Vintage CB360T vs Modern CB300R - Motorcycle Evolution Test
It's grandpa vs grandson this time. They might have 45 years between them, but they’re essentially the same motorcycle aimed at the same buyer. The real question is - have motorcycles gotten better or worse?

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Cinematographer & Editor : Aneesh Shivanekar

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  • Hamza Masood
    Hamza Masood

    This guy looks like QUENTIN TARANTINO from 1990s 🤣

  • selva kumar
    selva kumar

    Grandpa- Masculine and powerful Grandson-only look but weak inside

  • akhri vlog
    akhri vlog

    good info, love from pakistan

  • Michael Barbara robles
    Michael Barbara robles

    bro this is doug demuro's son

  • DJ Alixer
    DJ Alixer

    retro seats are more comfortable. I have tailbone pain and can ride only because retro seats are so much more comfortable

  • PookAcrylic

    My low-wage ass got a 2019 CB300R which actually performed admirably until I got sideswiped and she got totalled. No regrets on that little bike tho

  • Tracy Harlow-Cummings
    Tracy Harlow-Cummings

    Hi, Ryan. I have a mostly original '85 Rebel. She's gorgeous, and runs perfectly. I especially love all the chrome, including the beautiful Honda-stamped dual exhaust. ☺️ But I'm curious... Would you be willing to do a video about what safety or performance mods you'd make to G'pa's old bike to update it without fuc*ing with it's aesthetics? Merci, é Peace! ~THC

  • Edward Roberts
    Edward Roberts

    CB350 was a massive slug. No one wasted their money on one.

  • Edward Roberts
    Edward Roberts

    That speed was downhill.

  • Dr. Sunil Mulgund
    Dr. Sunil Mulgund

    Most underrated channel

  • Phoenix Arizona
    Phoenix Arizona

    Do a video Yamaha R3 vs Yamaha Rd350 I had a RD350 Fun little bike she's Would get down for a older bike

  • Ginger Ninger
    Ginger Ninger

    I'd take the old one tbh, but I might be biased riding around on an XS650 from 74, it doesn't turn, the frame scrapes on the ground, it's a bitch to start in the cold weather (Though I might have somewhat fixed that), and it's top comfortable speed is less than that 350 some how ( I think it's the hog wheel someone put on it), but damn does it have character. Also that solid front disc might not be as effective as a new one but holy shit it can still lift the back wheel off the ground if you jump on it hard enough

  • Praise The Sun
    Praise The Sun

    Praise your sky daddy for EFI, Unleaded, ABS, and brakes that work 🙏

  • Sambo Rambo
    Sambo Rambo

    I wish Honda would watch this. And Take notes. I mean style wise. Also bring back the kick start!!!!

  • Tim McLaughlin
    Tim McLaughlin

    Really enjoyed this well done video. You have a talent. I have a CB 74 360 Orange. I am thinking of selling it to get a newer bike like a Triumph T 100 or a Honda 500 X. This was a good perspective. I love this old bike but it is a lot of work to keep it going.

  • john schlesinger
    john schlesinger

    Also, back then, the price difference between a low capacity bike and a high one - within manufacturers' standard ranges, was far less than it is now.

  • Shalltear Phantom
    Shalltear Phantom

    People say old is better while putting thousands in a bike to get it roadworthy, and then spend half an hour trying to start it up while I'm long gone on my ride. I still have carbed bikes... But I look forward toward a fuel injected bike for my daily

  • Steve Hall
    Steve Hall

    Holy and unafraid of water... Just like Jesus. This video is a work of art.

  • Martialman.45

    Those bass lines, a younger rider with taste in music is on the endangered species list.

  • Joe Gelencser
    Joe Gelencser

    Awesome you're awesome

  • Raphael Granger
    Raphael Granger

    Your team or whoever does these videos should write movies. Always entertaining, informative and with just enough humor that you don't come across as a big fucking joke. P.S. What shoes are you wearing?

  • Mick Hoving
    Mick Hoving

    All 100% correct, yes bikes are getting faster and safer, but the question is why? What statistic is the most important to motorcycle manufacturers? Moving bikes off the floor in their showrooms or ensuring the safety of their riders?

  • Michael's Production's
    Michael's Production's

    Excellent video ha ha love it

  • Imaad

    GREAT video, as always. Just a small suggestion, if I may: Replace the the word "exponentially" with "quadratically" because there is a huge difference between the two and you clearly mean the latter when describing the effect the wheel diameter has on turning agility.

  • Santa Uxia
    Santa Uxia

    The pogo stick got me. Love your videos.

  • morty mortal
    morty mortal

    The music in this episode is gorgeous

  • sunrise enterprise
    sunrise enterprise

    Man that 360 though. What a gem.

  • Antu Chowdhury
    Antu Chowdhury

    You should compare it with cb 350 h'ness

  • Joel Alvares
    Joel Alvares

    The writer and the host deserve awards for these awesome vids..... Learn something new with every vid...🤟👍

  • J A
    J A

    Old bike looks so much better.

  • Wak

    god that cb360t just looks so good 3000k out the door id get one for the wife the kid my dog

  • Jason . Couture
    Jason . Couture

    I absolutely loved this vid.

  • Monel Funkawitz
    Monel Funkawitz

    The transistor controlled ignition module on my 87 Virago died last week. I cut it open and repaired it with parts from radio shack. Two hours later I got it back together and rode to the dealership to see how many more weeks its going to take to get warranty parts on my 2021 Kawasaki.

  • Deyvson Moutinho Caliman
    Deyvson Moutinho Caliman

    They are making laws in Brazil to make motorcycles safer, like obligatory disc breaks with electronic help, like ABS or CBS. It's basically making the prices become unreachable to a lot of people, in a country where people choose motorcycles because it's all they can afford. It's ridiculous that with the small motorcycles we have, it's mandatory to have expensive breaks much stronger than necessary to stop them, when drum breaks were always fine.

  • J. Chiari
    J. Chiari

    What's that wonderful song called?

  • Dan Burrell
    Dan Burrell

    I think this is more a testament to Honda build quality that Grandpas bikes is still eating up the miles.

  • Jxmi Official
    Jxmi Official

    I still trust the bike from 80s or 90s more than the computer powered rocket. Obv u should change suspension, brakes and lights

  • suomenpresidentti

    Compare these on a grabble road. You would have to pick up the new one from a ditch with those tyres. Srictly asphalt for new bike. Boring.

  • suomenpresidentti

    No wonder my monkey 125 turns easy...

  • Herwan Saputra
    Herwan Saputra

    I choose the grandfather 😍

  • Gm Kaiser
    Gm Kaiser

    Still getting the older bike cause it's robust and solid AF.

  • Evan Murphy
    Evan Murphy

    Beauties in the eye of the beholder grandpa‘s looking good

  • Andres Najera
    Andres Najera

    This video is just awesome, it's got it all artistic shots science explanation Impecable narration Economical analysis Man, bravo.

  • Antonhein

    6:28............. oh so very true - especially now.....

  • Michael Bloom
    Michael Bloom

    UJM's are just sexy as hell.

  • amroun mustafa
    amroun mustafa

    watched it countless time, getting better understanding at the content. excellent work. but still i do enjoy the song choice. just wonder who sang it

  • Janne Peltonen
    Janne Peltonen

    They aren't going to sell the stuff cheaper though... the stagnation in wages is mostly 'cause they need to line the pockets of the owners and CEOs...

  • Janne Peltonen
    Janne Peltonen

    I just *have* to nitpick - it's polynomially easier, not exponentially :D But a great video as always, thanks a lot!

  • Viktor Kelemen
    Viktor Kelemen

    Im still astounded by the quality of the script writing, shots, editing, creativity and information provided and showcased by your short films. All my hats off.

  • P H
    P H

    Agreed hands down the Cafe Racer is definitely cooler 🤘

  • Pops

    Grandpas pogo stick 🤣🤣🤣

  • Sebastian Otranto
    Sebastian Otranto

    -China, Hold my tea son...

  • carl r
    carl r

    i got the 300r its a nice bike on a budget

  • sjoormen1

    what about father's choice?

  • evilroyslade2491

    Brilliant and humorous

  • gld6000

    @5:44 sir, there is a Lion stalking you.

  • Frank Taylor
    Frank Taylor

    In the same condition. The old CB will increase in value and still be a kick to ride. The newer bike will obviously be worthless in a few years. Or mostly worthless. I bet that actual bike would sell for $4000-5000 today. Even at $3500 it's a better deal. From $900 to about $3500+, yep, it's a better deal. Also. You don't look like a twit riding the old CB.

  • 0Turbox

    I own the little cb 300 since 30 month. It's one of the best looking bikes, regardless the size. Ok, the orbital gun, aka exhaust, is a bit overdone.

  • Jente Postma
    Jente Postma

    The new bike looks cool, the old bike looks good

  • Mk Shffr
    Mk Shffr

    Well just looking at the thumbnail I would say the 360 looks like a motorcycle and the 300 looks like a transformers cartoon. I know which I would pick. :D

  • Gordon D'souza
    Gordon D'souza

    Is the answer Royal Enfield?

  • Jason Sturgill
    Jason Sturgill

    Great video! Thank you!

  • Joel Jr
    Joel Jr

    What about the 2nd gen CB300R?

  • ibanmayo2

    Sounds like a young Rod Serling.

  • seeingeyegod

    How much of the 60 or so lbs more the MT03 weighs compared to the CBR300 is attributable to the second cylinder? Kinda wishing it was a little lighter even though it's considered to be very light already.

  • Karl Fonner
    Karl Fonner

    Hey Sonny, why don’t you take some 000 steel wool and some mothers aluminum polish to them front forks and make it as shiny as that exhaust pipe?

  • Debojit Rabha
    Debojit Rabha

    Honda launched cb350 highness in India 👍

  • Michael Bergantzel
    Michael Bergantzel

    I agree with this so much. There is such a disconnect between what we (a majority segment of the market) NEED vs what we want. This is reflected in almost all vehicle sales today, so it is not surprising that it exists in the motorcycle world. to some degree, I think the moto industry is doing better in this regard than the car industry, you can at least buy the 300s, whereas in the car world, lower cost options are not nearly as plentiful and, dare I say, good looking. I've resorted to used cars for this reason. As long as people are able to easily finance their ways into a more expensive ride, there will never be incentive for industry to offer a cheaper model - market produces what the masses are willing to buy. It's pretty easy math, but sad for us who really do want cheaper, reasonable, and new options.

  • []Shin*Goose[]

    Motorcycle journalist equivalent of Sam Smith

  • 68404

    I was just reminded how much I hate jazz..

  • BootyfilesTV

    dont have a motorbike.. another F9 video checked off the list.

  • andrew oh
    andrew oh

    My recollection of the 360 Honda in the day was that the chrome was quickly eaten by salt on the road. The exposed fork stanchions were particularly prone to pitting and in many cases two years of winter riding left the seals weeping. (UK where we ride all year round).

  • Stevie D
    Stevie D

    Your knees will thank you for buying the classic!! You will also be very popular with classic bike lovers with the 360 and almost invisible to bikers on the 360B

  • Travel David
    Travel David

    Just bought a honda rebel from 1996. This thing will last longer than myself. Modern bikes are made for repair and service

  • John Doe
    John Doe

    Great video!!: My father had a 1976 Honda 360T, which was red. I wheelied it like crazy at age 16. Enjoyed the "play" on Rod Serling and his Twilight Zone.

  • Jacks Bob
    Jacks Bob

    Im a grandson but I like the retro bike. :) modern retro is not retro at all. :(

  • Joswin Noronha
    Joswin Noronha

    100/100 for this video and it's editing quality is on top notch

  • Dustin

    Great work. Loved it. Many laugh out loud moments

  • Eric T Huber
    Eric T Huber

    I'm 5 minutes in and I feel like there's a punch.. I like the older better; maybe that's because I've been watching Tokyo Revengers

  • RonnieTheFinBear

    Somebody at Honda must've been listening to you, Ryan, because later that same month they announced the updated CB350 for the India market at only about $2,500 USD. It looks fantastic, has some great features, and I am infinitely bummed I can't get one in the US!

    • Industrial Park
      Industrial Park

      The new 350 got a Japanese release. Holding out hope they release it in the US come 2022. It's the only thing keeping me from buying a tu250x.

  • Liberty4Ever

    My first bike was a 1975 Suzuki TS250. My last bike was a 2019 BMW G310GS. Gotta love the march of technology.

  • chinablue who
    chinablue who

    Vintage looks beautiful, new looks..EW

  • The Highland Photo Gallery
    The Highland Photo Gallery

    One of the best bike videos that I have found. It makes an excellent point about manufacturers producing bikes that would encourage the next generation of riders rather than keep producing bigger and more complicated bikes to an aging customer base.

  • T Hurney
    T Hurney

    That was the very bike that I first rode and trained on way back in 79! Someone took very good care of that classic! Another spot on video!

  • Dufus

    I had a 360 back then...well mannered adequate bike..

  • Joe Romano
    Joe Romano

    Had the same blue bike I did every thing but splitting the cases with basic tools a great amount of pride comes from wrenching on your own bike

  • Mo Toroil
    Mo Toroil

    you know sometimes people need to know what they lost to understand what they have. I liked the old motorcycles and have never had a fairing which I do not miss having never had one.

  • timsgta

    I'd be happy with either one...

  • andrew karr
    andrew karr

    I lost it when the warranty information said "Do not f**king touch it"

  • Graeme Whitelaw
    Graeme Whitelaw

    Nice watch as all your vids are. Keep at it. Gee.

  • Machinehead

    In 1975, the discerning Grampa bought an 850 Norton or a 900 Ducati.

  • Valerie Gagnon
    Valerie Gagnon

    Why is the Cb360t slower than the Cb350 Twin that is actually a little older?

  • Connor Jones
    Connor Jones

    I just bought a 1982 xj750 maxim as my first bike. I freaking love the thing. Bought it for 750$ non running, got it running in a weekend. About 1500$ in back maintenance in the next month or so and she’ll be golden (PO left old fuel in it for 4 years...) Best part is I can work on and fix every single thing on it by myself fairly easily. 82hp and about 50ft lbs sure seems like it’s more than I’ll ever need, but the top speed of 116 will help keep me from the sort of trouble modern sport bikes could get me in.

  • ktp

    I am studying engineering and this guy explains physics faster then anybody yet.

  • Sanjeevakumar Hiremath
    Sanjeevakumar Hiremath

    Holy & water. 😀

  • Joseph Sperato
    Joseph Sperato

    An excellent and very informative video. I started with an SL 350 Honda and grandpa is still riding today at 69.

  • DairyBastardGOW1

    Comments are good for the FIbill algorithm

  • Alexander Guest Historical
    Alexander Guest Historical

    CB300, Great bike - NOT AVAILABLE IN THE UK! Why the F*** won't they sell it here???

  • Ummf

    SO funny how you bending on those cafe's like a giant on a tiny horse

  • PingPongGod1

    Love the scenery!!!!