What is the Most Beautiful Motorcycle?
Ducati 996? Vincent Black Shadow? Suzuki Gladius? Booty might be in the eye of the beholder but it’s not all subjective either. We take a deep dive into motorcycle aesthetics.

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Cinematographer & Editor : Aneesh Shivanekar

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  • Bear

    A beautiful bike is like a beautiful woman.. she could be fat, fast, or oil bulimic, but its the most beautiful bitch that will break you.

  • The Irishman
    The Irishman

    Is there anybody really interested in the specifics!!

  • Alex Broque
    Alex Broque

    As a '22 FTR S owner, I appreciate the poetry of this video.

  • 47

    Tue final judgement is that everybody must have a motorcycle.

  • shayne obrien
    shayne obrien

    good looking bike. but the greatest looking motorcycle was the victory highball. fight me.

  • UnevenHeathen

    way too much cheap black plastic all over the place.

  • mr who
    mr who

    no bike can beat ktm 1290 superduke / the beast in terms of looks

  • Frank Taylor
    Frank Taylor

    It's ok. Give me the MV Agusta F4 . Leader in style. Even trumps the 916 and dare I say the RC30?

  • hman1975

    996 I have one - it is a thing of beauty

  • John Allred
    John Allred

    You almost never fail to surprise me. Kudos!

  • L Bekker
    L Bekker

    Dude you are what mainstream producers try to understand, thank you.

  • Mug Mushrooms
    Mug Mushrooms

    Indian engineers be like: hey come check out these things we didn't even knew

  • Giancarlo Benzina
    Giancarlo Benzina

    first ever liquid cooled motorcycle? I thought you do your research. Seems not. Suzuki is a late starter in almost everything motorcycle, especially in liquid cooling. Ask the flying squirrel.

  • Sagar Dalvi
    Sagar Dalvi

    He just sold me this bike. I was going to buy MT09, but Nah. This is it.

  • Михаил Колосов
    Михаил Колосов

    спасибо яндекс за перевод, корявенько, но суть понятна!

  • Skunk'D RC
    Skunk'D RC

    Nice to see that art history major making you money lol

  • Elbows Out
    Elbows Out

    Funny I was just last week talking to the GF about my "Bike-it" list. My short list of bikes I would love to own. Ducati 916 was on the list along with the 2007 ZX14 US special edition in white with red ghost flames. 1999 Suzuki RF900R and the MT-01 were all on there as well. You know what wasn't on the list. The 1996 Kawasaki Vulcan 1500 affectionately referred to as the "BUBF" (Butt Ugly But Fast).

  • Siddharth Desai
    Siddharth Desai

    Nice.... Felt like watching "who built the pyramids"

  • hannibal zelfin
    hannibal zelfin

    If Indian made this an ad, i bet many would be indulged to buy this bike.

  • Rory Nicholson
    Rory Nicholson

    A Katana doesn't have to be anything other than a Katana.....a truly iconic motorcycle.

  • Deyvson Moutinho Caliman
    Deyvson Moutinho Caliman

    Call me crazy, but I think that the Honda XRE 190, a 190cc motorcycle, is one of the best looking motorcycles ever made.

  • ThorgalsWalhalla

    the most beautyfull Bikes are made by "italain designers". MV Augusta is my favorit.

  • Glen Webster
    Glen Webster

    'Beauty in the eye of the beholder'

  • Smelly Little Kiwi
    Smelly Little Kiwi

    As they say "Beauty is in the eye of the beholder"

  • szlaeyer22


  • TheLittleApocalypse

    spoiler alert: it's the Honda Rune

  • simon gilbert
    simon gilbert

    this channel helped me decide on a scr950 , and guess what ;; its better than any channel said ,

  • alan.erickson

    Looks great. About the only thing I find off is the part of the exhaust that angles up at the end.

  • Gordon Hodgson
    Gordon Hodgson

    Your last video with an Indian scout was great. Now I have a scout.... "Sees FTR"

  • Kerry Hale
    Kerry Hale

    This is one of the best made videos I’ve ever seen on here. Or anywhere for that matter.

  • oof

    Those front fork reflectors completely ruin it

  • chris baksa
    chris baksa

    Love your work Ryan. My 7 yr old daughter calls you the smart man that rides motorbikes. Keep it up

  • Marcel Demir
    Marcel Demir

    Shame you picked on the Katana, always thought it was original and looked powerful. The rear lights were especially brutal but elegant too.

  • Andrei Selaru
    Andrei Selaru

    Xdiavel S is the most beautiful motorbike.

  • Rob

    Soon Indian will have to change its name because some white lady somewhere is upset about it

  • Steve Mitchell
    Steve Mitchell

    The XR400 ...A picture of simplicity, capability & beauty ... stop laughing ya bastards 🤣

  • John Desmond
    John Desmond

    The 1975 Triumph T160 Trident.

  • Sarath R
    Sarath R

    Try the Ducati night shift and you will forget this Indian

  • Caman8or

    The most beautiful motorcycle is one that makes its owner happy to ride it. And that’s something to be proud of.

  • The Roadtrip Raven
    The Roadtrip Raven

    Title: "What is the Most Beautiful Motorcycle?" My Honda NC700X with a top box: *Stares at me* Me: "We both know it's not you, but you're still my bikey and I love you"

  • Peter Fehr
    Peter Fehr

    Tried watching some of my other motorbike reviewers. 30 seconds in, click. You have ruined it. The standard is to high now

  • jgunne92

    I own the R Carbon version of this bike, and I'm in love with it! I have bikes with 80hp more, and still find myself on this bike more than any of my others! If you're thinking about one, get one! Even if it's a base model.

  • ikechukwu eze
    ikechukwu eze

    The soundtracks please😪

  • janguzzi

    To answer the question: Mine! Moto Guzzi Griso 8V 1200 in black! ;-)

  • Stephen Shipley
    Stephen Shipley

    MotoGuzzi V70 sport (1970s), Yamaha TRX 850, Laverda Jota.

    • Stephen Shipley
      Stephen Shipley

      Ducati 900SS (1970s)

  • blue bee
    blue bee

    My z1000

  • Numbone

    Ryan understands stuff. There is an election coming soon in Canada. Ryan for Prime.

  • ima piledriver
    ima piledriver

    a harley is the most beautiful motorcycle thats why everyone copys them

    • Da Ruler
      Da Ruler

      yeah the Ducati Diavel looks just like a Hardly Driveable

  • f marz
    f marz

    ...the 2021 Ducati X Diavel Dark

  • Dawkin Schmidt
    Dawkin Schmidt

    2001 r6

  • Ben Read
    Ben Read

    Husqvarna nuda 900R easy

  • Great King Rat NZ
    Great King Rat NZ

    These videos are seriously some of the most beautiful motorcycle videos ever made. This is fast becoming my favourite “tv show” ever!

  • Muffin Man
    Muffin Man

    My Suzuki ds100 is beautiful and there is nothing wrong except the front brakes

  • mk21965

    @6:13 in the background, a Honda CB400F Super Sport in varnish blue... Simple, clean, timeless...

  • Edward Villarreal
    Edward Villarreal


  • Roger That! 10-4
    Roger That! 10-4

    GT750 I have "Gassed" one of those, it's just as beautiful & probably much faster. Do you think paying $26 million for a white canvas with white paint on it is "Something to be Proud Of"?

  • Roger That! 10-4
    Roger That! 10-4

    @0:50 Is that "Heaven"?? Oh, the answer to your question is a "Gassed" RG500(Gamma) every time.

  • EnEmmDub

    The grass is always greener though. From the seat of any bike you’ll always covet another.

  • Bruce MacLennan
    Bruce MacLennan

    Hip to waist ratio for bikes....

  • Oscar Araque
    Oscar Araque

    Very top gear ish, love it

  • Snowboard Addict
    Snowboard Addict

    Sergio Robbiano said he copied the tail the rear lights and the single sided swing arm of the RC30 , so if the designer of the most beautiful bike ever copied the awesome 30, it was nothing more than plagiarism, that or nod to the most iconic bike ever to grace tarmac. If you want cool, it has t be the Kawasaki Z1100R.

  • Snowboard Addict
    Snowboard Addict

    Sergio Robbiano said he copied the tail the rear lights and the single sided swing arm of the RC30 , so if the designer of the most beautiful bike ever copied the awesome 30, it was nothing more than plagiarism, that or nod to the most iconic bike ever to grace tarmac. If you want cool, it has t be the Kawasaki Z1100R.

  • de Scorp
    de Scorp

    For me... a 1980 Suzuki GS450E. I was a month short of turning 16 that year when I forked over all the federal reserve notes I had saved for years to claim my first motorized vehicle. I had that bike for two years before it was stolen, put 20,000 miles on it which included a round trip from OKC to Toronto to visit my older sister the day after finishing my sophomore year of school. Forty years later I stumbled onto a bare bones frame of that model. Next thing I know I'm buying an engine, wheels, electrics... to build a replica restoration of that long lost steed. Even if it never runs... I will park it in my living room and let my mind travel back in time when I was sixteen and happiest when riding.

  • soul acorn
    soul acorn

    Pure art

  • The Mighty Wooosh
    The Mighty Wooosh

    Beavis and Butt-Head: "he said Bone Line"

  • Mark Swanson
    Mark Swanson

    Come for the review, leave with knowledge about art history! This video is art!

  • Víctor Escudero
    Víctor Escudero

    This video is beautiful. I can't stop watching it from time to time. Will you make a video about the new Sportser S? And do you think that the FTR is similar but much cheaper?

  • Jordan Joestar
    Jordan Joestar

    You can tell just looking at the FTR that it is already a 1 of a kind classic

  • Joseph Saia
    Joseph Saia

    First new owner mod could be a Tail Tidy

  • GER30

    Daytona u155 is the most beautiful motorbike

  • JasonFiske

    This is a beautiful bike and this video is sublime. I’ve seen this bike in person and it is lovely, however, the rider looks the wrong size. A truck driver I was talking to said that it looks like a monkey f#$k*ng a football.

  • tinmisuun

    I finally bought one. It is a (used) 2019 S Race Replica model because for me the 2022 model is less capable and not available in Alaska. If I would have seen a Rally model here on Craigslist I would have passed because there is no TFT display and no ride modes. I am loving this FTR I bought.

  • Tradable Patterns
    Tradable Patterns

    not me. and not you.

  • James Riccelli
    James Riccelli

    MV Augusta Brutale gets my vote!

  • uzair ihsan
    uzair ihsan

    Thats it. I'm getting FTR

  • Man Cannot Ride
    Man Cannot Ride

    This video made me draw lines on a picture of my bike and calculated the fractions of proportions. Damn you Ryan. I am even contemplating on drawing lines over pictures of other bikes. Well as you said, "booty might be in the eye of the beholder", so I'll just look for some booty to rest my blown mind in.

  • Aditya Purwanto
    Aditya Purwanto

    Indian CEO and designer conversation: "Did you think about all these when you designed it, Rich?" 'Actually yes, Scott.' "It is indeed something to be proud of."

  • Henry Wes
    Henry Wes

    I don't know if the Indian FTR is the most beautiful, while I do think it is beautiful and own one. I think the Triumph Scrambler 1200 xe Steve McQueen is the most beautiful modern production motorcycle.

  • Joshua Taft
    Joshua Taft

    That indian is my newest favorite bike

  • Joshua Taft
    Joshua Taft

    You are a great content creator.. great points about art ...man I feel your a kindred spirit..I've never met someone who speaks and rides with the passion and barley but civilised reverence for bikes.. I like you.. you got my sub on this one brother

  • Joshua Taft
    Joshua Taft

    That Indian in the intro is realy beuitiful

  • Mark Bevans
    Mark Bevans

    Wow, what insight to motorcycle design. Like all your other videos, just excellent. Thank you…

  • melissa lydon
    melissa lydon

    I'm not a fan of the tank being the same height as the seat,just think its boring.

  • ERidesOn2

    Indian is made by Polaris. Nothing to be proud of at all here folks. Just ask any Victory owners how their 10 years of parts support is doing. 👎 Not to mention the turn over rate at my local dealer. 👎👎 IMHO, the worst experience I've ever had with 50 years worth.

  • Barry Barnes
    Barry Barnes

    Trellis frames and water cooled engines are about as beautiful as an industrial refrigeration compressor. A new 2020 Harley Deluxe or a Softail Slim in 'billiard blue' is beautiful.

  • Eleven Bravo C-3/17th
    Eleven Bravo C-3/17th

    The FTR carbon is beautiful! However, it is FAR to busy and unnecessarily complex. I'm no art major, but isn't simplicity and elegance the highest form of Beauty? The FTR is FAR to busy at both the radiator area. And the taillight support. I would propose the 2021 lowrider s as hands down the more simple and elegant design. Yes I own one (and previously the 2016 dyna model. I dare you to apply the same criteria to the lowrider s with its classic lines. The ftr carbon realies greatly on color and contrast to attain a complex beauty, where the 2021 lowrider S is all black and nails the classic motorcycle lines like no other. Plus the fuel tank IS the fuel tank. Simplicity and elegance together create beauty in a machine.

  • Ming Tsai
    Ming Tsai

    Where is this beautiful museum?!

  • frannie swannie
    frannie swannie

    forced irritation by design

  • 《Mr. SAIEEL11》
    《Mr. SAIEEL11》


  • Prophet Zarquon
    Prophet Zarquon

    The '02 Honda Valkyrie 1520cc horizontally opposed six-cylinder cruiser with soft bags and a windshield, _because it works._ The bike that's spending the most time in use relative to time in shop/storage, is the one the most people get to ogle.

  • drrhysevans

    Fred Deedly Motorcycle Museum?

  • Abnormal Wrench
    Abnormal Wrench

    You didn't mention my bike, so this video is crap.

  • Steven Leek
    Steven Leek

    Indian--too busy looking, Snice, but a pre-unit Bonneville with ace bars looks so much better. Annnnd, it shakes so badly it feels like it's going fast! (good slider too)

  • Sam Weatherly
    Sam Weatherly

    What was that red jacket at 4:09?

  • P Carey
    P Carey

    Z900 rs

  • GeneralPershingHimself

    I just went from not knowing what this is to having to buy one 😤

  • Aditya Mahat
    Aditya Mahat

    The answer is, "My motorcycle is the most beautiful."

  • Bert

    Ryan is the Jeremy Clarkson of motorcycles... Even better, he could make ANY subject sound interesting and entertaining. Good work man. Give this man a TV show already!

  • Toha Hawlader
    Toha Hawlader

    Literally this guy is the Davit Attenborough of motoworld...

  • Ashvini Kumar
    Ashvini Kumar

    Beauty is a relative term. So each one of us have different definition and specific aspects which make anything beautiful. So my bike is beautiful to me and so on....