Which Motorcycle Manufacturer is Best? [Laboratory Test]
In today’s episode of Pissing Off Motorcycle Manufacturers, we’ve decided to go ahead and lab test every big brand’s manufacturing hygiene under their very noses. The results might surprise you.

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Cinematographer & Editor: Aneesh Shivanekar

  • Mason T
    Mason T

    Hmmmm I’m thinking the company is ram


    Consumer Reports did a 4 year study of motorcycle reliability. Yamaha is at the top but all of the Japanese bikes tower over the rest of the world in reliability. Harley Davidson comes in at 5th position well ahead of Triumph, Ducati and BMW (Way to go HD!). On average it cost more than twice as much to get a European bike fixed than a Japanese bike. KTM, Royal Enfield and Indian didn't make the list because the sampling was to small. I suspect KTM and RE would rank below BMW and Indian would be close to HD. You have to pay to see the report.

  • Leo Street
    Leo Street

    Imagine the poor guy who bought the Chinese bike after watching this

  • Hanhanhann

    thanks god i love my yamaha slowpeds than my ex.


    You are excluding one of the most important considerations in this comparison. The results show a thigh measurent between Ducati and HD, but HD motors are driven at considerably lower RPR than Ducati or any other manufacturer, and Ducati are the ones that are consistently driven to the highest RPM most of the time. This is due in part of the power caracteristics from each engine, but also due to the tipe of driver from each brand. If you have an HD, most of the time you will spend it driving it though the US highway at 60milrs an hour consistently at the highest gear. In the other side, most of the people that own a Ducati will spend it sorting the Alps bends looking for high engine braking and most power from each corner in the most racy way. Then if you use to drive a Fucati in the same way as ther people drive HD, it will be the "best" engine out htere.

  • Jared Romanyak
    Jared Romanyak

    Does this mean that it’s assembled dirty, and you’re clean after an oil change or two? Or, is it indicating that the oil will continue to be dirty due to crap material composition, etc.? Big difference.

  • Hringhorne Stularsson
    Hringhorne Stularsson

    I just bought an Italian, a Guzzi. So I'm smoked;)

  • vwr32jeep

    In the lean video you made the case for counterbalancing. But on the Royal Enfield footage you were leaning. ( 5:57 ) I feel lied to. 🤨

  • Phil Birkhimer
    Phil Birkhimer

    I have to wonder about the BMW engines which are made in China

  • Electrics Nut
    Electrics Nut

    Surprised to see Suzuki not at the top of the list, from an engine durability point of view, they are legend.

  • Max and Payla Turner
    Max and Payla Turner

    That Royal Enfield footage is in Seattle. Once Covid blows over please come back and do a meet and greet. I live 30 miles south of Seattle and I'm a filmmaker. If ever you need camera or sound in Washington state hit me up and I'll be there.

  • Larry Gillley
    Larry Gillley

    Engine not motor

  • Scott Campbell
    Scott Campbell

    Great way to objectively evaluate engine status. This method among others evaluate aircraft engines and TBO

  • Scott Campbell
    Scott Campbell

    Remember made in Japan meant crap in the 60’s-70’s. Now everything is made in China otherwise nothing for the middle class to purchase. China also flys to to moon and Mars. They are making a tidal wave of electric vehicles like BYD, Nio, xpeng, etc. I am sure they make some good stuff if the owner wants less of a profit. Great video. Royal Enfield makes good looking bikes at unbeatable msrp’s. ER still able to build quality engines at that profit margin.

  • no0fat0chx

    We need Moto Guzzi to appear in this test.

  • TheSTNova

    Cheating like Russia? You are brain washed by Hollywood! What do you know? “Highly likely” stories? Dirty nationalist!

  • Alexandre Fernandes
    Alexandre Fernandes

    Yeah, sounds nice, but: what are the motorcycles chosen? Brand new? What about the lapping? The oil quality/brand used. The way they are used. That shows nothing useful. Today every established company make good motorcycles, some models of them have conception problems, like the first BMW S1000R, the first MV Agusta F800 and a lot more. So for me, there is a law: never buy a brand new model, always wait 2 years, at least. One thing more, you just can't compare so different engines, with so huge differences in the way it delivers power. En enfield interceptor don't waste itself so fast than an Aprilia RSV4? Well I hope so...

  • Andi R
    Andi R

    The Ducati microscope result looks a lot like european continent and Russia 😂

  • Victor Pena
    Victor Pena

    Sometimes a cliché is a cliché for a reason

  • frozen fire
    frozen fire

    While RE is considered a rough and tough bike here in India, this comes as a bit of a surprise to me. Some Indian brands outperform even RE when it's comes to reliability. I wonder how they would perform if they decide to come out with 600cc class bikes.

  • Steven Lefebvre
    Steven Lefebvre

    Great video.

  • Jeff.

    That answer is any EV bike manufacturer. Energica as first! Again a great video to show you should just bin ICE. For records. Was is an ISO or NAS class test

  • Peter Fitzpatrick
    Peter Fitzpatrick

    Of course its on top, its a Himalayan ffs !! 🙄😂

  • Mick Hoving
    Mick Hoving

    3 hour liquid lunch, bahahahaha. Very true.

  • William Crawford
    William Crawford

    There’s so much more to a motorcycle than the oil analysis, many other systems and parts, that’s where the overall quality stands.

  • Matthew

    one could say, royal enfields engines are some of the worst built ones from this video. this proves nothing.

  • Froedl Metallmann
    Froedl Metallmann

    I like my Versys 650.

  • RayRicDay

    A recent 50.000 kms test on Ducati Multistrada 950 (done by a prestigious magazine & published in internet) has revealed that this bike has offered the best rreliability results ever seen

  • hippyhay1

    The Royal Enfield 650 first oil change is performed at 500 km. Might that explain why it's so clean? Don't get me wrong. The engine is indeed tight. I put 7500 km on my 650 after the first oil change, and the oil still looks mint.

  • Lachry Matory
    Lachry Matory

    Royal Enfield just need to make a fast bike

  • JavaSoldier

    what a shitty comparison)

  • Mendoza, Carl Justine U.
    Mendoza, Carl Justine U.

    that's what she said

  • gillian67ec

    I'm not an expert but I think the results of this test would also depends by the riding habits of the drivers. I mean, you aren't supposed to ride a Ducati as you ride a RE or a BMW. Is very much possible the Ducatists push the engine in revving places where the REists aren't...

  • Peter Geanacopulos
    Peter Geanacopulos

    What do you have a degree in? Serious question.

  • Amogh Murthy
    Amogh Murthy

    Do the oil filters have a role to play here?

  • batavicus

    Thanks, Anonymous (or Anon Miss Lab Tech). Great video, Ryan!

  • Rick Schmalz
    Rick Schmalz

    Just wondering: we’re they all using similar oil filters during initial use; would it make a difference?

  • Dani Lekhok
    Dani Lekhok

    After seeing the build quality of Royal Enfields, i am surprised they are clean

  • Nirupam Sarkar
    Nirupam Sarkar

    That's made in China that's why .....

  • Sean Ashenden
    Sean Ashenden

    having owned 5 of these bike builders from new .. even a lexmoto cheep cheep Chinese scooter .. while running in , i always dump the oil after 500km myself , leave the filter . just oil . only ever put in normal no fancy synthetic for this in-between oil change . my Chinese never let me down and my Ducati is ten years old no problem ... as always some of the best content on youtube thank you

  • Noone

    Engine not motor

  • Max Simeck
    Max Simeck

    tfw harley sucks

  • David Clarke
    David Clarke

    First service oil, surely you’d expect particulates to decrease after the run in. I’d be more interested in the second service results and confirmation that all the bikes in question either have or don’t have a magnetic sump plug.

  • Morten Bakke
    Morten Bakke

    pretty sure they don't serve mustard in north korean prison factory my dude... wat?

  • Thomas gorecki
    Thomas gorecki

    Half the bikes in the world are now made in China unfortunately. This includes BMWs and triumphs. Hope their quality control is better. It’s a concern.

  • Thomas gorecki
    Thomas gorecki

    Do we know if changing the oil and filter at low mileage, say after 50 break in miles clears out most of the junk?

  • corn flake
    corn flake

    Single greatest bike related video

  • megawutt

    Well done, Royal Enfield!

  • darvinist87

    As a Russian I'd like to thank you for [1:37]

  • Yorkshire_Tea_innit

    Time to get your royal Enfield's quickly before they screw it up!

  • Yorkshire_Tea_innit

    I'd have expected to see Honda top of the Japanese, and Kawasaki bottom. Seems that's completely opposite.

  • R3DNA2

    Thank you champ Ryan and your contacts for the info

  • Suzuki Rider
    Suzuki Rider

    Was never a fan of Italian bikes, but surprised their engines are so dirty... BMW and KTM may have superb mechanical engineering, but they f_ up the electronics by over engineering. I've a KTM which has trouble starting at anywhere below +15C. I kid you not. So much for having a computer control the engine. Gets incredible MPG for a 900cc though

  • mbsnyderc

    Interesting but a bit pointless it would only make sense with a large sample of similar engines and still it only tells you how clean the factory is not how long you bike will last the engineering is more important for that.microscopic particles are most likely not why you engine failed,lack of maintenance and poor engine design are more a factor. as they showed those are getting flush out with the oil,and most are to small to cause damage.do you really think your Royal Enfield is going to out last your Honda?

  • Joseph Schultz
    Joseph Schultz

    Crap so glad I remembered not to try eating or drinking when watching, Tighter than a nuns knees and here for life like herpes. you are comedy gold Thank you I needed a good laugh today

  • Anthony.

    Now i know. Why my. Chinese bike require monthly change oil

  • S King
    S King

    I have a problem with this test. The manufacture date of each bike is not present. If they aren't of similar year - the standards will not be the same as many manufacturers tighten things up as technology progresses - rendering this test - barely useful.

  • Anon Nymous
    Anon Nymous

    The Harley motor was very good for the 1950s, when it was designed.

  • Da Ruler
    Da Ruler

    Bullshit test

  • nonya biz
    nonya biz

    Im not a fan of Chinese motorcycles HOWEVER how old is the engine oil? Most people I know with those China bikes they are brand new still. If the oil came from a new engine its going to be just as dirty as any other engine oil from a brand new engine. Also there is so many different designs of makes and models it has a lot to do with the type of engine and the oil filtering system or also quality of the filter if it even has one. My CB 250 gets oil dirty fast because it has no replaceable cartridge filter just a mesh screen.

  • Richard Delinsky
    Richard Delinsky

    "Made in China" lost? I'm shocked

  • Omar E.
    Omar E.

    "Europe is not a waste of money" 6:28 , Italy isn't in Europe so

  • mrfurious93

    This doesn't factor in the amount of factory testing goes into the engine on the assembly line. Maybe Enfield doesn't test theirs at all!

  • Justina

    I work at a moto dealer and I spoke to some of our techs about your results. They were concerned that these results are skewed unless you are testing similar engine configurations (Size, #of pistons, etc) They also acknowledged that KTM oil is usually VERY clean but this could be partially due to the extremely low first service interval of KTMs. Engines from major manufacturers are lightly run on the stand for QA and then drained of fluids before shipment while Chinese engines are shipped with literal packing oil which needs to be flushed out before you run the bike (an effective cost saving maneuver). Basically, I'm not sure your results say much in the way of manufacturing quality but rather, how effective their QC practices are before an engine leaves the factory.

  • Please Bring the Fire
    Please Bring the Fire

    "Tighter than nun's knees" That took me out.

  • G R
    G R

    We all know little imperfections are soooo sexy... hence the italian bikes :)

  • Jiří Michalik
    Jiří Michalik

    Shake vigorously - that's what she said... 😎

  • Thomas Rice
    Thomas Rice

    Really, really funny!

  • ActionReaction

    nice but i feel like this should be done with ATLEAST 100 of each brand to get an average result (ofcourse this is impossible for your channel) nonetheless nice video

  • Anden Möwe
    Anden Möwe

    BMW and Royal Enfield score very poorly in reliability surveys despite apparently having the cleanest oil, there's a lot more that can go wrong with a bike

  • MANOLIS spanos
    MANOLIS spanos

    Ryan just wanted to say''that's what she said'' a bunch of times :D

  • Its not broken
    Its not broken

    I had a good run out of my 1981 Z750. That's along time ago now.

  • doodskie999

    Lol this is so true, my mt03's oil is still orangey brown when seen through the engine oil level glass after a month of usage. Meanwhile my friend's chinese zongshen 250 looks as black as a tarpit.

    • Godin Minaar
      Godin Minaar

      I can't even see my 2021 KTMs honey oil without leaning it far, not sure if it's a leak or burn issue. There was a gentle drop, but no signs of continued leakage.... I'm guessing it's burning oil and should do an oil change soon..

  • Niemand

    Me wanna have an aprilia tuono 660 I am concerned…

  • JacobBe5

    Some time ago I was watching a video on hot rodding. One of teh things they did as soon as they got the motor back from being bored was clean it. The people doing the machining were supposed to have done this, but they did it again anyway. I'm curious how the results would (might?) change if the Chinese engine was cleaned in just such that way. Is the upfront savings worth the expense of disassembly, cleaning, reassembly?

  • Kunal Sakulkar
    Kunal Sakulkar

    Can soomeone explain me in short? How is Royal Enfield better?

    • Kiran Hembram
      Kiran Hembram

      @Anden Möwe can you cite any sources for your claims ?

    • Anden Möwe
      Anden Möwe

      It isn't, having clean oil is not an indicator of reliability, there's a lot more that can go wrong with a bike and the fact both BMW and Royal Enfield score very poorly in reliability surveys proves this.

  • johnnyrvf

    Russia doesn’t cheat nearly as much as Canada does. Just sayin’ as they seem to be doing a lot better geopolitically than the Canuks are doing right now.

  • wadney

    Royal Enfield surprised me also did Kawasaki being above Honda, looking inside each oil filter would be a great addition to the test

  • superbarnie

    How important is this actually? Wouldn't this stuff get washed out at the first oil change, and anything that's actually big enough to be a problem should be caught by the oil filter?

    • Anden Möwe
      Anden Möwe

      in terms of gauging reliability, it isn't, both BMW and Royal Enfield score very poorly on reliability surveys despite having the cleanest oil appar.

  • Cuda Tom
    Cuda Tom

    I have a Chinese 4 wheeler, Bought it new in 2006. It had all ways sounded rattly inside, after a few years because one of many problems, I had to replace the staitor. I found that the timing chain idler was missing, the stud was worn flat from the chain. The gear had never been installed at the factory. I installed a new idler gear. It runs better and quieter now.

  • Big Bang
    Big Bang

    God, it's the best comparision video I have seen in my 26 years of existence.. 👍👍👍👍

  • Beau Rex
    Beau Rex

    So will someone tell me why anyone would buy a Ducati, unless they need an anchor or a door stop?

  • Teo b
    Teo b

    4:40 me: "This Is Brilliant *points at top 5* But I Like This *points at Aprilia and Ducati* "

  • Langor

    So doesn't really matter which oil you buy in the end

  • Gabber Piet
    Gabber Piet

    What about the f650gs its a bmw but was manufa tured by aprilia

  • ASwiftBird

    Go Enfield!

  • Maurizio Pescatori
    Maurizio Pescatori

    I would like to know what kind of motorcycle the oil came from. Clearly not all motorcycles were highway cruisers. I find it odd for wood chips to contaminate the oil, then again, it's on a KTM. Also, who manufactured the oil? What detergents are there? Obviously, the higher the quality of the detergents, the dirtier the oil. So I'd like to see the crankshaft bearings along with the oil...

  • Eef Neleman
    Eef Neleman

    Chinese bike probably had some left over child residue from the labour camp.

  • Dr. Impressed
    Dr. Impressed

    Rip my ducati

  • laverdanick

    One factor that probably helped RE is that the first oil change is at 300 miles, while other manufacturers typically have it at 600. Pleasing to see a good result from them though. Having recently retired and no longer needing a motorcycle for commuting, I have traded my BMW F800 for a new RE Interceptor.

  • The_GuitAar

    So how do you clean out the motor of crap like that. The stuff left behind?

  • i94yeh2p

    Royal Enfield surprised me on this list. They really weren't playing around with the revamp.

  • Oscar S.
    Oscar S.

    It would be really interesting to know from what models the oil was taken from respective manufacturer. Would it be to much hustle to add this to the video description? -From a tired Aprilia owner…

  • Anand Nair
    Anand Nair

    Naah. Can't believe this list. Need more samples. Not just 1 sample per mfr.

  • Willem Bosmans
    Willem Bosmans

    First of all, I really like your channel, great vids! But... On this video, I have some second thoughts. This test, if done correctly, should be very interesting indeed. Unfortunately in this case, in my opinion, pourly executed. Too many variables, a lot of unanswered questions: 1. First of all, the samples taken, come from different people. So, at their first oil change, how many miles did they each ride? 2. How did they ride? Cruisin', on the edge,... Those are new bikes after all and need to be driven carefully (did they warm up the bike carefully, or did they just floor it on a cold engine)? Also, how experienced are they (new riders might not shift properly, grind the gears...)? 3. Did they all follow the procedure of taking the samples the same way? (e.g. where the oil pans clean enough?) 4. You are comparing brands, are the bikes they used all of the same class? I can imagine that the Ducati and the Aprilia bikes were complicated high performance bikes. But what with the other brands? The Royal Enfield for example is a retro motorcycle with relatively simple mechanics and medium horse power (I do like the RE!)... 5. And then last but not least, the bombshell... All of the brands used in the test have Unit Construction Engines (the gearbox is integrated in the engine block, so it uses the same oil), EXCEPT... Harley Davidson and BMW (the boxer engines)! So, in order to have correct results, you should also take the gearbox oil of these bikes into the equation (don't know if this has been done) So in all, I do like the test and the effort that is put into it, but unfortunately I'm afraid you cut some corners...

  • Noiconnotag

    KTM is shit.

  • SoFa SoGood
    SoFa SoGood

    Fun test, but cultural stereotypes aside, I've yet to see the data proving the motorcycles made by the manufacturers that tested poorly actually last less that the ones that scored better. Waiting for the second part of the video, I guess. 😉👍

  • Rolando Quezada
    Rolando Quezada

    What KTM bike is that that he puts his hands on in the video?

  • Pankaj Kumar
    Pankaj Kumar

    MAKE ANOTHER ONE Get some Indians into the mix, some TVS' and Bajaj

  • E Hoover
    E Hoover

    Interesting, but I don’t think I’d trust this for real word reliability comparisons . Ex: speaking strictly from a dependability/longevity standpoint, I’d take the Suzuki over the KTM/BMW any day