Why Electric Bikes are More Dangerous than Motorcycles
More fun, more speed and less effort. E-bikes seem like a no-brainer. But not so fast. These innocent little electric bicycles are a lot closer to motorcycles than pedal bikes when it comes to injury rates.

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  • sam

    Someone got hurt ban everything


    not one of those crashes was the bikes fault it was idiot riders, we call this natural selection

  • Ken Bad
    Ken Bad

    More than 90% of the time the bicycle and or e-bike accident is the fault of a car driver or truck driver or bus driver it is not the fault of the bicyclists I do realize there are stupid bicyclists that caused many accidents but like I say most of the deaths.and accidents are caused by people driving four-wheeled vehicles they're the ones that cause the problems they're the ones that need to be re-educated they're the ones that need to be forced to go through retraining and get a certificate stating that they are capable of watching out for people on bicycles people on bicycles have just as much right to the roads as they do and that's the problem a lot of four-wheel drivers don't think we should be riding in the roadway and that is wrong we have just as much right to the roads as they do and they should stop trying to get somewhere in 2 minutes and be careful and watch out for everybody.

    • Ken Bad
      Ken Bad

      I forgot to mention the retraining should be mandatory in all states and all countries

  • DJ Alixer
    DJ Alixer

    Injured, hit by cars … on a bicycle. No injuries ever on motorcycle.

  • Steve McQueen
    Steve McQueen

    Modern motorcyclists wear body armour. I wear a tee-shirt and shorts!

  • chris numnuts
    chris numnuts

    thats why in UK your restricted to 25 kilometers a hour are a little over with a 250 watts motor

  • John Camara
    John Camara

    Yeah, it's because people are aiming for you

  • iconoclast

    An idiot is an idiot whether they're on a bike, Ebike, Escooter, motorcycle, car or a truck.

  • Heath McEuen
    Heath McEuen

    I think all evike riders are that has eBay I assume the people that bullies the laws for e-bikes to really limited eBay power or speed on the road where they can't keep it with traffic when it won't get hit it's no different riding a bicycle I'm building a bike ride and I will put a freaking lights on it Glow in dark stickers cuz I've been hit on a regular two wheel antique boys bike when I was 24 it wasn't no fun old lady used me as a football with her car and got away with it cuz people that ride bikes don't have any rights

    • Heath McEuen
      Heath McEuen

      Especially in Little Rock people don't have any rights and they ride bikes and I ain't talking about just e-bikes cuz when I was riding back in my 20 days bikes was all there was I didn't know about no e bikes and if I did I could afford it anyway but I'm finding it very hard to do this he was donation on parts I did buy the frame of a 10-year-old trike that someone built and I had to reformat it cuz I live on a dirt road I had two little wheels on the front from a kid's baby bike and you could have a roof on it and had a window on the front and the sidewalls two front tires and a back tire in the middle and I'm trying to jack it up and I'm going to put evike motor on it and put disc brakes on it and it's a very heavy bike have you build homemade trike bike don't think the motor I got was even cut the mustard on the heels here in mountain view it be like I went and bought myself a 250 watt hub motor climbing these hills with no gumptionbut if I was to put it on a regular bike it will probably go as fast as it will after it would go with a regular bike frame but with a heavy frame and a heavy person riding I doubt it would get there you know plus I got to make sure it don't get there so I put a decrease on it feel like you go 20 miles per hour or less and I doubt it you can go 25 with some kind of way trying to pull and I wanted to pull a little bicycle trailer cuz I have no room inside to carry groceries and I want to go get groceries don't have to be able to trailer okay and I got this idea for a locking magnesium that's built onto the bike that will lock my bike up that would be welded to the frame heavy duty still tubing no one wants to spend the time to cut through that I guarantee you that which add more weight to the frame the frame sorry about the 150 lb or more plus you got 289 lb man I wish I could afford to put 5 to 10,000 w of motor on it I know that's against the rules and yes the law cuz they want bicycles to be hit that certain people riding bicycles up to get hit with that stupid yeah I say it is stupid

  • Bobcat Arts
    Bobcat Arts

    I rode a demo ebike at a motorcycle show in Washington, DC a couple of years ago, after having been on motorcycles for 4 or 5 years. I WAS TERRIFIED. So much power so quickly, so little weight, no gear, lights, etc. That shit will get me killed. I'll stick to my 1800cc Valkyrie. It's safer, thank you.

  • Jonas Andersson
    Jonas Andersson

    Obviously the lack of a proper bike friendly infrastructure is the problem. When you've to compete for space with cars, you'll always lose.

  • Mefayor

    I think that this video has pretty much answered itself - I commute to work on a mountain bike almost everyday (I am saving for a car though, because FUCK PEDALING) while wearing reflective work clothes, or how should I translate - I work in warehouse and everything I wear is reflective, plus I have mediocre lights on my bike - yet I hear or see cars avoiding me at a proper distance - putting a lot of reflective stuff on an ebike should not be a problem and wearing anything reflective or with bright colors should not be a problem either. Would I rather drive a motorcycle or at least a scooter? You bet! To finish my comment: if you have driven as much vehicles as possible on the road, then you can sort of get an empathy from and for anyone and have at least a slight insight on their behavior - if all that you have ever driven is your SUV which you have gained for sucking enough cocks or as an CEO it is the first ever car that you have ever drove and do not know difference between manual gearbox and automatic then oh man, you just might be one of those "but I am in a car, I go first and do anything, anywhere!"

  • Mark Kern
    Mark Kern

    The idiots riding them are dangerous

  • Chandler Sean Spears
    Chandler Sean Spears

    I wonder if they’re taking in account the type of e-bike for some of these studies ? In my city the most popular bikes are the “rad power bikes” mine has just enough juice to give me a good boost and make cycling easier, but it cuts out at 20 mph , I regularly get smoked by pedal only cycles , I can’t imagine causing the amount of damage that I see in some of these videos 😂

  • Kevin Wilkinson
    Kevin Wilkinson

    Gloves. Wear gloves whenever you're on two wheels. Motored cycle or non-motored cycle.

  • Dick Louter
    Dick Louter

    If you can not estimate the speed of a electric bike you can not do that either whit a other car/ motorcycle, normal bike and even pedestrians. So, what's the difference in comparing before electric bikes even existed.

  • Skylar's Terrible Memes
    Skylar's Terrible Memes

    built an ebike recently, been using it for about a month. think it's time for me to upgrade to a motorcycle lol

  • Penguat

    e-bikes in the UK have the assistance limited to 15.5mph. I get the impression this is actually safer, at least when you're in a sticky situation of your own making.

  • Trevor Austin
    Trevor Austin

    The e-bike attracts a certain sort of spanner who thinks going green is virtuous, voting left is right and “soshull meejah” is good stuff. The woke slime who will howl about rights for minorities. Fortunately, realty has some really good lessons for these people. I say subsidise the things. Let these people with no value to society win Darwin Awards.

  • G Smith
    G Smith

    Totally agree with this, and have similar scenarios on the pathways and streets myself.

  • Matthew

    The fact that bikes don't move WITH cars is the deadliest part. I've road biked and commuted on my college campus biking for years and cars notice you way less when you aren't directly in front of them like a motorcycle

  • Greg

    There is a global hate for bicyclist on the road from both car and motorcycle drivers. They're too slow and they put added fear onto the drivers. A fender bender with a car and you just trade insurance information. Likely over in a few minutes. Rear end a bicycle or have one cross your path after they ran a red light and you could end up in prison for four years for Involuntary Manslaughter. Not really all that fair considering the driver wasn't the one that accepted the terms and conditions for the danger the cyclist accepted. Motorcycles could also be thrown into the mix.

  • John King
    John King

    So you’re comparing e bikes to motorcycles rather than pedal cycles?

  • guy with the panzer hausf
    guy with the panzer hausf

    electric bikes are only dangerous if you give it to a pedestrian because they aren't actually good at cycling or have good spacial awareness

  • Can TURK
    Can TURK

    e bikes (non pedelec; up to 25 km assist only) must be banned or consider as motorcycles.

  • Terry Bolton
    Terry Bolton

    This video was made as a result of an elitist motorcycle rider realising how pointless and expensive his license has become, his knowledge of electric bicycle regulations is limited in this video, it's more like an advertisement for bike gear!

  • Dave Bryant
    Dave Bryant

    E bikes are the answer in the UK to horrendous traffic problems in every city. They are limited to 15.5 mph which is fucking stupid. Mine a with a 2000w motor MTB runs at up to 40mph, I have a range of 35-40 miles. I do help with the pedalling. I can get to my place of work 23 miles away 10mins faster than if I use the car. So many short cuts I can now use. Everyone should have one, there should be no limit to speed, no tax, no insurance apart from 3 party liability, no number plates. Nothing. Let them run riot and get cars of the road. You will never have as much fun for so little money and your smug little face will be seen by car users while they are stuck in traffic. Priceless.

  • Nigel Kuo
    Nigel Kuo

    If you rode on the side walk, you might be hit by car coming out from back alleyway.

  • Taylor Anderson
    Taylor Anderson

    This brings up some really good points, although most of them are moot if we built the safety into the roads. The speed issue still remains though, and then there's the perennial issue of people on medications/drug/alcohol operating any kind of equipment.

  • Ian Mangham
    Ian Mangham


  • SchundlerPhoto

    I would venture that the statistics reflect more the nature of an e-bike rider vs. a motorcycle rider. The first has a more casual attitude toward safety vs. the latter. Another factor might well be the fact that to get a motorcycle license, you need to pass tests which question the safety procedures taught in the courses that train the rider for the license test.

  • Will Mac
    Will Mac

    Too many cyclists are left wing self entitled idiots, some who think it's wise and responsible to put their kids in a little trailer attached to the back with a little flag to help drivers not to squash them 😂

  • Chuck wolf
    Chuck wolf

    In the US it is rather easy to get a motorcycle license. Its three day class with about 12 hours of slow speed drills. The best way to learn is to do. I took the class and bought a bike the first day I rode over 250 miles in the first day. You have to get over the first time jitters and ride very often till it becomes second nature. I know more then a few people that purchased bikes rode a little here and there and a year later have less then 500 miles on there bike.

  • Lou B
    Lou B

    Dude you're wrong! Dead wrong! The speed of an accident is one thing. Now add the weight of a motorcycle and you are in for a crazy ride that can crush and kill you. Some e bikes can weight less than a hundred pounds let a lone scooters that weight less than thirty pounds. Huge difference!

  • Amr Shalaby
    Amr Shalaby

    isreal what? what is that :)

  • marcey

    You didn't touch on proper bicycle infrastructure. To me that seems like the real issue🤷‍♀️

  • Steve Santos
    Steve Santos

    No way Ebike much safer, motorcycle rides harder faster impact in a accident is so.much more powerful .with a motorcycle .Ebike you scrap you knee in a accident .lol

  • Zhero

    I think one of the problems is that with an e-bike, people think that if they can go that fast they should go in road instead of cycling paths.

  • Stubom

    Driving or riding on a road should mean owning a license to do so.

  • 畏高的雄火龙then00brathalos

    E bikers : motorcycles are reckless , dangerous and shouldn't exist Also ebikers : goes 70km with no signals , no gears and wearing underwear only

  • drie wiel
    drie wiel

    I don't think an e-bike going 25kmh on a cycle path is quite the same as a motorcycle going 150kmh on the freeway.

  • Frances Colley
    Frances Colley

    Very interesting and an excellently presented comparo topic. Well done.

  • Rick Hewitt
    Rick Hewitt

    People perception to danger and risk is just crazy. Somehow e bikes (well all bicycles) are safer than paramotor, sky diving, kitesurfing ..... Madness , no one says let me know your safe after your bike ride!!! ( or constant ride of near misses that could end your life!)

  • C. C. I.
    C. C. I.

    Where I live, electric MOPEDS - yup, scooter chassis, no pedals - can be declared bicycles and go on the bike lane. Why? Cos no combustion, I suppose. Ridiculous

  • OriginalRecipe

    lol this is pretty true. I don't really follow road laws, don't wear a helmet, and I sometimes go at a constant 20mph. Back when I was just pedaling, I was super attentive and knew when to stop or go, now I just go. However, I do spend a lot more time on the side walk and the riskiest ride I've ever done is go down hill on a generally empty street at 36mph for about 1 mile. That was it lol. But, after seeing this, I'll take my helmet with me next time i ride somewhere far.

  • Milo-

    Using your phone on any bicycle became illegal in the Netherlands and i’m really happy with that because being able to get a ticket is the only way to stop people from doing dumb stuff these days it seems.

  • quadro

    Not really if you live in a bike friendly country

  • Meridion Reftaghn
    Meridion Reftaghn

    You don't reeally need numbers to back that feeling up you get when you're riding a friggin bicycle in traffic. It just oozes 'DANGER'... I do feel a lot safer on the motorcycle, if only for the fact that low speed collisions are much less likely to pancake me in full gear compared to ... well, nothing.

  • Chris S
    Chris S

    Me - Motorcycles are dangerous Also Me - Rides 50mph Ebike

  • Tibor Sipos
    Tibor Sipos

    In the UK ebikes are regulated. 15mph is the max speed without assistance. If its above that, it is considered scooter law, need CBT, license and insurance. Since it doesnt have a reg plate, its under the radar. Btw... 70% of cyclist have a car too, meaning they DO have license and SHOULD be aware of the highway code. HOWEVER! Most people go by the rule: "its only an offence if youre caught" Other issue with ebikes are the compartments itself: a scooter/motorbike will be easily 130kg+ vs ebike 25-35kg Mbikes have weight and volume vs an ebikes light frame ABS and disclock vs some cables and disposable pads I have a custom ebike, purchased some conversion kit. Once it reaches 20mph (downhill) it is getting scary, because you can feel the suspension and the brakes are not designed for that. Yeah... there are quality ebikes with materials in it, but the price... 5k for an ebike vs 2k scooter. And if thieves wants an ebikes, lets say a crime will be closed because no reg plate... no serious investigations... Schools and other communal gathering should have basic highway code teaching. And... even showing the cruel reality and statistics i know... 21st century where momzillas would sue the education system for traumatising kids with... life?! Usually those follow rules who have a near death/ near injury experience. Smart people learn from others mistake, stupid ones from their own...

  • Susan Mason
    Susan Mason

    It is my understanding that the purpose of having an ebike instead of a regular bike is to make it easier to get up hills, and to help you out if you get too tired...like if you ride too far, and don't have the stamina to get back home or something like that. E bikes are not really supposed to go that fast, and they are not supposed to be an alternative to motorcycles. Of course, if you ride them at top speed, they are going to be more dangerous. But, if you use them mostly like a regular bike, just using the motor when needed, they shouldn't be much more dangerous than a reg bike. I don't like to drive that fast anyway, especially down hill, and I don't really like riding in traffic either. I wouldn't even use the motor for down hill or flat terrain, unless I went too far and can't make it back home on pedal power alone. I think people who want to go that fast would be better off with a motor cycle or a moped.

  • Borkchop69


  • Brent G
    Brent G

    Problem is there are so many moron motorcyclists that don't pay attention because they believe everyone should be looking out for them...so many times I've seen near accidents from risk taking motorcyclists...very much like you had shown of ebike riders

  • Jay Vantol
    Jay Vantol

    Awesome video, we desperately need to educate everyone on PEVs so they don't get legislated into oblivion. Be smart folks. I ride an Electric unicycle, can go 50kph and go about 100km range. I've been riding around my neighborhood but am being EXTREMELY polite and courteous and staying out of EVERYONE'S way. I also go to trails to ride instead because I don't want massive legislation hindering me.

  • Flex Operations
    Flex Operations

    Rather die on two wheels then 4 fuck a car because I’m a star ⭐️

  • Greg Oughton
    Greg Oughton

    It sounds like your e-bike is already illegal in most of the world at those speeds. For a commuters in the city they should absolutely have speed limiters and should be treated like normal bikes. The real danger comes from sharing the road with 2 ton metal boxes which travel much faster than you. E-bikes won't be safe until all other bikes are safe too, and even then they should be speed limited, Anything capable of exceeding 30 km/h should require a license (fully human powered bikes obviously excluded).

  • Max

    Yet another reason ebikes are more prone to be unnoticed is that they're not noisy as motorcycles. They rev engines to get noticed on the road when they feel they need to drag attention when overtaking etc., which makes everybody uncomfortable but keeps them safer.

  • Kek chup
    Kek chup

    The thing which makes cycling safer and more attractive is good infrastructure like separated bike lanes etc.

  • DoglinsShadow

    Bicycles are half or less the fun for an equal amount of risk and less gear. Not worth it.

  • Mike Martin
    Mike Martin

    The biggest safety feature of my ebike is that I can ride it on bike paths

  • Andar Broment
    Andar Broment

    Aaaand this is why ebikes have to be Speed limited to 25kph on roads, Down under. :)

  • Harwinder Singh
    Harwinder Singh

    How about you don't ride it and let us ride it. I make a living off e bike to pay my bills

  • Dionysus Fascinus
    Dionysus Fascinus

    It's mostly the shitty infrastructure and the car culture that goes with it. There were plenty of shots in this video where the "infrastructure" was literally just painted on and located badly.

  • 0hypnotoad0

    It has to be said to put things in perspective, it's not the e-bike or motorcycle that typically kills the operator, *it's the car that hits them.* For instance, in canada in 2020, there was about 30 motorcyclist deaths, 70 cyclist deaths, and 330 pedestrian deaths. It's most dangerous to be a pedestrian, and in ever circumstance (bike, motorcycle, or feet) the main contributing factor to the fatality, is the large motor vehicle that's involved in every case. In basically every country, 75% of motorcycle and bicycle fatalities involve colliding with a bigger motor vehicle, almost 100% of pedestrian fatalities involve cars and trucks. Walking is not inherently dangerous, E-bikes are not very dangerous on their own, motorcycles are a bit more dangerous on their own, but require training to use. The 3000 pound steel box that drives into you on the motorway or sidewalk is what's dangerous. The issue is the mixing of large vehicles with pedestrians and 2 wheelers, modern urban planning has assigned absolute priority to large vehicles, with anybody on foot, or any smaller vehicle basically being told to get fucked. Urban planning needs to be designed to keep cars and trucks separated from pedestrians and 2-wheelers, peds, bicycles and low speed motorcycles need their own separate roads and paths, where the chances of colliding with (or more likely, being hit by) larger vehicles is basically nil.

  • weirdo165

    In Sweden e-bikes are capped at 25kph. Of course you can easily remove the speed cap with a little knowhow but the police can and will fine and/or arrest you if you are found out.

  • Trevor Murphy
    Trevor Murphy

    Best advice I can give if a car gets too close break it’s window that’s the only way they’ll learn to look I literally done it about a week ago the driver learned quite quickly I wonder if insurance covers it for being an idiot driver

  • Simon Z
    Simon Z

    May I suggest that the real danger are cars? It may be true that most motorcyclists death and most cyclist injuries do not involve other véhicule (some statistics I read once a long time ago. If yours say the opposite, it might be true) But common sense - that don't contradict any data I've seen - say that falling at 30km/h with a dirt cheap helmet is very unlikely to result in death… until you add one ton of moving steel in the scenario

  • Leaver pool
    Leaver pool

    Well if you can go at 30 kph, a license needs to be created. With this kind of speed you are part of the traffic and therefore need to respect it's laws. We don't see much here except for few delivery guys due to the tough road conditions (eastern city), but we don't see much motorbikes either for travel commute (it's way too tiring due to car people driving like a**holes).

  • Falxie_

    Both are dangerous, but both are fun

  • Groundow

    I guess if there's no bike lanes

  • Keith Brown
    Keith Brown

    If only people could mind their own business and ride what you will within the law.

  • Al P
    Al P

    "Anecdotal evidence is only evidence of an anecdote". Scientific thinking at its best.

  • Mumbles may
    Mumbles may

    Less everyone uses electric bicycles or motorcycles. It going dangerous.

  • Martin

    Great piece of information and advice 👍

  • Aj Tao
    Aj Tao

    This such a false video... ebikes are waaaaay safer than motorcycles! One mistake on a motorcycle and you'll be hurt bad or be killed... but for ebikes physical injury or harm are very low if you ride cautiously and don't be a road hogger like some ass-hole cyclist or ebike people do i.e. use sidewalks and bike lanes when you can and ride against traffic so you can see oncoming vehicles.

    • big chungus but epic
      big chungus but epic

      same goes for motorcycles whats your argument here lol, more cautious riding will benefit both motorcyclists and bike riders

  • superfost2001

    All of a sudden I'm grateful for our 15mph (23kmph) e-bike restriction in the UK!

  • Simon

    im fairly sure that wher i live in France all ebikes are factory limited to 25 kmh anything above that you need a special license for and a whole other bunch of shit like a plate and insurance

  • Eden Ghirmai
    Eden Ghirmai

    I’ve been a motorcyclist / cyclist in a city for 10 years. It’s been pretty easy to predict cars over time, but once San Francisco started having shared ebikes my commutes got WAY more dangerous.

    • Eden Ghirmai
      Eden Ghirmai

      I’ve been fortunate enough to not get into any accidents yet. A mix of expertise and luck. Thanks for all the videos/tips so I can always continue to improve!

    • Eden Ghirmai
      Eden Ghirmai

      and don’t get me started on the shared electric scooters 😭

    • Eden Ghirmai
      Eden Ghirmai

      Cars are fairly easy to predict for me, but novice e bike riders are a wild card! I try to avoid them at all costs

    • Eden Ghirmai
      Eden Ghirmai

      I also find it interesting that you’ve gotten in more accidents as a biker. For me as a (fairly intermediate) motorcyclist I find my biggest weakness to be myself. But as an advanced cyclist i find the hardest obstacle to be others

  • Darron Lewis
    Darron Lewis

    All of these were only problems of cars, high speeds, motorcycles frankly and poor non-integrated infrastructure not E-Bikes. Denmark figured this out decades ago.

  • Travis Terrell
    Travis Terrell

    I mean, the e-bike gets to ride in cycle lanes a lot. Hard to measure, but that definitely increases safety to a fair amount. Also, if somebody owns a motorcycle, they're likely to use it outside of cities much more often, which is a whole new danger.

  • GrnArrow092

    With any vehicle wether it be a car, motorcycle or an ebike, you're going to have stupid people doing stupid things. It's just how it goes. I've been riding bicycles since I was 5 years old and I would never pull stupid stunts like the people seen in this video. I'm looking into buying my first ebike because I see the potential in where it can take me. I just test rode my first ebike the other day and I loved it. It brought the fun back to cycling for me. What I'm concerned about is that these stupid people riding ebikes are going to ruin it for us responsible riders. Only time will tell if lawmakers are going to start regulating ebikes like other motor vehicles.

  • Jordan Warrington
    Jordan Warrington

    Just want to point out in the UK ebikes have alot more limitations than in the states. I.e. the bike motor will turn off if your going 15mph. Throttle isn't allowed or isn't available

  • Chromosome Factory
    Chromosome Factory

    When I ride my bike some ppl look at me like a degen and I don't blame them there are some really stupid and reckless riders out there.

  • AmaruPhoenix

    In Ontario Canada, a motorcycle requires a Written M1, road class & test M2, highway test Full M. I earned my M license and they teach you plenty of defensive and smart skills that you just can't get, or "required to get" with ebikes / emopeds. I have long since given up my Ninja, and hopped on a KingSong EUC (Electric Unicycle) however these basic skills and knowledge I've acquired has given me the ability be sensible even if my unicycle can hit 50km/h. as a professional transit worker, we all share the road. from Tractor Trailers, to, Uber's, to Taxi's, to all the smaller devices in between, we all share the same road, there is no need to rush to save 15 seconds when if you get hit, it'll cost you more time, more pain, and possibly a way of life. just because it isn't mandatory, I highly recommend all PEV's (personal electric vehicles) and even cyclists take a course. but I'm not stupid, even those with full G licenses (Ontario Drivers Licenses) many of them don't even know what a fraking signal light is.

  • Shoomapa Doo
    Shoomapa Doo

    Already the industry is regulating top speed of ebike. The REAL DANGER is cities and governments INSISTENCE upon keeping bicycles off the sidewalks and onto the roads. Like scooter laws.

  • Naomi Kitsune
    Naomi Kitsune

    I use an e-bike cause I can't afford insurance and registration for anything else that goes fast

  • kar oma
    kar oma

    Yup... Now in Israel you need a license to ride an E-Bike, it's not really inforced much, BUT you can be fined a hefty sum if you break traffic laws, and/or ride where pedestrians walk, E-Bikes are not treated as bicycles nor motorcycles, they're just a grey area of annoyance, electric scooters are more popular now, for some reason people don't go 60 km/h on a small wheeled scooter

  • Janne Peltonen
    Janne Peltonen

    60,5 kph on an e-bike? 28,3 kph average? Where I live, an e-bike's motor must stop assisting once the speed reaches 25 kph. If you still get any energy from the motor above that speed, it must be registered as a motorcycle and you need a license and all the mandatory safety equipment. People still get good use from e-bikes on long commutes, but I've never heard of a fatal e-bike accident in here. E-bikes not requiring a license and going at those speeds sound quite insane from my point of view.

  • Scooter Tramp
    Scooter Tramp

    The greatest problem with bicycles is their operators are totally unaware of the rules of the road and as a result they don't understand that they have to adhere to those same rules. As far as I am concerned, if a bicycle rider is injured due to their own lack of knowledge and paying attention to the rules of the road it's their own fault and they are getting exactly what the deserve.

  • Capo

    e-bikes in countries with a proper cycling commuter culture have a limit that ebikes can reach enforced by lore. Normally it's like 25kph or something

  • Wishwere Perera
    Wishwere Perera

    The voice crack when saying prepubescent at 4:35 is gold.

    • D Roam
      D Roam

      It's pure subtle genius. Came to the comments section looking for this, can't believe this is the only comment and I'm the first vote...

  • Far Hs
    Far Hs

    Now listen here... Imagine a separated road just for bikes? Something like a Lane for Bikes

  • StonyRC

    Well balanced and highly informed discussion. Many Thanks - this degree of common sense and reasoned argument is a rare thing these days!

  • Pablo

    The first twenty five seconds is worth the entire price of admission!

  • Mik Wind
    Mik Wind

    ebikes can't assist after 25kph here in germany. Anything above that isn't really classified as a bicycle. Call me skeptical, but a 15kg vehicle that tops out at 25kph isn't really comparable to your average 200kg motocycle that easily gets to 125kph.

  • TheYovero

    Haha, if you put a motor on a bike it is a ficking motorcycle. Not a bike. Whether the motor is electric or gas powered should not make any difference

    • TheYovero

      2 solutions. 1: ebikes need a speedcap that is basically the same as normal biking speed , if you exceed that cap it becomes a motor vehicle woth all the same regulations. Second solution: separate bikes from motor vehicles for God's sake. For all the same reasons that you do not let people walk where you let people drive motor vehicles either

  • Wotanson

    Boy: Hey mom, watch! No hands! (sound of crash) Boy (in pain): Ooh! Mom: Oh no! My baby! What happened! Boy: I just lost control of my bike and crashed. I only skinned my knee a little bit. Nothing too bad! Mom: Jesus H. Christ! My baby! That’s it. No more bike riding for you. Not today, not ever! Boy: Mom, it doesn’t hurt that bad. I love my bike! I just fell. It happens! Mom: That’s it! I’m getting you a car! Boy: Wow! Cool! Mom: I did NOT bring you into this world in order for you to be exposed to anything dangerous! I lost my figure for you, I ruined your father’s life with my nagging... I will not see you die on some outdated contraption! I won’t! I won’t! I won’t! I will protect you in any way I can. It’s a mother’s duty. Boy (tearfully): I love you, mom! Mom: Well, you need a car. We’ll mortgage the house, or do whatever it takes! I want you safe. And what better protection than an overpowered sports coupe you can drive when first experimenting with drinking and drugs? Man: The teenage years can be difficult and dangerous. Don’t make them deadly. Don’t make your teenager ride a bicycle. Be a mother- not a murderer. This is a public service announcement paid for by the governor’s office of San Andreas, in association with Maibatsu Cars of America.

  • Pintexx

    Escooters must be the work of the devil then

  • covercalls88

    Because I also ride motorcycles, I had setup my Ebike like my motorcycles, lights, signals, horn, and I ride with a motorcycle helmet and gloves.

  • Dani

    Let’s be honest tho you are using a shit e bike if you used a good one the results would be very different

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