What's Inside the Best Motorcycle Helmets of 2021?
Foam and stuff, right? It turns out there's a lot of cool tech that goes into making modern motorcycle crash helmets. Take a look inside the best and safest full faces of 2021!

Shoei RF-1400 - frt9.co/la2f68
HJC F70 Carbon - frt9.co/mhia1t
Scorpion EXO-R1 FIM - frt9.co/zy3moz
Z1R Range MIPS - frt9.co/l0ueaz

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  • David Hysom
    David Hysom

    Haven't you used the man with two penis (Pini?) previously? Perhaps you should give him an extra, or take a couple away. Dang; now I need to buy an angle grinder and cut into my old helmets!

  • ItsJustMe

    Why would you want such a silent helmet? You think you'd want to hear what's going on around you.

  • Morkanz

    AGV K5?

  • Kody Peek
    Kody Peek

    Next time use a horizontal bandsaw

  • Enlightened Idiot
    Enlightened Idiot

    I absolutely LOVE my new Icon Airflite...

  • Jessy Oceans
    Jessy Oceans

    0:32 Gotta love this man! hahahaha

  • everything ALL the time
    everything ALL the time

    No agv lids 😦

  • john schlesinger
    john schlesinger

    Brilliant, and a good laugh as usual.

  • Eduardo Larralde Monroy
    Eduardo Larralde Monroy

    Which is the safest tho?

  • Math M
    Math M

    I had a shark that let me pump thr cheeks up. Loved it

  • Bactrian Rider Richard Englebert
    Bactrian Rider Richard Englebert

    “Youth pastor” hahahaha :-) are ADV helmets silly & unnecessary? The visor & all that? I like the idea of having a lot more space around my mouth for drinking from my bladder hose & the larger wind screen, but does the sun shade really provide… shade?

  • Craig Jackman
    Craig Jackman

    Best. Helmet. Review. Ever.

  • Justin Schmidt
    Justin Schmidt

    I absolutely love he doesn’t just say “this is the best helmet buy this one here’s my code” But actually explains WHAT makes it a great helmet then let’s you deduct which one you want. Bravo my guy

  • Jeffrey Buijvoets
    Jeffrey Buijvoets

    I have a helmet with mips

  • P. Monroy
    P. Monroy

    What do you think about the Scorpion ExO HX1?

  • Finn Baikie
    Finn Baikie

    The “I’ve done it” at 3:12 gives off huge Jeremy Clarkson energy

  • Stephen Mosca
    Stephen Mosca

    Can you cover options for those who wear glasses? I have prescription Oakley sunglasses with rubber wind blocking eye surrounds, but they jiggle a lot. What are options regarding goggles? Thanks.


    Nooooooooooooooo 😱😱😱

  • Bram De Beul
    Bram De Beul

    That’s Eddy Wally saying “Waw”! 😂😂😘

  • Aman Kumar
    Aman Kumar

    Hi, just wondering what's your opinion on MT helmets. Are they good enough?

  • Greg

    One of the few youtubers that writes their content like an essay. I don't even like rap but if there were ever a rap battle between you and Brian from Regular Car Reviews, I'd 100% watch it.


    You make learning a ton of fun! Thanks

  • Mike Barker
    Mike Barker

    The next time you think of smashing helmets, could you give me the 1500$ next time?

  • Michael Kemp
    Michael Kemp

    One man's angle Grinder is another man's weapon of mass destruction

  • jdmderick

    Others come here for reviews, I come here for the jokes and giggles

  • Mark Stuart
    Mark Stuart

    The puns had me cracking up. Love the content!

  • Anand Shinde
    Anand Shinde

    I had to stop riding due to Spondylosis, but I will keep on watching your videos as long as possible. Good work guys, keep it up.

  • Bernardo Santos
    Bernardo Santos

    i have the helmet you cut. i must say, for under 250$ the bell MX9 Adventure MIPS is absolutely outstanding. quality rivals more expensive road helmets i have.

  • Don Manson
    Don Manson

    And I still can't decide which one to buy😂

  • James Bond
    James Bond

    So wait…Tokyo…do we still have a problem?

  • Jake Mustian
    Jake Mustian

    I'll take the one with all those features for 50 bucks

  • Om Ca
    Om Ca

    Out in the states shoei rf1400 is Snell certified, not ece. I read on some chats that the ece version is only available in European market. Is the Snell version just as safe?

  • Eleazer Santiago
    Eleazer Santiago

    what about sharp test

  • Aaron Calderon
    Aaron Calderon

    What’s with all the dirty jokes?

  • The Realist
    The Realist

    👇🏽 physicists pride, engineers regret. This is how I felt reading *Arin Angel's* comment. 😋


    Amazing video


    Buddy i am from india here they ask for isi which is worst than worst.. i wish i could use your help and make a company here in india which makes helmets cheap priced but it should be able to save the rider.

  • Shamir Khan
    Shamir Khan

    Please grind using a face shield. Wouldn't need a helmet if that grinder ends up on your face 🤪

  • Samael Gamboa
    Samael Gamboa

    That return to RevZilla was pure gold 😂😂😂

  • Radek Pohořelský
    Radek Pohořelský

    It feels like I'm wearing nothing at all, nothing at all, nothing at all! - stupid sexy Flanders

  • Wak

    god i love my x-14

  • Brian Moses
    Brian Moses

    Please review the reevu msx1.

  • Joshua Hall
    Joshua Hall

    the metaphors and similes are off the charts hahah. That pastor one is hilarious!

  • Daniel

    when he started with "Hey!" I almost expected him to say Vsauce next

  • Darious Kater
    Darious Kater

    Where does icon helmets sit in that scale?

  • Samson George
    Samson George

    A comic strip would be put to shame with the kind of script written for this vid... Too good 👍🏼

  • Fergal Butterly
    Fergal Butterly

    Wait..so which one is the best??

  • Bart Stroobants
    Bart Stroobants

    3:45 That was something unexpected... A wild Eddy Wally appears!

  • Midlakecity

    So frustrating, damage caused by the shipping carrier.

  • mario spencer
    mario spencer

    Ya but what about schuberth

  • Thuuhat

    Amazing video as always 👌

  • Francesco D'Antonio
    Francesco D'Antonio

    Ok but why you don't test the Arai and the Kilm and the Schuberth elements?

  • Connor Cunningham
    Connor Cunningham

    Ryan destroyed two helmets for this one video, whats next? Is he going to rip the arms and legs off an Alpinestar suit?

  • Cy Cascade
    Cy Cascade

    what about the 6D?

  • S A
    S A

    Actually you’ve only seen a third of mine…

  • Jiri Pastrnak
    Jiri Pastrnak

    I’m on my third helmet in a year and just can’t find one to fit me all around regardless of the price . It’s frustrating….

  • Hoang Le
    Hoang Le

    AGV K6 or Shoei RF-1400 ? Which one should I get?

  • Jae Ahn
    Jae Ahn

    Is it just me or did he gain some weight

  • Sage Lucas
    Sage Lucas

    How can I figure out if the exo-r1 I found is FIM approved? I've found this helmet but the description doesn't say if it'a FIM approved. Could anyone send me a link to the correct helmet?

  • Daniel Konieczny
    Daniel Konieczny

    Please do a ruroc helmet!!!

  • mrkthmn

    I love the info in these videos but I cant stand this guys acting. It's like the love child between the most cliche BBC car show host and the most cliche American news anchor.

  • uramalakia

    You earned a like 30 seconds in.

  • Olof Palmolja
    Olof Palmolja

    Which carbon fibre helmet is most popular in Germany? Helmut Kohl

  • Henrik Ragnarsson Låås
    Henrik Ragnarsson Låås

    That beginning made me expect a "...VSauce here!"

  • Frank Taylor
    Frank Taylor

    Never would have thought the Scorpion would reach that level of quality. I've always chosen Shoei and thought many of the off brands were knockoffs of the more reputable companies. Very impressive. Still think many, like HJC, Icon, Scorpion and a few others are like the Harbor Freight of helmets.

  • Reyn Adsett
    Reyn Adsett

    I know it's not a safety issue, but I wish I knew about the difference in the bottom edge of helmets before I paid out several hundred on a helmet that is too thick to take my Cardo pack talk slim. :(

  • Mike Daniels
    Mike Daniels

    RYAN; need to do a segment on "WHEN TO REPLACE YOUR HELMET" no real guidelines out there, seems like a marketing ploy every 3 years...bite me!

  • Jeig0

    You are great teacher!

  • PD1JDW

    👋🏻 oh Susan.

  • 8BitToaster

    Ever tested a Ruroc Atlas?

  • Kyle Kitzul
    Kyle Kitzul

    0:31 I literally snorted out my pepsi😂😂

  • yanassi

    Really impressive. I actually have several mc helmets. But my concern is elsewhere. I now ride a stand upright e-scooter. I cannot bring myself to ride it with a MC lid regardless of safe i would be, nor my armored jacket and pants. I am using bicycle helmets now, and there is my issue. Scooters (13-28mph) ride a notch above a bicycle (9-16mph) range, and within the 20’s dry eyes is a concern along with flying insects and rode debris. To date i have not found a proper helmet, one with robust bicycle level protection and a full or 3/4 facial protections from dry eyes/flying things due to upright standing at 22mph. I love the face shields on the watersport Garth RV helmet reasonably pricing at $200 but skull protection is minimal. It’s considered because I falsely believe I won’t take a full crash like I wouldn’t on a bicycle. Tthe helmet insulation of DSG Pace or Predator dh6-x which are used for downhill long skateboard racing are sufficient but these have real chinbars making me appear like i’m on a sportbike instead of a computer scooter and these two are expensive about $400. I’ve written to bell, specialized, including some scooter manufacturers to influence e-scooter helmet products. But in the meantime how does your physics acumen offer insight into possible helmet options?

  • RobotDCLXVI

    SO now I have to find a shop that stocks all of those since I wear glasses and usually helmets don't like me to see when I ride. Shoei would push the glasses off my nose and Arai let me focus on what was in front of me in the last generation.

  • GordoBeck18

    What about the graphene one?

  • Warren Pouyer
    Warren Pouyer

    Been selling Industrial Tools for 42 years. And I have a few stories about folks like you returning items "Product damaged by Carrier..." that would amuse you.

  • Joel Perron
    Joel Perron

    Would you be able please please please !! to make a video about two things that could help a lot of us big head owners ... helmets that produce 4 and 5 xl like the HJC and scorpion and which one are the best and including some modular with pros and cons ? thanks you rock

  • Scott

    no one else cringed horribly watching him smash a $600 helmet?

  • D. W.
    D. W.

    Where did you get your MIPS RF1400? I can’t find any available in America. Canada only?

  • Andrew Livingston
    Andrew Livingston

    Not gonna mention koroyd? Hmm

  • Marc Ritz
    Marc Ritz

    No man with two penises would say "you've only seen half of it". Do you imagine them just revealing them one by one? You can't even surprise a woman with that. People have seen too many horror movies nowadays to know that any such creature needs to be dealt with aggression

  • Addo Saltafarmaggio
    Addo Saltafarmaggio

    Russian bride is ready take anyone name for 150$. But russian groom is ready for three hundred bucks.

  • Hienz Stienz
    Hienz Stienz

    The HJC C70 gets five stars on the Sharp Standard ... I see the F70 hasn't been put forward 🤔

  • Hienz Stienz
    Hienz Stienz

    Have you assessed the UK Sharp Safety Test protocol yet? Like early Ncap it's interesting that few put their lids through the test as manufacturers in the main don't do well under this test regime. Very few achieve the converted 5 star rating. The Sharp colour coded impact grade for side, top and rear impact locations is easy to understand and I think a great help to purchasing. Interestingly when I speak to bike shop salesmen ( everyone is a qualified safety specialist no doubt) that they all say ignore it and use the word rubbish a lot. Why please? Plus any view on why safety has to be cost bounded and not inset in law. Years ago car safety was an optional extra, madness! Why should a youth of 16 and a 40 something's track race day helmet differ in safety, don't both brains deserve protecting? Shouldn't both expect, without the aide of specialist knowledge, to buy any new helmet with the confidence and recognition that it will do its job 🤔

  • Andrew Stambaugh
    Andrew Stambaugh

    Reliving the early 90's with that pump up helmet!

  • Stubom

    You are the only FIbill creator I have ever considered donating to.

  • Roberto Cano
    Roberto Cano

    What's your opinion on 6D helmets?

  • Craig Bosko
    Craig Bosko

    This is all fine and dandy but what does this have to do with the"new"helmet put out by BCA, BACKCOUNTRY ACCESS?

  • Moriwaki1105

    Helmet shells are so large now they are starting to look ridiculous .

  • J D
    J D

    Legitimately laughed out loud at the end

  • Yang Song
    Yang Song

    did i hear "finish him" at 7:35 lol

  • Phillip Holmes
    Phillip Holmes

    Really good video - and so liked the ending, a stroke of Stand Up Comedian :-) !!

  • November11Seven

    Why cant manufacturers just combine all that tech into one product?

  • NEIL T.I.W
    NEIL T.I.W

    .. alas, a superbly narrated high impact fact filled review of monkey-pip protection gear for the modern day 30/40 yo with an uncanny desire to strap his crotch to a pocket rocket & rather be upon his machine mile munching new scenic routes than pretty much anywhere else... Peeps, PLEASE remain extra vigilant AT ALL TIMES. The amount of thoroughbred donkeys behind 2 tonne steel death cubes who are everywhere EXCEPT alert & active behind the wheel is staggering. NEVER ASSUME ANYTHING> Some people are simply just next level special.

  • t.parrot

    Bought a F70 Carbon just from your recommendation. Great videos

  • jrh186

    Awesome production as always!!!

  • Rah Asria
    Rah Asria

    Amazingh video!!!

  • Jerry Obura
    Jerry Obura

    Thanks, great information, it truly is the youths pastors job to prevent penetration that's why I avoid church and other religious females. Good revelations and yeah there is something wrong with Ja"s pants.

  • Iain Findlay
    Iain Findlay

    What does one do with old helmets? In the USA asking.

  • Matt B.
    Matt B.

    I have the Shoei RF-1400 because of this video and it is everything Ryan said. It is incredibly comfortable (once on) and very quiet but it destroys your ears taking it on and off. The trick is to tuck your ears in to the helmet before you pull it down over them. This reduces the discomfort by 50% but it still smarts a little. Other than that...darn near perfect helmet.

  • Benoit Morange
    Benoit Morange

    Check Naca helmet from France They don't use polystyrene and are awesome