Ventilation vs Safety - How to Choose Smarter Summer Motorcycle Gear
Riding in hot, stuffy riding gear is one of the worst aspects of motorcycling in the summer. There’s gotta be a better way...

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  • T

    Are "slash proof" t-shirts any good? If they'll protect you against a knife attack they should be ok for road rash.

  • denver mcgrady
    denver mcgrady

    Any recommendations or options regarding Knox urbane pro MK2, or their single layer Shield jeans? Thanks in advance

  • Jake Mustian
    Jake Mustian

    " they have all the abrasion resistance of a sausage cassing, and when you're the sausage, that's bad" that's classic lol

  • Max Rockatansky
    Max Rockatansky

    ive been riding shorts and tee for 25 years no problem. dont be a dummy and calculate everything. just recently started using icon airflite helmet and is perfect for south texas 100+ degree weather. a comfortable helmet is better than no helmet any day. also i started using soccer socks with shin guards to keep my legs from cooking on my r6’s radiating heat. pants bleed heat thru and you just can’t get that nice breeze to the family jewels . swamp ass is not a joke.

  • Timothy Caudill II
    Timothy Caudill II

    Squids gon squid and haters gon hate

  • Edward Pardy
    Edward Pardy

    So the bike on the wall behind Ryan. It looks awfully similar to my bike. What exactly is it and what year. PS I know the post is a year old lol.

  • Kyle Thornberry
    Kyle Thornberry

    Did u just borrow asses in the breezes from guns and roses?

  • Big Dog
    Big Dog

    squids are people too lol!

  • zungaloca

    Black color heat

  • Thomas Munson
    Thomas Munson

    I'm confused...You absolutely trashed the icon shirt in another video with the crash test. Why is it recommended here?

  • Manzoor and Sons
    Manzoor and Sons

    E-max fashion

  • AV System
    AV System

    Theblack mesh products shown have the worst possible color for summer riding. I use an armored ballistic nylon mesh two-piece riding suit that is mostly white during hot weather, of which there is plenty in the Four Corners Region of the U.S.

  • Dave Goldspink
    Dave Goldspink

    Great job Ryan it’s amazing how far riding gear has come and no doubt this presentation was only the tip of the iceberg.

  • Craig Harrison
    Craig Harrison

    I wish teaches at my school where like Fort 9

  • IRG

    Superb! Informative & Intelligently Entertaining!

  • jeff h
    jeff h

    I almost spit up my drink when he said plastic melting into your scrotum. lololol Damn good info though. Love these video's. He makes it really entertaining.

  • Snafu

    Your starting outfit in the video is literally dressed like 90% of the riders in Houston.

  • Doric Dave
    Doric Dave

    We’ve come a long way since this was made, the Knox Urbane Pro II is an exceptional mesh and protective jacket

  • Bradford Entringer
    Bradford Entringer

    This guy is HI larious! These are great informative and ENTERTAINING videos.

  • Adam Animal
    Adam Animal

    Get your finger of the F***ing trigger Ryan!

  • Martynas Šliažas
    Martynas Šliažas

    Quality stuff, but you look weird looking at you wearing it 😁

  • David W
    David W

    I will likely never own a motorcycle but I can't stop watching these videos

  • Nat Clark
    Nat Clark

    What a zed 87 ? 🇺🇸🦅

  • Aleximusprime

    "When you're the sausage, that's bad". Yeah, I think that's pretty much true in any situation!

  • A Babbit
    A Babbit

    The other option is to move to an area where it rarely gets hot in the summer. Elevation over 6,000 feet and have a second house where it rarely freezes in the winter.... Ride with ATGATT with your KGB buddies... Learn Russian before taking up the KGB buddies as friends. And don't be a squid and ride in the frozen area during the cold months and hot area during the hot months. It defeats having to pay for 2 houses....

  • Fred

    Squids gonna squid 💯

  • Alex Hattwick
    Alex Hattwick

    The ATGATT KGB, brilliant.

  • Josh Bascii
    Josh Bascii

    Squid to me is a fellow Navy veteran

  • Rafael Mazzeo
    Rafael Mazzeo

    My main problem with motorcycle summer gear is that none look cool. I usually just wear pants, boots and fullface helmet in a highway, maybe elbow pads and thats it

  • Tom Traynor
    Tom Traynor

    I'm thinking a pair of Bobsters + plainn old lightweight helmet beats the built in sun-shades? Am I right? better wind/bug sealing and a bit less fiddly/lighter helmet.

  • Franklin A
    Franklin A

    Is anyone going to mention the that lack of trigger control?

  • Joe Gee
    Joe Gee

    Trigger discipline lacking.

  • Clem George
    Clem George

    Squids are gonna Squid.

  • Robert Jennings
    Robert Jennings

    What do you guys think about the knox urbane pro mk2 riding shirt? I would really like a trusted opinion

  • Alex

    share more ways on how Canadian stay warm

  • Mohammed Thagafi
    Mohammed Thagafi

    If you're new here on this video.. check the following: -Knox urbane pro mk2 shirt (armored mesh with AA abrasion resistance) -John doe mono jeans (AAA single layer jeans with armor) I think these are the best out there as of the rime I'm writing this comment.

  • SoloPilot6

    Squids are ALMOST people. They just haven't been able to make that one last evolutionary step. Some of those who live long enough will, however.

  • Ron - Massa Acoustics
    Ron - Massa Acoustics

    'EU requisite utter lack of imagination" is spot on!

  • GravyLP

    6:14 i fucking love this guy

  • Joe Mama
    Joe Mama


    • Joe Mama
      Joe Mama

      Finally something I can wrap my head around!

  • rob kober
    rob kober

    Wait…what’s wrong w/ mesh?

  • electricianr 25
    electricianr 25

    Watch that trigger finger canuck

  • Eye of a Texan
    Eye of a Texan

    I want to ride a motorcycle, like two months out of the year, and even then, it's usually raining. Houston doesn't have an idyllic outdoors. We have a hell-scape with cheap Cost of Living and plenty of employers. I'm sweating inside my air conditioned office.... I'll get a motorcycle, when I'm retired in Poland, or somewhere else that's mountainous and cheaper even than here.

  • Mike Jarvis
    Mike Jarvis

    Hi Ryan, I recently got this ( ) which is all abrasion resistant and D3o'd up, although it might not have been available in July 2020 and might not be available over your side of the pond - I'm in the UK. It's fantastically well ventilated, really cool. I also got this ( ) about 4 years ago (although I've grown out of it now and being Italian, they don't do large British man sizes). Both are superbly ventilated . I have no affiliations with either product, just trying to share what I've found to be good.

  • Hardcore Camping Gear
    Hardcore Camping Gear

    You've got pro level editing skills. Very impressive. You talk like an Englishman, though. ;)

  • Ok Ok
    Ok Ok

    "options that can fit over glasses" literally life-changing technology right there

  • peepoPog Wow
    peepoPog Wow

    If it's summer, and you choose full gear over some ventilation, you're clearly not at all confident in your ability to ride, and would rather risk having a heat stroke. "If you're less of a geek..." *grabs goggles

  • Motonic

    Squids gotta squid.

  • James Dunn
    James Dunn

    Ryan you are the man!!! Hands down the best biker videos with the coolest delivery. Keep them coming. Cheers

  • kimnor Jaxon
    kimnor Jaxon

    REALLY Love your vids, they’re awesome. Q., I’m wanting to hang one of my bikes as wall art, what brackets did you use to hang yours?

  • FarWestBikes


  • Donald S 🏍️
    Donald S 🏍️

    5:16 I know it's probably Airsoft but still GET YOUR FUCKING FINGER OFF THE GOD-DAMN TRIGGER

  • Steve Tan CH
    Steve Tan CH

    Compare this to Knox Urbane Pro MK2? Which is cooler at at least 32 degree Celsius and 80% humidity?

  • 155mustang

    Love the videos, but good God man put the magazine in the gun the right way!

  • Latitude

    I got recommended this just in time for summer.

  • Richard Delinsky
    Richard Delinsky

    I see dudes riding around the neighborhoods near where I work wearing Nikes and a swimsuit on their way down to the lake.

  • Kyle Beam
    Kyle Beam

    You lost me with the horrible trigger discipline

  • DeFran Lucas
    DeFran Lucas

    Vids are great but I'd never wear 300$ pants

  • james pyle
    james pyle

    But what about gloves?

  • King Ayra
    King Ayra

    You probably have some of the best videos on all of FIbill, your work is fantastic

  • educacionsentimental

    fucking great content! superb script! congrats

  • Rye Kuder
    Rye Kuder

    2:46 really got my, idk why but I just started laughing uncontrollably

  • Johannes Motorcycle Adventures
    Johannes Motorcycle Adventures

    Imagine how much shitty protective gear there is out there, making the wearer falsely believe he is protected.

  • Pedro Pinheiro Augusto
    Pedro Pinheiro Augusto

    "Settle down."

  • kawi lifezx10r
    kawi lifezx10r

    Put here in Phoenix it hot 110 a day normally in the summer up to 118. There's morning at 6am it's 90 degrees already.

  • Idrissa Morehouse
    Idrissa Morehouse

    This vid is Kinda like what if Rod Serling had a kid who was into motorcycle riding

  • Jordan

    Do the pan America

  • Zerg Burger
    Zerg Burger

    I live in thailand with a zx-25r and holy christ i sweat like a doggy

  • Sadnehs

    6:13 ...... runescape?

  • MyName DoesntMatter
    MyName DoesntMatter

    The best ventilation of all, of course, is going fast :P

  • Biker_kia

    5:17 trigger discipline please!!!! HAHAHAHA

  • T Silva
    T Silva

    unroll the sleeves please. haha you should be directing movies/ you are good. laugh my butt off everytime.

  • F4RD4D0 PFAL762
    F4RD4D0 PFAL762

    Psicólogo: Felipe neto motoqueiro não existe, ele não pode te machucar Felipe neto motoqueiro:

  • Chris Splendoria
    Chris Splendoria

    trigger discipline level 0.0

  • Unlucky Eddy
    Unlucky Eddy

    I just wish you had your booger hook off the bang switch...

  • farid elfadani
    farid elfadani

    Its normal to have 40 degree Celsius in Indonesia, and most of our rider rather sacrifice their skin if accidents happen, and die from heat, luckily our traffic jam are very bad so we only got 30km per hour on average

  • DG

    Finger off that trigger bud!

  • gully.foyle

    What are your thoughts on single-layer jeans? Does it warrant a full review - there seem to many choices lately...

  • Jonathan Pettersson
    Jonathan Pettersson

    What do you mean by: If a squid gonna squid they do so ........? 6:26

  • Diogo Franco
    Diogo Franco

    Hey Ryan! Amazing videos. I was wondering: my dad (old time rider) says that nothing beats leather clothes because they'll always keep your bones in place (or the best among the options). What would you do if you want to have both crashing protection and skidding?

  • MrBudge72

    I'm a little confused. You've featured the Icon Mesh AF on at least two videos now, and I still can't tell if you recommend it. Sometimes sarcasm eludes me. I bought one today because I thought you recommended it another video.

  • Mara Thuzula
    Mara Thuzula

    Holy Trigger Control Batman, get that finger off that trigger

  • HarryPrimate

    I saw a fellow taking a road trip on his Gold Wing a few summers ago. He was clad in shorts, possibly swim trunks, and flip flops and no shirt. All I could do was wish him luck as he got on the interstate and headed south.

  • Norse Demon
    Norse Demon

    If i see a Z87 sticker i aint buying it. OSHA pounded this shit into my head, if its rated Z87 or better itll be marked as such on the damn frame, as part of the plastic or etched in the metal arms.

  • Windmenkar R
    Windmenkar R

    if you look closely you can see the square of the original animation

  • AnA

    I wish he did something like that for a women. I am a beginner and sometimes a get lost with so many options.

  • Heroprime

    When you choose the gear with the best stats but it doesn't come from the same set 6:33

  • Yo Boo
    Yo Boo

    The lesson today, wear any kind of protective gear. As a rider who has laid it down at 110mph and had the wire brush treatment at the ER, I can tell you... Anything, is better than nothing!

  • Rob Skully
    Rob Skully

    OMG ... you have my 1st bike hanging on your wall ! Suzuki TC-90 👍🏻👍🏻

  • Josh T
    Josh T

    Knox urban pro jacket and roadskin jeans. That's a better choice in the UK.

  • Gordon James Saya
    Gordon James Saya

    As a Canadian biker since 1969, to see humour in this industry, with out stimulants, is a breath of fresh air at 100 klms!! (safety 1st)

  • Whiskey

    well icon also has armored shorts

  • RB Smith
    RB Smith

    I promise you will NOT ride in the Deep Southeast of the US with any riding jacket in the summer. Not even mesh

  • Michael Finch
    Michael Finch

    Knox Urbane Pro. Best thing I’ve tried. I live in a scorching hot humid nightmare....

  • Farmer Nate
    Farmer Nate

    Im a squid because I want to get tan while riding. Sorry not sorry

  • amruthesh k
    amruthesh k

    Ends up looking like a lean ninja..

  • D

    Hotboxing an igloo is a lifegoal I never realized I'd have

  • Lucas’ Account
    Lucas’ Account

    You know what also passes Z87+? PIT VIPERS!

  • S leigh
    S leigh

    I love that millennial think that's baggy !!! They missed that whole 90s thing with huge janko jeans I guess..what he had were just regular fit maybe relaxed lol..who thought the 80s tight ass jeans would make a comebacks beyond me

  • Morten Flyvholm Iversen
    Morten Flyvholm Iversen

    Is it possible to use the Icon Field Armor Compression Shirt with a proper backprotector underneath/on-top?