophobic he just doesn't want his friend to know how excited he is

  • chronicsnail

    Homophobic harry 😂😂

  • Noble Polygon
    Noble Polygon

    I came back here because last Sunday I finally let my wife ride pillion. She’s very animated. Loved to gasp in delight at a beautiful view, tell me to watch for another vehicle 100 meters away, etc. I made her watch this before we went out and the trip went flawlessly 😉

  • Antony Decosta
    Antony Decosta

    2:53 if rider looks like this... I would love to be in pillion seat... 😁

  • Jamie Powell
    Jamie Powell

    What I am a Goldwing Rider I never had to ask the pillion to do any sorted leaning to one side what I sit in any particular way

  • Mariana Gouveia
    Mariana Gouveia

    Rode for the first time as a passanger today and I'm Nicole 🥴

  • PandaPhreak

    I tried motorcycling last year and found out it wasn't for me. What I really like though is riding as a passenger. This video really helped me understand how I can better handle myself as a passenger and it's super cute animations.