The Killer Tricycle Banned by the US Government
This cultural hot potato of the 80s had everything - flawed design, thoughtless marketing, irresponsible dealers, young lives lost, sickening injury rates, bad parenting…the lot. Here’s the messy story of the three-wheeled ATV.


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Cinematographer & Editor : Aneesh Shivanekar

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  • dan diegidio
    dan diegidio

    When I was a kid I used to watch a morbidly obese young guy ride around on one of those and he always got the inside wheel off the ground when he turned around. It's like a reliant Robin. Only dangerous if you don't understand exactly what you're driving/riding. Or if someone pulls out in front of you. Then yeah you're fucked.

  • ManiacMike F
    ManiacMike F

    Wish I still had a couple of my atc

  • David Dyke
    David Dyke

    I used to ride these things in the 80s ,I use to do 360 spins on wet and muddy turns at a go cart track in Pigeon forge Tn ,when that thing would catch traction and it would throw me off of it ,ouch that hurt !!!!!

  • John Berry
    John Berry

    I went around a soft turn about 20 mph and it rolled me over into the ditch in 1981. Then my friend Daryl asked if I wanted to ride it again? I said no I don’t need to break my neck! And at 1st glimpse I thought it would be great fun to ride, until a minute later when I rolled it!

  • JD C
    JD C

    I'm new here. Good vid yo.

  • Reilly Jensen
    Reilly Jensen

    Nothing wrong with trikes, only operater error. 3 wheels, four wheels, six wheels, you name it off road or on road , be careful.

  • AnAbortiveRomance

    My dad bought me a used Honda 110 atc when I was a kid. Greatest gift ever. I had so much fun on that thing. 3-Wheelers were awesome if you road them in the right places, like local sand washes or your grandma's irrigated field.

  • Dirt Beard
    Dirt Beard

    and now in 2021 we can't go anywhere without a mask... take me back to the 80's please

  • Ronald Oleksy
    Ronald Oleksy

    I have a Honda 125 3 wheeler. I actually won it at a Halloween party. First place.was sponsored by Bob Weaver motor sports. In the Buffalo NY area thinking 1985 ish

  • john thonig
    john thonig

    When we're they banned?

  • Anthony Gonzalez
    Anthony Gonzalez

    A friend of mine purchased a Honda ATC 350 brand new. The next day he drove it on the street in front of his house showing off to another of his friends. The ATC flipped over and he broke his leg.

  • Stuart Hobart
    Stuart Hobart

    Rode 250r 19 yrs no problem 70 mph

  • Jason Baker
    Jason Baker

    1978 my dad bought us an ATC 90. We didn’t know what fun was until that day. I was 10 and rode that thing like I stole it each and every single day of the week 365 days a year. Riding in the snow pulling sleds and sliding around corners as fast as it would go. For several years and not a single accident worth speaking of. Riding it came natural like riding a bike. We would later get the ATC 250r which was a beast. Again, years of riding on streets in dirt snow without any accidents… Thanks Honda for making my childhood terrific with great memories…

  • Vincent Robinson
    Vincent Robinson

    Had many of them. before selling my buddy my 250R told him to be very very careful he came out of the woods into The Meat Wagon

  • Joseph Peters
    Joseph Peters

    The question is when will the 3 wheelers be back from recall?

  • William Gillette
    William Gillette

    Did anybody notice he runs over a snake on the "trails" portion of the video? Right at 5:16, just before the Kardashian name drop, he runs it over and then it jerks away and seems to snap at the rear tire that hit it! Did you even notice Ryan? I'm not a bleeding heart, so I still love you, keep up the great work on you're incredible content, as an entitled American choking down a supersized combo at McDonalds would say, I'm lovin' it, just give it to me more often!.

  • cncspeakers

    We all had them. They did flip in a nano second and you learned that fast. The real bummer was on a trail at speed you had to watch three lanes for large rocks or bumps. Any large bump could send you flying. On a dirt bike you only have to watch one lane and on a quad you watch 2.

  • The Ranger
    The Ranger

    I have a Honda ATC 350X, so much fun!

  • Scotty G
    Scotty G

    Your vids are always so damn good!

  • Oliver Toeknuckle
    Oliver Toeknuckle

    I've got a 4" scar on my arm from one of these things. The concussion I received as I tumbled down the cliff alongside and underneath my Honda was a bummer too. The helmet I was wearing cracked right down the middle. Going down a steep hill is not desirable. But damn, I had a lot of fun!

  • Lyle Schull
    Lyle Schull

    Lack of adult supervision u haft to respect them just like anything else people think their invincible

  • Eithan Long
    Eithan Long

    I use to wreck my 250 sx all the time, just gotta learn how to fall.

  • dump_on yoo
    dump_on yoo

    I had a Honda 200M. It was hella Fun!

  • cws10692

    Farms r flat🤣🤣

  • James Perry
    James Perry

    I wish the would bring back atcs I have a 200s now and I love it so much more than anything else I've ever ridden.

  • snee

    I call shenanigans on this one because after these feared machines of certain death were condemned manufacturers doubled down and gave us the Honda 250R and the Yamaha triZ

  • O.K. Frax
    O.K. Frax

    The problem is we outgrew Tricycles than bam 💥 riding them again? I was in a Honda dealer in 1981 and really like the 250r model, but it stayed there as I left out the door, no regrets. 😂

  • welfordxxx

    Great vid. Love it.

  • s3uoq

    8:22 Brutal

  • Patrick Walsh
    Patrick Walsh

    The one with no front forks or rear shocks yes they would want to kill you at any speed

  • My Life Thai
    My Life Thai

    I ran over my feet so many times with my Honda 110 when I was in fourth grade, since they didn't have the foot boards.

  • Raymond hat
    Raymond hat

    I had one and never had any issues but when you put ignorant people on things like that then there is problems

  • Luke Wegner
    Luke Wegner

    Apologies for just now subscribing. Been loving your videos for the last couple years or so and this one was fan-fukin-tastic.

  • Dave Monday
    Dave Monday

    I raced Honda ATC’s for a few years. They ran over you feet the kickstart was on backwords And everything you say is true. And if you make them faster they get even more dangerous. I’ve had them roll and land on top of me. I’ve been thrown off and the ATC went around in a circle and ran me down. They are lethal but it only because they take a lot of skill to ride them. I’ve been trying to find a good Honda ATC 350x for a few years now. When you actually ride them hard and it all comes together. They are brilliant. But I’ve only ever owned race ATC’s. Nothing like the one your riding. If it wider and longer, it’s more stable and safer. So the atc 200x 250R and 350x. Good trikes and personally I think shouldn’t have been band. The rest. Absolutely should have been great video made me laugh. Well done. I finished writing this then in the last minute you totally agreed To a certain amount it was partly the riders.

  • Slayergaming222

    I’ve had a lot of them I flat track raced bored out ATC 70 with piranha motors on them lot of fun

  • Bill Murphy
    Bill Murphy

    With the proper tire style. These things will literally go almost anywhere

  • Bill Murphy
    Bill Murphy

    One of the funnest versitile unstable unstoppable machines ever was only as smart as its rider.....the old 250s with hi low transmission was a real tank..

  • CDnBCn

    If you know how to ride one a trike is a lot of fun..

  • goober698

    They are still out being used only dangerous if your an idiot and don’t know how to ride

  • Stuffies

    I’ve owned many three wheelers in the last 18 years and the only crash I had was someone on a four wheeler running into me lol it’s like anything else, it’s on the driver I prefer trikes over quads any day ( janvrins island,cape breton, Nova Scotia, Canada) 🤘

  • Thomas Knapp
    Thomas Knapp

    all atv,utv are crap a bunch of lazy ass non the eightys i rode the woods of ny before all this adventure bs now,on a dt360 the 3 wheelers were so slow on trail I never bothered with them,kinda like when I smoked sportsers on a kawa 400 never forgave or got old enough for that crap either.

  • Ben Keel
    Ben Keel

    Theres 7 minutes of my life I'll never get back

  • Hitler Cat
    Hitler Cat

    Still have my 350X

  • sideswiped

    my friend had the 125, was back in the 80s. it rolled over on my. LOL my fault. but the machine's draw pulled me in, pulled me into it LOL. I wanted to conquer it. it/we, were off camber on a hill. it rolled over me. I lost my breath. I lived to tell the story. now shall I talk about my Jeep and how many time I almost rolled it.

  • A. C. Abbey
    A. C. Abbey

    I rode the shit out of one of those in the early 80's as a kid. Awesome times, dangerous for sure but what the hell I ride a motorcycle in Houston now in my 40s! YOLO bitchez.

  • dopeymark

    I haven't even watched the video yet but I am already compelled to comment. I had lots of disposable income in the mid 80s and I bought a Honda three wheeler. I was racing down a gravel road and scrubbed the front end and crashed into a sign. I lacerated my pancreas and I was on death's door. They told me I was going to die but I survived. When I got out of the hospital I actually learned how to ride the damn thing. The proper way to ride them is to mash the throttle and break the rear end loose. After I learned how to properly ride the three-wheeler it was amazing fun.

  • Terry Ferguson
    Terry Ferguson

    Three wheelers like guns or any other inanimate object have never hurt or killed anyone. The ignorance of the user is always the culprit. This was just another exercise in the government protecting us from ourselves.

  • Marks FarmCraft
    Marks FarmCraft

    I guy in my high school was killed on one of these back in the late 70's. I road them a few times and can attest to the danger. Going up one hill, i hit a fairly small rock with a rear tire, one foot came off the peg, which was under a rear tires in a sec. Many years of bike riding saved me from serious damage. Yeah, there is a reason these were banned.

  • John Halter
    John Halter

    Drove them a lot and went over handlebars once on mine. It was tricky to control but doable. The biggest thing people would do wrong is put their leg down in a turn and run the wheel up their leg. My 200 I could do 70 but it was a vast improvement over the first ones, some suspension.

  • Nicholas E.
    Nicholas E.

    Rode these my entire childhood. First one I believe was Honda 70 then a 110. Granted that I started riding motorcycles at 7 but still never found 3-wheelers to be anything but fun. Quads feel less stable to me because of the false sense of security.

  • J. Thomas
    J. Thomas

    All my fav toys, BANNED. ATCs, Lawn Darts, Manta-Ray inflatable towable, clackers, water rockets... nothing about users being too stupid, just the product was too dangerous...

  • francine ganmor
    francine ganmor

    This was shot beautifully, congrats.

  • Liam

    Saw one on marketplace the other day... I was tempted

  • john8T

    What a pile of shite

  • NuBz

    Its not a 250r ther ckickybait.

  • Grant Henderson
    Grant Henderson

    Had a 86 250r and a 86 200x . This video is making me miss them bad.

  • roland craggs
    roland craggs

    My brother had one of them in the early 90's, I think it was a 250cc? I wouldn't even look at it 🤣

  • Username82 Username82
    Username82 Username82

    One of many things the Government Ruins!

  • Steve Gabriel
    Steve Gabriel

    My 1st and only was a Honda 350X, road it like a hooligan and never got hurt.

  • Robert Poe
    Robert Poe

    I loved my 200X that thing was freaking awesome. Wish i had another one of them

  • -oiiio-

    The original ATC-90s did, indeed, float. I knew people who had them when they first came out.

  • Van Goodwin
    Van Goodwin

    Truly enjoy all your videos young Man. Putting responsibility back on the consumer is difficult in America. But you tell the truth and those of us that know and understand personal responsibility appreciate you. Americans need to stop the law suits and look back at themselves when things go wrong. Especially where our children are concerned. I somehow successfully raised my children canoe camping, rock climbing and snow shoeing through Montana wilderness for long snow covered nights in a home made tent. What I was prepared for at every moment, taking responsibility for their education of survival. Taking the time to teach my children what could harm them and how to avoid the situations. Having a back up plan and measures in place should something go wrong. And at all times, accepting responsibility to bring them home better for the experiences. Now, granted these activities weren't on speedy machines or my motorcycles. But dangerous none the less! So America, stand behind FortNine and except his truths while you take responsibility for your decisions. And for God's sake, keep our children in mind before you say; " hold my beer and watch this". You all are in my prayers Hoka Hey

  • jaxknet

    your channel and video style fill that giant hole that Top Gear left in my heart! The commentary is as good as the footage. Amazing!

  • Boyd Atkinson
    Boyd Atkinson

    Get ready for some hillbilly madness !!!!

  • Jr Payton
    Jr Payton

    Got my first 3 wheeler at 4. Road well for an hour or slow going slow. Pushed thumb throttle too hard once. Went blasting out of the yard into the field while turning and the outside rear tire caught a ditch. Rolling I went with wheeler in tow. 20 minutes later I was back on it. It never hurt me again. Ended up stadium racing a 200x at one point.


    On another topic. This dude needs to play the villain in a horror movie.

  • Todd Goodness
    Todd Goodness

    What killed the industry was a single congresswoman who was a single mother. She had a teenage son who was an absolute shit head,and to keep him out of trouble, buys him a 250R. Kid makes it about 3 weeks, splats his squash all over,and dies. She goes on a rant blaming the wheeler,instead of herself, and campaigned to ban them. Cancel culture before it was a thing.

  • Gel Mibson
    Gel Mibson


  • 77gravity

    I thought quad-bikes were dangerous (they do kill a lot of people) but these things are plain LETHAL.

  • Grayson Powers
    Grayson Powers

    My dad's best friend has one of these and one day while he was pulling his kids around on a sled with it, it flipped over and rolled down a hill with him. He broke his back really badly, but hes fine now.

  • Thumbgas

    I had a Big red 125 back then!!, and my brother had a Tri Z 250

  • Kenneth Ellison
    Kenneth Ellison

    I had one, for a week. It tried to kill me daily. But it was a hell of a lot of fun.

  • Ken Cornwell
    Ken Cornwell

    Well done. Those were the best of days. I had a 110, 185, 200x and 250r

  • The fish Master
    The fish Master

    Ive never really had tipping issues i can’t believe how easily this guy manages lol love the video

  • Korey Cowan
    Korey Cowan

    Me and my cousins had these as a kid... I had a honda 110... had SO MUCH FUN on that thing. LOVED IT!

    • Korey Cowan
      Korey Cowan

      Oh! And by the way we never got hurt... had to lean forward going up a hill... and opposite side of a turn........ DUH

  • Marla Ferguson
    Marla Ferguson

    So true my step dad brought my baby brother 2 so someone could ride with him. So many wrecks and blood thankful no hospital trips. So happy when both bit the dust.

  • Ken Thompson
    Ken Thompson

    This begs the question ............. Why are 3-wheel ATVs outlawed and 3-wheel motorcycles not?

  • MrGonzo347

    I usually watch FIbill small screen, but with 4k and your beautiful scenes I watch full screen.

  • Michael W
    Michael W

    I loved riding these growing up I am old but the only people ever to die on the three-wheeled ATV were stupid unless you were hit buy someone else on one or a car. I still have mine and I have only been hurt while working on it because bolts breaking or striping out. Stupid people always find a way to hurt themselves and ruin good things.

  • Chris Chaffee
    Chris Chaffee

    Amazing video quality and hilarious commentary.

  • Lauri Aavaluoma
    Lauri Aavaluoma

    This felt like i was watching a movie during lunch break

  • Jack Gonzales-Alexander
    Jack Gonzales-Alexander

    You guys have an awesome channel here, not just talking about the content, but the shots, the soundtracks, the editing, the research, presentation etc.. overwhelming production value in all your vids! I really like ‘em!

  • Dean Longthon
    Dean Longthon

    Owned one back in the day ,fun to ride because you had to RIDE it

  • 7x77

    Those things are terrible compared to a motorcycle. They have 3 tracks to Ride on and they hit everything in the damn road. I can't believe they used to be such a fad that people were actually converting their dirt bikes into trikes. Junk

  • Mike Werner
    Mike Werner

    4 wheelers can turn over too. I had a 3wheeler and I loved it.

  • JD Simz 814
    JD Simz 814

    Used to have a Honda 110 when I was a kid. With the high low range gear system you could go at a good speed. Never flipped it. My gramps did many times tho, even tho he drove twice as slow. Lol

  • Yukon Pete
    Yukon Pete

    I was riding on of these in 1983, in a tree planting camp in northern BC, down a muddy road in the rain, when the front tire became stuck in a deep rut. Before I could slow down that rut went right off the road in a turn. I went airborne big-time, cart wheeling down a slope, with the trike bouncing around me, but never hitting me. I ended flying into a shallow pond, with the trike landing next to me with a big thud. Walked away, totally unhurt. Never rode on one of those things again. Total death machine.

  • syi tiger907
    syi tiger907

    Those were a ton of fun

  • Regularman

    Almost died 3 times on one of these as a stupid teenager. It was fun as hell to ride though.

  • Killianwsh

    like many things , the ban wasn't resisted by the big players in the ATC market. In fact, THEY WANTED IT . because trikes were insanely simple to manufacture and they knew that if they didn't do something to protect their wealthyy primary market in the US they'd quickly be overrun by competitors. They willingly backed the ban because they knew quads required independent front suspension, making them prohibitively expensive for their smaller competitors to build.

  • MyTech

    We increased the price an order of magnitude! You could buy a new Honda ATC90 for something like $500. Something seriously wrong with that era in regard to the nanny state precedents they ended up baking into the legal system. Like a hoard of meddling HOA board members with way to many resources were all elected to office and judge positions. In 1960 a small aircraft manufacturer(like 2-4 seat) was paying $50 per airframe in insurance, by the mid 80s it was near $100,000 per airframe, mainly due to courts setting a standard of "strict liability" where the product maker is basically liable for the customer doing stupid stuff. Put another way the manufacturer is expected to both anticipate stupid things the customer might do with an otherwise sound and quality product, and then figure out ways to not only prevent accidental incidence but to actually hinder purposeful actions and modifications of the customer. Now I do feel the manufacturer should be expected to give proper warnings about required skill level and specific hazards of the design, and restrict sales of certain products for children, simply because children by nature don't posses the required combination of skill, maturity, and judgment. There have been a number of products over the years where manufacturers required customers take a training class before delivery. Even Stanley Steamer(a car from about 1900) would not sell to anyone that had not become a Stanley certified driver/operator.(Partly a marketing thing sure, but is was one of the fastest cars at the time.)

  • Bantax69

    I got a Honda 350X when I was 13. It would fly. Riding on log roads, trails, old strip mines, or making my own crisscross trails in the woods … lots of fun. Only had one wreck in about an 8 year period … I just got a little to aggressive on a jump.

  • Jesse Devore
    Jesse Devore

    I have a 1984 Honda 200s, it was in parts and I brought it back to life with a help of a friend who owns 8 of ATC’s and it’s awesome but I’m selling it to get a motorcycle now.

  • Stretching Out
    Stretching Out

    Like ghost guns, we can always buy the parts to make our own 3 wheeled fun. My brother and I grew up on these. I had the Honda 300s and my brother had the 300es. You just got to be quick on your feet when dumpy decided to roll over lol.

  • dundeeecroc

    I had one of these 3 wheeled Honda atv's and bought it from a yard sale for 100 bucks, rebuilt the carb, changed all the fluids...I wished I kept it.

  • Tri moto kidd
    Tri moto kidd

    you only rode the honda trikes you never tried the yamaha or kawasaki

  • Proud American Ca
    Proud American Ca

    I was hoping this would be my “daily drifting machine”. Or off road grocery getter xD

  • jenky1044

    Imagine this a whole industry ruined because Most of the people hurt on the machines weren't using them, the way they were intended. Hahaha that sounds like the US blame it on someone else (it's the manufacturer and the dealers fault). 😂.

  • Alan Davies
    Alan Davies

    The real issue was with salesmanship. Where I live in Norfolk UK quads are sold by an animal feed company with no backup of any kind, warranty claims are returned to the importer, and after that the buyer is on his own. These are cheap crap rather than known brands. Our local (expert) bike repair guy is sick of this dangerous rubbish.

  • JP Morgen
    JP Morgen

    The Japanese government banned them before they were produced, but Honda found an unknowing market...