This Tire Plug Can Kill You - How to Best Fix a Flat
We don’t usually do plugs but we’re making an exception here. Here are four of the best puncture repair solutions on the market.

Rope Plug Tire Repair Kit :
Mushroom Plug Tire Repair Kit :
Dynaplug “Spear Plug” Repair Kit :
Tire Plug Patches :

Mini Tire Inflator :
4 Ways to Inflate a Tire Without a Pump:

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  • Barrero

    i put a bacon strip on my front tire, forgot about it, and hit 140mph constantly no problem lol

  • Zach Warren
    Zach Warren

    I've had excellent success with the rope plug except I always burn the excess and let it melt down to the tire.

  • Matt Knight
    Matt Knight

    To much off topic talk..get too point

  • J P
    J P

    You should test the repair screw so simple to use and not very expensive

  • deffy750

    Riding for 35 years.. always used rope plugs.. sometimes I even forget that I had put them on when I changed my tire..

  • Xero Punt
    Xero Punt

    Don’t have time Mark Twainisms, which can kill?


    Hello everyone, quick answer why they want you to get interenal patch is, by removing tire from the rim mechanic can check if the tire is damaged. Some people drive on flat tire without knowing and inside of the tire is worn enough to cause someone's funeral

  • Rory Patoka
    Rory Patoka

    Hey just moved up to mtl from the states. I'm trying to bring my drz-400 up, any tips on riding/storing a bike for winter up here? Thanks, great video.

  • Shop Tested!
    Shop Tested!

    Worst video yet. This behind the scenes technique doesn’t work well. Please, for the love of god shoot your normal videos. Thanks, I do appreciate the info that you give. I buy products that you endorse, but come on.

  • hippyhay1

    Debbie Downer here. If you work in a motorcycle shop, I suggest you visit the websites of the major motorcycle tire manufacturers and read their tire repair policies. Those manufactures who allow tubeless tire repairs say that the speed rating of a repaired tire is reduced to 130 kph. So your V rated tire is now an M rated tire. Do you really want your customer riding his sport bike on an M rated tire? If the repair fails, you'll likely be sued. I know that many motorcycle owners have had great success with the rope repairs. What you do to your own bike is your own business. But from a liability point of view, most professional service shops refuse to repair damaged tubeless tires. In my own personal experience (over 40 years in the trade), I've polled motorcycle mechanic students for several years, and I can't remember a single one that said they repaired tubeless tires at their dealerships. Also, in Alberta, a repaired tire is a "fail" on an Out-Of-Province inspection. " Fairly warned, be thee, says I."

  • Cool Videos
    Cool Videos

    Squarespace for people that need a safespace.

  • mickd6942

    First video of yours I’ve ever watched , I can see why you have so many subscribers, excellent and informative

  • sanscorp

    Isn't the mushroom supposed to be vulcanized to?

  • redroyandeb

    Rope plugs have been around as long as tyres have had air in them, and they work, if it’s not broke it don’t need fixing.

  • Tayler L
    Tayler L

    "Jesus only had 12," made me lose my tea. 10/10

  • bikeraaron _
    bikeraaron _

    So did Revzilla use some of F9’s footage? Lol

  • Anden Möwe
    Anden Möwe

    Am I right to assume all of these plugs are only effective with tubless tires?

  • Tk3997

    Of note is that assuming they used the same process on the full tire as the small example shown earlier the internal patch isn't even actually installed correctly here. The surface isn't ground to remove the raised mold release and roughed up to better take the cement and it doesn't have rubberized sealer applied over it. So basically even when applied incorrectly it's STILL approaching four times as strong as the best of the plugs. Yeah. There's a reason it's considered the standard.

  • Jesse S.
    Jesse S.

    the brown fat strings are the good boys

  • La révolution française
    La révolution française

    some of this plug work better when get heat you need too ride it, and i use good stisky rope never have problem

  • Eurograv Mb
    Eurograv Mb

    chciałbyś zostać czarnym dup...em

  • Erich Callahan
    Erich Callahan

    You're test on the mushroom plug seems very anecdotal. That plug is designed to seal on the outside and retain itself inside the tire. The push rod on the force gauge is the same size as the shank/ hole which will flex the seal of the mushroom cap and dislodge it. Curious how it would test pushing the other way though (inside out). 🤔

    • Anden Möwe
      Anden Möwe

      That would no longer make it a "roadside repair" as you would have to unmount the wheel, and then separate the tire from the rim to be able to pull the stem from the opposite face to press the underside of the mushroom to the rubber, at which point you might as well just use the internal patch which is a million times stronger. So still overpriced crap.

  • Teague

    "I'm pregnant and this is my last video", had me laughing hard

  • gabriel carneiro
    gabriel carneiro

    Love the video. Your HE! gave away your Canadian background eh! Cheers.

  • Barbara Rodriguez
    Barbara Rodriguez

    I loved the rope plug. i put one in my van and drove from reno to Los Angeles and back.

  • 习近平

    On the package of the rope plugs, it does say it is for temporary only, you need to get a professional shop to get it repaired as soon as possible

  • MementoMori2070

    6:40 Good Lord it's hideous.....yet amazing at the same time wow

  • arthurneddysmith

    So you're saying that with a large supply of rope plugs, whenever my tyre goes bald I can just replace the grip with the plugs. Thank you. Any lawsuit that results will come your way.

  • Raiden_Fn

    I remember my dad telling me that he put 5 rope plugs in to seal the hole he said he ran the tire till it was bald rope plugs are tried true

  • jne232

    Agreed. I've used rope types for years, across all sorts of tires, motorcycle, car, atv. Never had any issues after the first install. Never seem to leak and they last the rest of the life of the tire too.

  • John Langdon
    John Langdon

    Plugged 2 nail holes with the Dynaplug on a 2020 H-D road glide. Both failed by the plug going inside the tire. So i replugged them, with the same results. They will not hold up riding at interstate speeds in hot weather. Never had a rope plug fail.

  • Rexford L
    Rexford L

    I used a rope plug on the OEM tire on a C5 Corvette. In 1999 replacement costs for just the rear tire alone was 650 dollars (Goodyear Eagle F1 run flat), so I plugged the tire and drove it another 10k miles before I put new rubber on it!

  • chipper442

    “Jesus only had twelve you know”. GOLD. Rope plugs for the win.


    Good video, but unwanted exaggerated acting

  • K Rabha
    K Rabha

    Expensive isn't always the best.

  • stackfl0w

    Sometimes there's just no need to complicate or reinvent what's already time-proven. If it ain't broke...

  • Chris Carr
    Chris Carr

    Used rope plugs for 15 years never had one fail

  • fhhsvnggbh

    i hate on road motorbike riders, but you sir are awesome. Subscribed. I also use rope plugs in my cars work really well.

  • Ricardo Hilliger
    Ricardo Hilliger

    So in germany we have only 2 types of plug the one you showed first the rope plug and the last plug you showed (in Germany this is called Mushroom Plug cause if you turn it 180 dagree it looks like a Mushroom)

  • John Eastman
    John Eastman

    Secondarily…. Very nice to see the convoluted process & meet your other half .

  • chrisfs150

    Jesus only had 12 Omg im dying, well like jesus did for our pleasure

  • Yyello

    I'm so happy I'm watching all these videos so I can buy a clapped gixxer and practically no gear

  • Blade Runner
    Blade Runner

    What about fix a flat spray

  • Fachpersonal

    I feel like I got dumber just by skipping through this mess of a video. Imma cry now.

  • Peter Murray
    Peter Murray

    This has to be the dumbest review of tire repair ever. Patches, with or without a plug seal the inner butyl liner. Rope seals, while sealing the outer tread, allowing air to get under the butyl liner which causes separations. Separations are BAD. It's OK to use a rope seal on a lawn tire, but I will only ever use an inner patch or plug-patch.

  • Richard Cassidy
    Richard Cassidy

    For a split second I almost skipped this thinking it was a cheesy mini-documentary! Technical question: how did you secure each puncture hole after the pressure test, to ensure the pressure reading for each was fair?

  • Zack Sixtysix
    Zack Sixtysix

    Rope plugs are WIN. Any mech that wants u to replace your tires instead of using the plugs are ripping u off..

  • Paul Janssen
    Paul Janssen

    The best way to fix a tire is what situation you're in at the time if you're on the side of the road use a tire plug in something to air up the tire at a professional tire shop then use the tire plug course you could buy for set of tires they will love you for that

  • Zehnuss

    Rope plugs ftw

  • PeePee2000

    yep...popped the rear tires on my a pickup truck I used to have, fix it with rope plug, hook up 5000lbs to it 3 weeks later and then proceed to drive 700 miles

  • Chris Walker
    Chris Walker

    Been driving since I was 16. First time I've heard of rope plugs. You really do learn something new everyday... Definitely gonna get a set!

  • shawn619822

    Great format, We used mushroom plugs on our tractors at work and they always failed, I used rope plugs on my quad tires and had like 50 in them, still held great.

  • Smart Bikers
    Smart Bikers

    Best use Tyre gel🤣

  • Sandzh

    He did the string and the patch incorrectly.

  • Jamie Smith
    Jamie Smith

    Agreed Vulcanising strips for the win 👍🏽I use them. Have also used them on 40tonne bell dump trucks never any issues driving across some of the roughest terrain 😁 fully laden

  • MistrDamige

    I was a motorcycle courier; spent upwards of 8 hours every workday on the road, upwards of 100km per day (city riding, you don't go far, even on a motorcycle). I regularly got punctures, regularly plugged them with rope plugs and *never* had a problem with them. They just work.

  • sami

    you yanks love to go on and on and on could have done this video in 2 minutes them people might watch it all the extra chatting shit is not needed

  • Sean Bradford
    Sean Bradford

    I had a flat and fixed with a rope plug. Took it to my tire shop because they were still under warranty and the tech said I voided my warranty by using the plug :-/

  • Lean Official
    Lean Official

    I actually wouldn’t mind watching more types of videos like this one 👌🏽👌🏽

  • Walter Eisenbeis
    Walter Eisenbeis

    I've used the mushroom plugs and rode 2,000 kms on a repair and never lost any air. I concede that these plugs on a GS type bike, where the pounding of a tire on off road conditiuons might be an issue, is "valid." On a street bike, I don't buy it.

  • Yolo F. Swaggins
    Yolo F. Swaggins

    Your delivery is so dry I love it

  • Stephen Harriau
    Stephen Harriau

    When riding with a plug/plugs; if you get another puncture, previous plugs will push through the carcass. Be prepared.

  • Frank Miller
    Frank Miller

    Guys, just get up to speed and ride home on the flat... done! I rode right to the bike shop, should have seen their eyes when they realized I did that LOL 1972 Honda 750 Front tire 45 miles really good Dunlop heavy side wall.

  • Mark Fisher
    Mark Fisher

    I watched many of your FortNine videos before this one (and before 1M (now 1.25M) subscribers). Fell on this one today because I had a screw in my rear (only 1600 mile) tire. At least two riders were steering me to the mushroom plugs. Now, although I don't totally agree with your testing method (direct small rod pressure) as being fair, I did go out an buy and plug my tire with the old rope and rubber cement kit. (Glad I chose that, as the screw/hole was at a pretty good angle into the tire -- mushroom plug, I would guess, is only good closer to 90 degree hole.)

  • Anthony Jordan
    Anthony Jordan

    The only way to ensure tyre is safe to be put back into service is to.... Always Dismount the Tyre and Inspect the Inside....Period!!!👍

  • Josh Dennis
    Josh Dennis

    Looks like I'm tossing my mushroom kit. I got it 8 years ago and haven't needed it fortunately. I guess back to basics with emergency kit.

  • Gee Whizz
    Gee Whizz

    Going to Canadian Tire tomorrow to pick up a road/string/bacon strip kit tomorrow - great video! Oh, and a mini compressor, just in case!

  • Synic08

    Seriously... this channels delivery is like, satisfying... this whole video was great though.... Would have been nice to know how much poke force it took to puncture the original tire.. the “proper” plug may have been stronger...

  • Chris W
    Chris W

    Mr.beast would probably plug his tire with those aqua dot things.

  • Creepy Chris
    Creepy Chris

    i would have clicked sooner if the title was im pregnant and this is my last video

  • William

    As a mechanic, Rope plugs all day, every day. Saves soooo much time and is just as good imo.

  • WelcomeToLife BetweenPandemics
    WelcomeToLife BetweenPandemics

    6 mins of bullshit, 3 mins of info.

  • Marcel Demir
    Marcel Demir

    I now carry ropeplugs in my car

  • Brennan Antunell
    Brennan Antunell

    I worked as a vw/Audi dealer express tech for a while in the past, and I’ve probably installed 1000s of those internal patches. We would mark the tire position relative to the valve core on the rim (so u don’t have to rebalance), dismount the tire, drill the puncture to be larger, grind/sand the internal surface surrounding the puncture, apply a thin layer of rubber cement to the inside of the tire where u just grinded, insert the plug, pull it through the backside tight with pliers, and while holding it tight you’d cut off the excess so it sits flush with the outside tread level. Then we’d use a roller to roll on the patch from the inside, and to ensure the cement has bonded and there are no bubbles. Lastly, we’d apply a layer of this black tire sealant over the whole patch on the inside. Then the tire was remounted to the rim, inflated to spec, and torqued back onto the car. I’ve seen the craziest things puncture tires, but I’ve never seen one of those patches fail.

  • Brian Olsen
    Brian Olsen

    I got a nealey mini kit to put in my bike, My wife likes going out of her way to always find nails and screws to fit in the right rear tire of the mini van. Last time a couple of years ago I pulled out the kit instead of going to a local tire shop. I patched it in place and the patch has held up marvelously since then. ~14usd for the kit (10 repairs) and less mess.

  • L H
    L H

    Your face and the way you're talking are creeping me out

  • L H
    L H

    Where are your teeth?

  • Twas ever Thus!!
    Twas ever Thus!!

    My nickname is dynaplug!

  • sigberetta72

    Had screw in a rear tire of a Buell. I plugged it and it threw it out on the way home. I then had to double plug it until I got a new tire. I always was told to never use it as a permanent fix… probably to make us buy new tire!

  • madsNtay

    Funny how a motercycle you tuber is one of the best actors I know. Seriously if FIbill had an oscars award this man would get it every year 👌🏽

  • pmay222

    ive used self tapper screws to plug holes in emergency, but dont leave them in too long they can come out on a motorway ride on a warm day..... the rope string plugs are superb ive used them soo many times but i WONT ever leave one in on a front tyre.... so easy to carry under seat on any bike

  • michael sorrentino
    michael sorrentino

    my fuckin ears hurt now !!!!!

  • markpwebb

    DUDE! I bought my mushroom plug kit based on your recommendation (and link) from another one of your videos! Not cool!

  • J. Link VII
    J. Link VII

    Why not hire a Canadian? You're antiWhite I guess.

  • Terry Mair
    Terry Mair

    I actually like the mushroom plugs. But I have a different kit than that one

  • 马克施

    I think you got the rope plug done incorrect. You are suppose to push it all the way in and then pull it out again before cutting the excess. This will ensure maximium length allowable tuck inside the tire. The two split end of the rope plug is suppose to be inside. As a matter of fact, you dont even need to coat it with glue because they are already coated with some kind of adhesive. However, rope plug will be a temporary solution to the workshop if the nail hit the side of your tire. Due to the pressure distribution, the rope plug will only slow the leak but not stop it for any side puncture. I think it is more meaningful to do a plug test for side puncture to determine which last better.

  • Aron Bechiom
    Aron Bechiom

    mushroom plugs FKN SUCK !.... The first plug..."traditional plug" is the best... been using them for 40+ years. Never had a failure or leak from the sticky plug.

  • Will Speakman
    Will Speakman

    Just a warning don't try to fix a puncture in the sidewall.

  • osgnuru

    I have been using rope plugs for many years, I also keep a set in every vehicle. I don't use the tube of glue.

  • Greg Preston
    Greg Preston

    Rope plug kit on ebay UK 5 plug strips .£2 UK delivery...good shit

  • Jason Clark
    Jason Clark

    Best thing to do is buy a new tyre

  • Johan Brits
    Johan Brits

    Just because of your Jesus comment, you've lost one of your Mil viewers....Don't Mock God.

  • Michael Hoot
    Michael Hoot

    Dude is barely inserting the rope plug in. Wtf? I always push it in leaving about 1/4 inch outside the tire

  • Free Thinker
    Free Thinker

    Lol, we put a rope plug in a tire on a drift car and went to the track a drifted on it all night and it never came out. I personally have no issue with using them.

  • sam'ool red
    sam'ool red

    Canadians: eh Australians: aye

  • Chris Fairfield
    Chris Fairfield

    Annoying AF

  • buzzz kill
    buzzz kill

    hey weird dude, what about the screw plug. phillips ?

  • buzzz kill
    buzzz kill

    total freek

  • David Spennachio
    David Spennachio

    rope plug Old School.

  • skunkhome

    I bought the dyna plug and it did not work in anything larger than a 3d nail hole.