Why Electric Motorcycles are Failing
It's 2021 and EVs are everywhere - Teslas, e-bicycles, e-scooters, etc. But seeing an electric motorbike in the wild is still rare. Why is the motorcycle industry failing to electrify successfully?

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  • Jakub Pogorzelski
    Jakub Pogorzelski

    I'ma keep it short and sweet. "No sound" that's the main thing of a motorcycle. The air. The sound of the engine. No body gets on a motorcycle for "silence"

  • G lim
    G lim

    Cool bike. In asia tho, you can purchase 110-150cc scooter/underbone on that price range.

  • Dude Dudester
    Dude Dudester

    Fort Nine is an international treasure, truly one of the most talented content creators to ever walk the earth

  • Phatty Mills
    Phatty Mills

    *Casually makes a better ebike solution than manufacturers for the sake of an underrated FIbill channel*

  • Christiaan-Patrice Sarucco
    Christiaan-Patrice Sarucco

    Simpel, the sound.

  • allandnnn

    It's not that they are failing It's that people have been brainwashed in to thinking it will never be as good as gas that's not true even before gas became normal they were racing electric cars range was a problem because the best educated person solo. It was a mystery now we out here making touchable holographic items. But manufacturers are still not letting the leash go on electric vehicles and high range batteries are still withheld from the public because people aren't buying in to the new non explosive/ non flammable batteries Corp stocks like hemp which is a better battery and makes better capacitors

  • Christopher Bradley
    Christopher Bradley

    Electric cars will sell for environmental and economic reasons but all electric cars have the same problem; They are incredibly boring. Motorcycles are all about fun and recreation. All that goes out the window if they are electric. Why would anyone want an electric motorcycle, even if it is fast?

  • Arlen Morrison
    Arlen Morrison

    This is exactly what keeps me from buying a 2 wheeler. I want something electric I could ride the three miles, and around downtown near my house, but it needs to go 35 mph so I don't get killed. I don't need to do 110 on it. Electric scooters sold here top out at 20 mph, or are so ridiculously expensive that I'd rather just build a rallycross car.

  • familycorvette

    Electric vehicles are the transport of the future... and always will be.

  • Tom Anderson
    Tom Anderson

    Should have spent the $1400 in a chinese bike. Research and development costs money, that's why Tesla and other manufacturers get grants from the government. Hey, what is the equivalent of uncle Sam there in the Boreal forest of the north?

  • Thme

    Even though its very controversial I still want to see more ev's because they still are so interesting and have the best capabilites to accelerate and for shorter time can be way more fun

  • Manuel Zapata
    Manuel Zapata

    I'd buy one of those.

  • Alejandro Leon
    Alejandro Leon

    In my personal opinion e-motorcycles are failling because manufactures are making them with very low specs starting from the battery range and also the speed, most of them just have 30-62miles of range which is not atractive for daily use customers, And the top of e-bikes that have more range and great performance are so expensive. Edit: The best options i found are the following: 1.- Xiaomi Segway Ninebot E200P (range 200 km and a top speed of 110 km/h) 2.- Simple energy mark 2 (range 236-250 km and a top speed of 103 km/h)

  • kira asuka
    kira asuka

    so why you buy from China? Why not just weld from the iron mining site? 🤣🤣

  • E-Nonymouse

    E-bicycles leap ahead for more reasons than price and design limitations, they do not require a license or costly insurance in most areas.

  • DucatiHyper821

    Electric will always fail while big oil controls the markets.

  • Travis Donald Stanley
    Travis Donald Stanley

    They are failing cause they are too much performance and not enough range.

  • Dalibor Joksimović
    Dalibor Joksimović

    I mean, even Ferrari decided to make an SUV/Crossover in order to make money and not miss out on that part of the market, yet it's below motorcycle manufacturers to make e-scooters?

  • budi setiawan
    budi setiawan

    The charge is too long and the range is too short

  • Scallywag

    EV motors are where EVs autos were 20 years ago….in complete infancy. I’m sure in 5 years or less they will be quite popular.

  • Mr Tea
    Mr Tea

    I’ve got an electric super soco for around town… actually Cartagena and love it. Super quiet and tons of torque. Lots of tech built in. Electric motos are all over Cartagena. I use my gas bike for the long distance adventures though, if they ever figure out a way to combine them both, like a Prius or a rechargeable on the go then I’d be all over it. Something about a quiet smooth ride with less that can go wrong on long distances.

  • Tho mas
    Tho mas

    just buy an ebike

  • vwr32jeep

    If they want to sell more electric motorcycles they need to offer them in pumpkin spice flavor.

  • The AWN
    The AWN

    I can afford a Zero motorcycle on a 4yr finance plan no problem (well ish) but the kicker here in the UK is insurance. The government is happy to give out grants and pay towards electric vehicles to get them on the road but the main thing that is stopping us from buying an E-Motorbike is the insurance. Get Zero to make a motorbike with a detachable battery (so I can charge it from my flat/work) and get them to have in house insurance similar to BMW Motorrad and I'll be on it. Until then, I'm going to rev bomb every tunnel I find 😉

  • toposeduto

    U guys are fucking geniuses!

  • Ethan Knight
    Ethan Knight

    Wouldn’t matter how fast it was, people who buy bikes aren’t looking for a fast bicycle experience.

  • Ray Rivera
    Ray Rivera

    Hahah awsome I like your video!

  • Drone Strike
    Drone Strike

    Imagine riding a bike associated with Greta Thunberg. Motorcycles is all about freedom. There's no freedom in a motorcycle made from lobbyists ideology. It's why Harley is associated with freedom, because they're loud, not good on gas, big metal bikes that does not understand efficiency. Even the super bikes, they're psychotically fast, 200mph two wheel bikes that don't really care about emissions when you plug in a Power Commander and full exhaust. They can break the speed limit set by our governing bodies in a blink of an eye. You ride bikes because there's a sense of freedom, period.

  • Cokecanninja

    They need to start putting 2 (or more) speed transmissions on electric bikes like the Porsche Taycan. It would massively improve range without limiting acceleration.

  • TuthHurts911411

    If you're going to keep a tank can you make a hybrid motorcycle?

  • Przymrozek

    5:52 - does the battery have an XLR connector??

  • Devdev009

    So, could someone with decent understanding and competency with tools be able to pull off a project like this?

  • David Cruz
    David Cruz

    Why does it have a frickin' gas tank?🤷‍♂️

  • Fernando Tineo
    Fernando Tineo

    Witty jokes "man handling her to my apartment" - my friend you have a new subscriber.

  • Elouan Bazille
    Elouan Bazille

    I'm pretty sure BMW watched your video before coming up with their CE 02 concept and vision AMBY.

  • Stephen Martin
    Stephen Martin

    You talk a lot of Spence want to run our country ?

    • Stephen Martin
      Stephen Martin

      I’m sorry I mean sense :)

  • Christopher Collins
    Christopher Collins

    I kind of want to build one now. Seems like it could be a fun project.

  • ziminar93

    tbh in London what we see is A LOT of ebikes. Electric Bicycles. Which given how they perform.. they sometimes feel like an electric motorbike for the city.

  • Kerem Kekeç
    Kerem Kekeç

    BMW explained. Firstly scooters revealing with electric

  • Colin Pendlebury
    Colin Pendlebury

    Got to say for a Yank you get to the point. Great video.

  • Bucketroo

    Smart, and funny! I love this guy!

  • george barnes
    george barnes

    Was going to buy an electric motorcycle until I got the insurance quote, £2.8 k is just a crazy price for annual insurance, I will stick to my petrol bikes.

  • Oilhead Adventures
    Oilhead Adventures

    This thing is amazing!! Perfect plan to build something like this. THX!

  • DJ

    ola etergo and simple energy scooter is already giving good range

  • Caleb Mugglin
    Caleb Mugglin

    You know it's a good channel when the whole comment section is just quotes

  • Frozuki36

    UK registers around 125,000 motorcycles a year. Super soco have just crossed the 1,000 units in a single year milestone. Currently occupying a 1.2% market share YTD. It's not mega but growing

  • Sid O
    Sid O

    Takes to long to charge and where do you charge on a long country ride.

  • Pelunski Wolf
    Pelunski Wolf

    Meanwhile I can go 110 miles on 2 1/2 gallons of gas without charging times and lack of torque. You can see why these big heavy fairytale machines are failing…

  • Nootka Bear
    Nootka Bear

    In Italy they are calling the E-vehicles 'silent killers' because people walk off of curbs and get smoked at an alarming rate...

  • Paul Griffiths
    Paul Griffiths

    Great video. I'd prefer an electric Honda Trail or Supercub to a 1250cc adventure bike but what do I know? I'm a boomer who is getting too old to manhandle big bikes in the Starbucks parking lot.

  • BoredOutOfMyBoxProd

    These videos are hilarious and informative.

  • EUC Wizard
    EUC Wizard

    They’re failing because electric unicycles are so much cooler

  • Mirothehero

    Companies... Take Notes! ^

  • Adam Versteegh
    Adam Versteegh

    You might as well get a 30mph escooter for $500 and be able to bring it into shops or apartment.

  • Hezekiah Dayson
    Hezekiah Dayson

    There's this Cafe Racer E-Motorcycle built by The Inja and it looks sick.

  • Rider on the Strom
    Rider on the Strom

    I'm counting on the Japanese to figure out hydrogen and keep the internal combustion engine going. Batteries suck ass.

  • willyolio

    There's definitely a physics barrier involved. EV cars work because they can fit a gigantic battery AND provide very, very low coefficient of drag. Bikes are never going to be aerodynamic. Most of the power loss in an EV is from drag, and motorcycles have double the drag of a normal car. Triple or quadruple the drag of a good EV like the Model S. So with a smaller battery and terrible drag coefficient = terrible range. Tesla considers any range less than 250 miles unacceptable. EV bikes consider 150 miles of range is considered impressive for an EV bike. (Some advertise 250+mile range but reviews seem to be

  • Christopher Craig
    Christopher Craig

    I love your Wes Anderson mate, I love your videos.

  • Dawid Bednorz
    Dawid Bednorz

    Motorcycle industry: WE NEED TO BUILD BIGGER! FASTER! MORE EXPENSIVE! Best selling segment in Poland: 125cc Best selling EV moto in Europe: SuperSoco - 125cc equivalent, ~100km range, rideable with car license. I see no problem here. c:

  • Jorge S
    Jorge S

    anyone know the parts list?

  • Lloyd Sumpter
    Lloyd Sumpter

    What you built is called (in Canada) a LSM: Low-speed Motorcycle. And there are MANY available, such as Motorino. They're a step up from a powered bicycle but not a full-fledged motorcycle. You can't take them on the highway - they even struggle to keep up on some city streets where the speed limit is 60-80 km/h. But they ARE readily available.

  • groMMit1981

    That ebike looks f'ing awsome. Do a kickstater, start a business!

  • Ιωάννης Τσάμπρας
    Ιωάννης Τσάμπρας

    why on earth would you add insulation to a battery box?? that's recipe for disaster and shortens the lifespan of the battery...

  • Ιωάννης Τσάμπρας
    Ιωάννης Τσάμπρας

    why on earth would you add insulation to a battery box?? that's recipe for disaster and shortens the lifespan of the battery...

  • Alessandro Gallo
    Alessandro Gallo

    more batteries! (you have room) :)

  • Albert Mercurio
    Albert Mercurio

    So with just one or two batteries. That could easily fit... You'd have awesome range. Jesus Christ where can I buy this Ryan!?

  • Boris Gelauff
    Boris Gelauff

    Would love to see your reaction on Super Soco. Also a cool looking city commuter

  • Toad Boy
    Toad Boy

    Imagine the battery in the gastank...ik why thats a bad idea weight wise And then a nice looking storage space underneath...and then one day practical solar Charging.

  • MrHercules222

    love the "pipes" screensaver!! awesome touch

  • susumukunshiga

    In Japan Honda brought the PCX Electric on the market, a scooter you can ride with car driving license. Good enough for commuting, but missing the fun factor of a real motorcycle. The sound, smell and speed that it makes exciting…

  • No Name
    No Name

    Because nowadays, electric bicycles can go almost as fast but still ride on the sidewalk and and require no license, insurance or registration!!!

  • enntense

    Well..that and a Honda metropolitan 50cc scooter costs 2k , gets 100mpg…and did I mention it’s made by Honda?

  • Thrashard

    its missing the noize

  • MajorSpudhead

    I went to the supplier website... can't find the build that you have here.... it would be perfect for my project

  • Brandon Comer
    Brandon Comer

    they don't have a niche. The practical city commuter is better served by significantly cheaper and more practical mopeds and ebikes. The rural/suburb riders is significantly better served by traditional gas engines. Who exactly would buy an electric motorcycle?

  • Nat Britt
    Nat Britt

    I wish I could go into business with you and create a line of practical E-cycles.

  • Mick Hoving
    Mick Hoving

    Also I believe battery technology is still in its infancy, the charging duration, the range (kilometres/miles) and the way batteries are made and disposed of (environmentally unfriendly)are also contributing factors. Make an electric brushless motor with variable torque and a battery with long range, short battery charge time and you could be the next Nobel Prize winner.... (cough, cough, nuclear?)

  • Luke 0 B
    Luke 0 B


  • Frank_Diesel

    I'd buy an electrolyte motorcycle if the companies weren't trying to get rich charging insane prices. I'm not paying $20k to $40k for a motorcycle. I'd pay $10k, and expect a highway competent bike with at least 150 mile range.

  • Terence Iutzi
    Terence Iutzi

    They don't get government subsidies so you can't afford to drive them and if the government did not make car drivers fund the EVs they wouldn't be here at all!

  • Warwick Shaw
    Warwick Shaw

    Electric Bike with all the specs I want: $25,000 Tesla Model 3 with 4 more seats than a bike: $36,000 _Bruh_

  • Vojtěch Tranta
    Vojtěch Tranta

    You're a genius dude

  • smileandlaughs

    Damn I want one.

  • Isai Sapien
    Isai Sapien

    When Motorcycle came out. They were bicycles with small motors… that being said. Electric Motorcycles will not be the game changer. Electric bicycles will be. They need to press the restart button. And start from bicycles. The first company to mass produce E bikes. With top speeds hitting 60 mph. Will win. Then they’ll push the boundaries. Longer range. More top speed. 0-60… it’s safe to say motorcycle companies are doom. Once this happens.

  • Marty Hopkirk
    Marty Hopkirk

    THIS This is exactly the sort of bike that China needs to start flogging in both Europe and the US.

  • Dakota Heaton
    Dakota Heaton

    Im working on the PERFECT solution dont worry

  • ThorgalsWalhalla

    he just built this mlike that? what how?

  • Hyperdrive E
    Hyperdrive E

    Isn’t the California made Sondors back ordered with a six month waiting list? 🤔 it’s a seemingly perfect commuter bike. You know, for employed people. 80/80 mph/range Can’t hate on that. Odd example? The new Honda Cub & CT gets 150+mpg. They’re proven over 7 decades that they’re maintenance free. They’re so quiet they’re almost silent. Can’t hate in that either, with no urgency to make it electric. Cross country touring bike might Apple up more to semis and less to a urban car like the model 3

  • verdatum

    I get that this is trying to be entertaining and snarky, but this just leaves me with more questions than when I started. Knowing nothing, my first guess would be that the best electric 2-wheeler in the cities would be a lot like a vespa, and apparently I guessed right. But why would this untapped MC market be untapped? There must be a reason and it can't just be corporate ignorance. Even if the Old Gods can't figure out what to do, that just means the startups would invade and take over...

  • Mumo Brian
    Mumo Brian

    Great Content

  • Shooting_Star78

    I don't like electric because the batteries go dead to fast, and take too long to charge. I would rather just put fuel in and go when I want to.

  • SP

    Ola from india has started producing electric scooters on massive scale. One scooter per 2 seconds in the world's largest manufacturing facility!!

  • CorreaFamily

    Electric bikes are failing because they are lame.

  • Lovesugerfett

    great video

  • Yudo NeidaNo
    Yudo NeidaNo

    Because there's no reason for EMCs to exist. they're pointless.

  • Mason’s Casual account
    Mason’s Casual account

    Loud pipes save lives. And electric bikes ain’t got no pipes!

  • kevin james dawes
    kevin james dawes

    Wrong. The motorbike industry is about alpha wannabes . Harleys and horsepower and above all noise and fiddling on in the shed. Electric has none of that but has got a huge price tag compared to life span

  • Samiul Khan
    Samiul Khan

    Build Guide Plz!!

  • Roland

    If you go for a chain or belt drive (which is more expensive) you can fix the speed issue. And you can get a nice range with a centrally mounted pack, like the (failing) bike builders are doing. But it needs to be less expensive. Not everyone wants an expensive sportsbike. What you have built in the video is more an electric scooter, which indeed are selling quite good. They don't require much hardware as well. I have one as well that goes up to 60km/h on the GPS, which is fast enough for that type of bike. And a 100km range in that would not be that difficult.

  • Ben Berman Ghan
    Ben Berman Ghan

    This Suzuki is basically a better super73 lol