The Snell Helmet Standard is Meaningless?
Snell-certified motorbike helmets are a hallmark of safety. But last year, something sneaky happened. And it changes everything.

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  • S41nt-Hardy

    that ECE test, exactly how it is done. True story.

  • bitcoin daddy
    bitcoin daddy

    I don't know anybody on FIbill who makes such a high quality videos.

  • Phatty Mills
    Phatty Mills

    Your videos are fucking awesome

  • Fadly J
    Fadly J

    Snell is very good standard for helmet, but its heavy than the other standard

  • Aaron Smith
    Aaron Smith

    sadly one week later the entire staff of FortNine committed was suicided via strangulation.

  • ItsJustMe

    I love your presentation so much! Makes dry information so much more easily absorbed. :)

  • Harry Lammy
    Harry Lammy

    Or just ride without one. Huge benefit ride yesterday. 100+ bikes. Maybe a dozen helmets.

  • Jason Weaver
    Jason Weaver

    I've only ever used Snell helmets. I always hate it when I have to go and wash the clown make up, but I hate it even more when it's not my fault.

  • DusdRoad Adventures
    DusdRoad Adventures

    Great thinking posting the sources. sNow they have to leave you alone. Haha Thank you for opening some folks eyes with yet another great video!!

  • Adrian D
    Adrian D

    Fortnine making excellent content, as per usual.

  • R2robot

    RIP Snell

  • eastonk

    FortNine production value > James Cameron

  • Justin Schmidt
    Justin Schmidt

    Amazing video man

  • jeff h
    jeff h

    NHRA needs to get with it on this. you have to have a snell helmet to drag race. not ece not even fim. its ludicrous.

  • Bob Walsh
    Bob Walsh

    FortNine meets Film Noir

  • Iris Cornwell
    Iris Cornwell

    Wow!! I’m a new rider and have been trying to figure out the best helmet for myself! Bravo I’m shocked! Thank you for the beautiful video content and the valuable possibly life saving information! It shouldn’t be so hard to figure out who’s peddling snake oil and what’s really safe?

  • Jake Fouts
    Jake Fouts

    The 132 down votes come from Snell employees.

  • Gabriel España
    Gabriel España

    So how are helmets from companies like shoei and Arai, they’re snell rated instead of ECE

  • C L
    C L

    So all of us in America are screwed?

    • Anden Möwe
      Anden Möwe

      Just buy an ECE helmet, the "good" thing about DOT is that it is so shitty that any ECE helmet can pass it without the company having to make any modifications to it to make it legal in the states

  • Blake Ehret
    Blake Ehret

    still loving these informative shorts. keep it up!

  • T Hurney
    T Hurney

    I love the 50"s film noire feel to this video. Nicely done Ryan! Hard to accept that Snell and DOT can't change and adapt to better and more realistic standards that save their customers. I guess they really don't care about improving, but are hard headed and care more about making money.

  • Zahurul Al Mamun
    Zahurul Al Mamun

    Oh man! You’re becoming master blaster.

  • Smart Bikers
    Smart Bikers

    Add A helmet Interior and Exterior cleaner Compare Video

  • Genesis Germaniae
    Genesis Germaniae

    And the Oscar goes to... FortNine❗👍👍👍😁

  • Cat Collision
    Cat Collision

    New York Times is a marxist trash bin. lol..

  • Wil Edge
    Wil Edge

    You and your quality of production are impeccable please dont stop

  • John Midwest
    John Midwest

    I never knew this. I regret purchasing a Snell helmet now :(

  • Anthony Cisneros
    Anthony Cisneros

    ah yes, few things are more American than resisting the changing times and finding ways to skirt by instead of doing the actual work to improve

  • robbynelson3

    Now if we could get F9 to do this kind of work on pharmaceutical companies!

  • Elmaz Okicic
    Elmaz Okicic

    Making education fun. good job!

  • David Sørensen
    David Sørensen

    Fun fact: snell means fast in german

  • MOTO 809
    MOTO 809

    Thank you for this. I grew up with the notion that Snell was tip top, and never questioned why. I'll be passing this along to my piers.

  • M L.
    M L.

    Snells fishy.

  • Shwiru Fine Art
    Shwiru Fine Art

    Fantastic! Thank you!

  • News Redial
    News Redial

    There has to be some kind of regulation or by law of a non profit, certification or regulatory organisation so that if the problem gets solved, or their service becomes redundant, then those running for an working for the organization are 'encouraged' to let go of the power and wealth they derive from being the high priests. After all, we have to expect that, human nature being what it is, people will be tempted to do all sorts of ethical gymnastics to keep what they have. We should consider it a given that these people have the service they do for us as their 'second' priority and the service they do for themselves as the first. And when one has to be compromised, it ain't gonna be the first. We shouldn't even be angry about that reality, we should just accept that it is going to be a reality and structure things to take it into account.

  • W.D. Callahan
    W.D. Callahan

    I need you to tell me what to buy. I don't need you to tell me what not to buy. PLEASE JUST TELL ME WHICH HELMET TO GET!

  • space potato
    space potato


  • nicky lim
    nicky lim

    If Snell's standard is now bad, I can't wait to see Ryan tear my country's helmet standards a few new ones. (and I truly wish if Ryan sees this, to do it as Savagely as he can. At least far more worst then DOT) At least Snell and DOT shows their requirements to pass their test. My country standards don't even show you what is the passing criteria, just that it involves some impact and puncture test. And they force all suppliers here to send a batch of each shipment coming in to have this destructive test done out of their own pocket if I understand it correctly before it can sold in stores. Said standard is Singapore's PSB SS9:2014. Can hardly find the limit on what values they deemed as safe. Local news website CNA says the test involves "one drop test on the front, back and side of the helmet, a penetration test using a sharp object falling on the helmet, and a chin strap test using a weight pulling on the strap." What I managed to find with regards to SS9:2014 also don't show the test requirements as well. Just impact here and there, no puncture, etc. Basically repeating what the news article says. At least Snell test the helmet by bashing it twice at the same point, and what the limits are. SS9 only does it once, and don't tell you what is the limit. (or if it's out there, its hard AF to find)

  • [..Miles..]

    Snell sales dept: So you have chosen death

  • [..Miles..]

    Stay classy

  • Ockky

    MIPS gang where we at?

  • James O'Donnell
    James O'Donnell

    Can we go back to riding bikes? I mean, it's exciting to see chin strap fasteners tested beyond their limit, the science has value, but the husqvarna video made me leak a wee bit.

  • Charles Russell
    Charles Russell

    Literally the highest quality shit on FIbill.

  • Critastic

    2:59 I crashed that exact way a week ago, dislocated shoulder and some pretty heavy bruising, I also hit my head pretty damn hard, my rf1200 probably saved my life…

  • Niz

    Could you site your sources for me? This information seems wildly inaccurate and misleading. I’d like to be proven wrong. But doesn’t snell do roll off tests? Penetration tests? Chin bar impact tests? Chin strap, shield retention, and flame tests? That is all taken directly from their website.

  • Mochi Meerkat
    Mochi Meerkat

    Good that my country here only allows ECE approved helmets and no Snell ones, makes it easier to buy a helmet without constantly checking what standard it is ^^

    • Anden Möwe
      Anden Möwe

      Yeah it's so hard to turn a helmet around and check what sticker it has, takes a whole 5 seconds, such a time saver

  • James Wilmoth
    James Wilmoth

    I didn't want to watch this video because I knew you would provide factual evidence why my ignorant faith in my beautiful Snell helmet is misplaced. And I was right! But truly a bitter truth is better than a sugarcoated lie. Thank you!

  • A Fine And Pleasant Misery
    A Fine And Pleasant Misery

    I don't have a motorcycle but yet I have watched every on of your videos. some of the best content on FIbill.

  • zam 40
    zam 40

    RIP snell

  • Poul Eichel
    Poul Eichel

    "what is the point of a double standart" :-)

  • James Stone
    James Stone

    Both sides of the Pond’s Engineers need to go back to the drawing board for a more survivable standard!!!!

  • James Stone
    James Stone

    Can’t a helmet have an outer shell toughness standard while allowing an euro compliance within the shell to a person’s head???????

  • Easy Rider Greg
    Easy Rider Greg

    So a helmet isn't much better than no helmet. Just hot boxes on our heads making companies rich and us uncomfortable.

  • zeaol

    self-preservation is any institutions first and most important goal.

  • Ben Knight
    Ben Knight

    well shit, thats 200 down the drain...

  • None Ya
    None Ya

    That's just dirty of Snell. That certification should be pulled off from motorcycle helmets world wide. Sounds like they make a great race car helmet. The certification should stick to what it's good at. Then again who would trust them after knowing this.

  • Kyle Rollins
    Kyle Rollins

    I just look for the dot. That's how you know the sentence is over

    • Kyle Rollins
      Kyle Rollins


  • Skoll _
    Skoll _

    The Wall era touch to this is just a sublime choice guys. Thanks again for “another one!” The quickest subscribe click I’ve ever done.

  • Eddie 1760
    Eddie 1760

    My scorpion helmet is snell and dot approved

  • John Conant
    John Conant

    Lots of goo

  • colby rodgers
    colby rodgers

    Every single rider should watch this guys channel. Lol I would love to be in the meeting when Snell official discuss this video

  • The Peripatetic Accrescent
    The Peripatetic Accrescent

    Can you please make a video on which is the best helmet rating: • ISI - Indian Standards Institute • CRASH - Australia, Consumer rating & assesment of saftey helmet • DOT - America, department of transportation • ECE22.05 - Europe, economic commission for Europe • SHARP - UK, saftey helmet assessment & rating programme • SNELL - International, Willian pete Snell, 1956 • FIM - International, Fédération Internationale de Motocyclisme Because I'm now confused, I thought SNELL was the ideal rating for people riding on roads and FIM for racers.... (´-﹏-`;)

  • Emil Mauritzson
    Emil Mauritzson

    Such epic videos

  • adrianvg2008

    Yupp, kinda' confirmed what I've thought myself for a while. While the current ECE-regulation in Europe works, it could do better, but it's still better in itself that DOT/Snell... Thanks@Fortnine for bringing this into the light!

  • Peter James
    Peter James

    Thank you Ryan.

  • Levi w
    Levi w

    This is why I buy ECE. Best channel on FIbill by the way

  • jarod findley
    jarod findley

    All the 125 snell supporters who dislike the video

  • K Kampy
    K Kampy

    I've been saying the same thing about football helmets. They need to soften the outside so they absorb the impact instead of transmitting it to the head. And finally, none of this matters of your state doesn't require a helmet and you don't wear one.

  • Tom N
    Tom N

    What a great video. Keep up the good work.

  • Sammed Pandharkar
    Sammed Pandharkar

    They could have been better off creating separate Snell-Car and Snell-Bike standards but no, Americans love to hit their heads against a wall... TWICE!

  • Mark Reynolds-Corden
    Mark Reynolds-Corden

    This is truly exceptional. The content, the style, the cinematography. 👏🏼👏🏼👏🏼

  • miketheace64

    glad i bought an ece helmet

  • Neil N
    Neil N

    Looks like Snell should just go back to insuring racecar helmets. I don't trust Snell anyways.

  • Ryan

    Thank you for your nationalistic stereotypes of American and French testers. Though I know French men do not actually run around in striped shirts and berets, I still like to think so. Wee wee!!

  • Evan M
    Evan M

    Just found this channel after seeing the “How Harley Killed Itself” vid; and I love everything so far. Production is top-notch, presenter is great, info is interesting and informative. Most disturbing image so far: the black-and-white peach hitting the counter😥

  • lord BePsi
    lord BePsi

    it would be pretty interesting if you did Saddles because after watching this I was kinda wondering.

  • Utoobia

    Here I am watching a comparison between Snell and ECE helmets when I can only wear DOT approved helmets due to my big head. Manufacturer can't seem to make larger helmets that are approved by Snell or ECE.

  • TheGinnnnnnger

    Good to know, thanks for the heads up!

  • H M Bhat
    H M Bhat

    Indian officials watching this: "Phew, we have ISI helmets. And all others are banned" 😑🙄

  • Bradley Aluminium
    Bradley Aluminium

    How did you get that beautiful paper texture effect at 2:45? 🤩

  • Conner Gunnoe
    Conner Gunnoe

    I’m glad I watched this video and you are exactly correct Ryan! I just finished the riding academy at our local Harley Davidson and in the class they gave us a little Snell flyer that basically showed a graphic putting Snell’s standard way up and above what the ECE standard is. So Snell is still trying to trash on the European standards to keep those helmets out of our market here in the US and they’re doing it by targeting the least informed crowd of riders out there. Newbies like myself! I will be looking for an ece helmet for sure. Thanks for the great content!

  • Prof.

    if you want safe helmet buy: 1. FIM standard or 2. ECE R22.06


    Malayali machane mare comment 👇

  • Rraj Chatterjii
    Rraj Chatterjii

    Mind blowing! Great analysis !

  • Jake D
    Jake D

    Great work yet again.

  • Brody Steel
    Brody Steel

    So what about helmets that have them all? My Arai has ECE, SNELL, DOT and the Australian standard…….?

  • Thiccboi Chungo
    Thiccboi Chungo

    So should I throw out my RF SR and tell my sister to trash her Defiant X?

  • Working Guy
    Working Guy


  • James Daple
    James Daple

    Incredible journalism!!! I hope you guys have loads of awards!!! for Excellence!!!

    • Anogoya Dagaati
      Anogoya Dagaati

      Thank you for pointing out the real crucial value of this video - the journalism, sure the editing is top-notch but what Fort-9 has done is really draw attention to the politics of motorcycle helmets. Sure hope we don't miss this, as we congratulate the videography. Again the adage proves true - do anything well enough and you end up in philosophy[at least in ontology]

  • Joshua Plantan
    Joshua Plantan

    So...don't buy Snell, buy ece, got it.

  • Stephen Mitchum
    Stephen Mitchum

    You shouldn’t be leery of any American entity that claims to be non profit.

  • Mark Grandstaff
    Mark Grandstaff

    Thanks Ryan for keeping us up to date on this. My Shoei X2 Hornet (dual sport) is Snell 2015 and DOT rated? I have always used helmets with a Snell rating. Along time ago a friend in who raced Karts recommended Snell and I stuck with it. Some of your earlier videos seemed to place value on the Snell rating especially compared with the DOT rating.. I tried to check Arai XD4, but could not find their rating. So since I already have a 3 year old Shoei, I will stick with it until time to replace. By then maybe the Snell/ECE mess will be sorted.

  • MotoAlex

    I can never tell if he is talking trash or praising on a product 🤣😂

  • Chris Jones
    Chris Jones

    Unfortunately this published after I bought my first helmet. Which was expensive as hell and is, of course DOT and Snell certified but not ECE.

  • 16-Bit Bernie
    16-Bit Bernie

    Glad I saw this I won’t be buying a snell helmet.

  • Quill Maurer
    Quill Maurer

    When choosing my helmet I went ECE all the way, no interest in Snell and know DOT means literally nothing. The sense I'd gotten was that Snell made more sense on the track, while ECE was more holistically focused for a street rider. This seems even a step further, that Snell wasn't even intended for motorcycles at all, but is designed around race cars. So why not just admit that, say ECE is what you want on a bike and Snell is what you want in a car? I guess they don't want to say that, as far more helmets are sold for motorcycling than for race car driving. This "double standard" without clarification of which it is makes it worse yet, as now even race car drivers who want the Snell standard - for what it was intended to be - won't know which are designed for that purpose. Sounds like a case of them sacrificing their entire purpose for existence in order to remain in existence. And, worse yet, they'll probably succeed, as only a few people will know this. Until F9 made this video, which is probably the worst thing to happen to them - Ryan better watch his back.


    Snells like sh..... as we say in Europe ;-)

  • 2 woofs
    2 woofs

    So where does DOT fit in

    • Anden Möwe
      Anden Möwe

      they have a whole video on it.

  • Cube3