Why Millions Buy Harley-Davidson Motorcycles
People say these motorbikes are overpriced tractors for the blindly patriotic. But we also see a few logical, erudite reasons to choose a Harley-Davidson motorcycle. Seriously.

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  • Moe Lester
    Moe Lester

    Rode a soft tail 50km once. Never ever again

  • TheGholiday

    Harley Davidson, turning petrol into noise for umpteen years. 🤣🤣🤣 Nice to know why they’re so damned loud and why I’ll never buy one.

  • John Penrod
    John Penrod

    Yeah convinced me to like them even less thanks f9

  • Aaron LaBranche
    Aaron LaBranche

    To the 6 out of 10 Harley riders that ignore the 2 fingers down sorry about your little dink

  • exponent mantissa
    exponent mantissa

    Harley owners are so vain. I cant tell you how many times a guy on a Harley will pull up beside my KTM 890 and instantly he feels a need to rev his engine at a red light and then scream ahead as if he has to show his powerful status symbol. Truth is with more HP and a fraction of the weight I would smoke them in a race but that behaviour is not for safe street riding nor do I think I have to prove something.

  • CrownEmber

    My uncle who rides bikes all the time knew a Harley Davidson group of riders and one of those people told him “ if you dont see oil under the harley there sure as hell aint any in it”

  • Mister Dinkleburg
    Mister Dinkleburg

    From what i knew the fat boy wasnt named so. Even if so, between feverent conservative patriots, the outlook of the pacific war was that it will wear on untill the women in Tokyo would be fighting us gi's. Alot of information has been twisted and untold. Like wind on those days, the pre fire bombing... and the brutality of Japanese forces from the "rape of nanking" (-book reference) to the bataan death march. I will also say willingly as to be transparent that gi's are not all innocent either as the iwo jima cave incident will entail. War is hell, so dont let it happen in your cam chest ryan. I saw what you did there not bringing up willie davidson lol

  • Professor Maddren
    Professor Maddren

    "A shift in perspective; and sacrilege becomes sacred." So, is Ryan comparing the advent of Harley-Davidson to the Protestant Reformation? A thought-provoking analogy . . .

  • Alain REMI
    Alain REMI

    Harleys are for old fart ! You want a V twin get a Moto Guzzi, Italians know how to make real bikes!

  • jed dej
    jed dej

    You never fully know if Ryan is taking the piss or being downright honest..... the best is he's actually doing both at the same time.

  • Paul Martin
    Paul Martin

    You meet nicer people on a Honda though.

  • TheSollyLama

    I was a life long HD guy, old school biker. But I am also a realist- and know that my interest in the brand was just that- a brand. The HD's I've owner have been cool, but never come close to being as good mechanically as Japanese bikes I've had. Now that I am older, fatter, and hopefully wiser, I barely even notice HD any more. When considering a big touring machine for next spring HD was discounted almost immediately. Having removed the brand and nostalgia from the equation- HD wasn't even in the running.

  • Jay Gallamore
    Jay Gallamore

    I love these videos with their combination of humor and physics lessons. F9 explains the downside of Dyna suspensions and he …. Rides a Dyna - love it!

  • ddavexn

    I love watching F9's videos. I always feel like I'm being educated and entertained in equal measures! I just wish I'd had teachers like him when I was at school. I'd have really enjoyed the learning process then! Thanks Ryan for another great presentation!

  • Fernando Zuazua
    Fernando Zuazua

    Old man to tickle their prostates , he found the secret of harley;s success

  • Supranee Olan
    Supranee Olan


  • Pseudo Mortality
    Pseudo Mortality

    This left me with more questions than I started with.

  • Smooman

    Still rather have my ZZR 1100, Harley's scene is just a bit too Tom of Finland for me and way to expensive.

  • Dan Clay
    Dan Clay

    Why is the Fat Boy poor taste? The Japanese were cutting 100000s of peoples heads off just prior. Plus, the Japanese just wouldn't surrender. To win a war you have to make the enemy die while you live.

  • Michel Comiot
    Michel Comiot

    It’s not logical Captain, shut it Spock, I want one …….

  • Dan Black
    Dan Black

    My 2009 Night Train is absolutely amazing. Best fun bike I've ever ridden. It's a badass look and comfortable. My second bike is going to be a tiger 1200.


    Well I learned alot omg

  • rajveer singh
    rajveer singh

    I like how he says "break it down for me" and then they break it down.

  • Chaperone

    Coulda been titled, "why tons of motorcycle buyers choose to be dumb"

  • Chris R.
    Chris R.

    The only Hardley I would even consider buying would be a XR1200X.

  • daniel kushnir
    daniel kushnir

    2 months after this video was released I bought a harley. Thanks f9 you convinced me

  • Rebel N Trains
    Rebel N Trains

    The Wobbles and crashes you showed were from the touring chassis and not the dyna. But the touring bikes has a similar rear suspension to the dyna.

  • Grant85kg

    Holy hell, I never realized the association with the Fat Boy name 😳

  • William Rae
    William Rae

    I lost it in tears at "Halftrack"....

  • 0600Zulu

    I'll say Harley is finally starting to break their mold... see the new Sportster S and the Pan America (which I just purchased a couple months ago).

  • TM

    American engineering at it finest 😂

  • TM


  • Mike Loves to ride
    Mike Loves to ride

    I riden motorcycles most of my 64 years, Enjoyed working at Honda, Yamaha and Harley dealerships, I've owned bikes of different brands/ styles. I love long cross country trips best. When taking a long trip, my choice of bike would be the Harley touring bike. They are great to make fun of but they are great to ride also.

  • 340rps

    Suckers ?

  • Hobo

    2016 Fat Boy lo Satin Black (All Stock) is my dream. AND even Harley cant change it.

  • Dukeljk

    That twin cam doesn't fire both plugs at the same time. They don't do that since the twin cam. Also the Fatboy first was 1990. First softail was 1984. There is also no proof that the Fatboy was named after atomic bombs.

  • nate dean
    nate dean

    My two cents? Ive owned Honda's and Yamaha's. I like all motorcycles. But I find HD more comfortable and easier to work on. And well yeah the throttle is satisfying.

  • Matt Woodling
    Matt Woodling

    Uh-huh. I'd like to know why hundreds of thousands of Harley owners and their friends go to Sturgis in the middle of a pandemic. I can't help but think "Harley" is an idea to them that completely counters the basic ideas some of their elders tried to teach them when they were kids - like kindness, and sacrificing now for later, and sacrificing just a tiny part of their life for others.

  • Simon Belmont
    Simon Belmont

    9:46 is not the shocks, he hit a banana peel.

  • dude112

    Level of quality in this videos is fantastic!

  • Roy

    Luckily the Harley rider wore a good suit!

  • leesops

    Just found your video I sub. love the work you did here.

  • tracerxy

    Fart bikes are shit and have always been so. Why would you have to suck Gov't dik to save yourselves, or allow a bowling ball company to do same if your product was so good? Honda Gold Wings sound killer w/o the baffles btw, WAY cooler than a farty Davison. HD will be gone in about 2 years, sorry Village People, lol, cuz they SUCK.

  • MotorHead

    That's what happens when you use your head only, not heart. You don't know what to do. You analyse params and other things. But dude that's not the thing, switch of your analytical approach and just enjoy the ride :)

  • MotorHead

    That's why you need to review new sportster S. But as a BMW rider, I still think HD have the most awesome looking bikes and community so just buy f.... harley.

  • elguitarTom

    FXDX? If so, what year?

  • T Rex
    T Rex


  • Alan Robinson
    Alan Robinson

    Did you just waste a fine wine?!?!?!?!?!?!? Damn dude.

  • Marvin Gross
    Marvin Gross

    Whats Hank Williams Jr doing with all those frames ?

  • Drone Strike
    Drone Strike

    C7 Corvette...am I a joke to you?

  • H Y
    H Y

    Audio volumes are all over the place

  • Aniquin Stark
    Aniquin Stark

    Much like the humble 6 shooter, Harleys have a certain mojo about them. A classic feel and style that never gets old.

  • William Queen
    William Queen

    Harley sure does sell a lot of motorcycles for a T shirt company.

  • bgm1911

    1:21 in and, once again, great content F9.

  • KiaraNushKatan1

    i don't like you, but you make good videos...

  • Lee Price
    Lee Price

    He really does make great videos . My 2 cents on harley .. I've owned a few ( always older ones ) and my last one I actually loved . I ride a triumph america at the moment and see how narrow minded and judgemental I'd become . So in conclusion ... sound , feel and style , spot on . But they are one option of many . They are also poor , poor value for money . Parts are triple the price and shit quality , often not fitting the bike , and because of all the image and cudos I can safely say almost all owners are so busy with their egos , they lose that humble honest enjoyment of just riding . In short . ... the price you pay monetarily is what taints the experience . And what you lose inside yourself corrupts the experience of riding . I.M.O. . What ever your reasons to ride .. enjoy 😊

    • Zachary Hazard
      Zachary Hazard

      Sure there are plenty of closed minded assholes on Harleys but I don't let that shoe horn me into that category. There is just something about the fueling that Harley got right. It is so satisfying. One could argue value 'til..well, you know. You can keep on fixin' her and she'll run forever. And that's the goal, as you said. \m/


    Electric Harleys will have subwoofer and vibrator!!!!!!

  • barnacle pete
    barnacle pete

    Lol. Harleys have consistently been the most poorly designed and performing bikes in history.

  • ontheedge33371

    I love my burnouts and wheelies on my HoG ⚡️⚡️🔥🔥👍🏼👍🏼

  • TheGreatDers

    I love my harley, bought an ironhead last year. Its already given me some grief, but I dont regret it a bit

  • Hector's Kmetija
    Hector's Kmetija

    I'm a self confessed Yam sports bike person only, hate Honda's solely for the reason I had one as my second bike and it was sh!t. Hate Harley's also a I believe they are not as much like a bike as a soft top car. Plus I have only met one person who could ride one like a bike. Now I have ignited the blue touch paper.....

  • You are correct But
    You are correct But

    Harleys have been turning gasoline into noise for a hundred years or so. They are so good at doing that. Everything else you want a motorcycle to do ……..not so much.

  • Thomas Moore
    Thomas Moore

    im 100%%%% japanese bike harley over rated and not best for u dollars

  • Monty

    I have no idea

  • oriana gonzalez
    oriana gonzalez

    I drive a Bonneville, it was my dream bike but I really miss the cruiser sound. It gets you heart pumping 😆 and high on adrenaline...

  • J.D. Black
    J.D. Black

    None of this changes the fact that riding these makes you look like an asshole. What gives anyone the right to make that much fucking noise pollution, especially in the city?

  • Tom

    2:30 That bang-bang pause thing isn't quite correct. The ignition order isn't 0-45-675 degrees and so on but 0-405-315 degrees. Also there is no dual spark since the 80s.

  • Ray Dreamer
    Ray Dreamer

    A lot of info I did not know. I did feel I went back in time when I was riding my first Sportster ..... and liked it.....

  • Al H
    Al H

    And why many more millions don’t by them.

  • MrNeznaika82

    cuz billions buy yamaha

  • SharkAttackHi_iH

    Well when you put it like that….

  • Hawks Bill
    Hawks Bill

    I ride a Busa. My Harley was slow like a farm tractor.

  • john K
    john K

    STOP. There’s maybe hundreds if not thousands of motorcycle models with twin shocks and frames that flex. The death wobble is often due to lack of proper tire pressure. I know many friends that have tens of thousands miles each on their Dyna’s without ever a wobble. If you’re willing to ride any motorcycle with the associated risks, please don’t talk to me about worrying about a death wobble, especially if you keep your bike well-maintained.

  • Bryan McElroy
    Bryan McElroy

    I love motorcycles. I hate hardleys

  • ToddTube

    The real reason is, they will finance anyone with a 540 or higher credit score.

  • Michael Tinnel
    Michael Tinnel

    The fat boy was a statement loud and proud. Back to back world war champs! Whoop whoop

  • Thrashard

    because its a harley

  • Bengt Björck
    Bengt Björck

    The worst engineering work ever and the best marketing work ever!

  • John Cee
    John Cee

    Culture of reputation, tough guys, the noise, but certainly not the economics of ownership. 10% of sales, 50% of registered thefts.....

  • Willy Jimmy
    Willy Jimmy

    It's not so much the bike that's annoying, more the riders. The whole low-T overcompensation cosplay geriatric gang attitude isn't intimidating, it's idiotic and annoying.

  • VahediMedia

    One day Netflix will reach this level of a documentary 😉

  • lee hartung
    lee hartung

    Harley should keep making the old air cooled bikes for the people who want the sound of a paint shaker, but also make the same bikes with the V-Rod engine, maybe with a little more power. Imagine a Harley dresser with a 120-150 HP pumped up V-Rod! Would give Beemers and Goldwings a run for there money.

  • Fred

    I’d like to see him review the Pan America.

  • Bradley Tibbetts
    Bradley Tibbetts

    Why millions buy Harleys: Great marketing.

  • DobermansRock

    21 years on my Dyna. Still runs strong and never left me on the side of the road. Too many people created an opinion of Harley that has to do with the AMF years. Yet forget Harley and Porsche got together and created the Evolution. The FXR was the best motorcycle frame of its time and all hand welded. When I ride and I see the guy show up on a Panhead or Knuckle head. I have a lot of respect for all the people who loved it to keep it. I have not yet seen vary many crotch rockets that are 20+ years old and still rolling. Harley = Zippo Rice = Bic One you love and keep around as it becomes more and more sentimental. The other runs out of fuel and is disposable. Its not the bike its the ride and the people you meet. I prefer to ride with others on V-Twins but I ride with anyone willing to suit up for a 250 mile day.

  • deadmanprodinc

    I believe their following has more to do with a cult following than good mechanical engineering, great handling or offerings of diversified riding. These attributes should be the primary considerations when purchasing a bike which takes HD our of the equation. Not the roar and look at me factors. You don't buy a cell phone because of it's ring tone. Another entertaining presentation by Ryan but I feel he is being remarkably kind. HD lost 92 million lost last year and it is because they there are so many good high tech manufacturers out there.

  • Axlerod the great Bauman
    Axlerod the great Bauman

    F9 now explained the unexplained obsession with Harley’s we Americans have.

  • Mark Kus
    Mark Kus

    Never I’d like to have a early 1900’s Harley but never would I own a Hog!

  • Daniel

    I never buy iphones and harleys :))

  • neo anderson
    neo anderson


  • Generic Guy
    Generic Guy

    Indian and chinese market is the future. if Harley doesn't break into these markets they r finished....

  • Goy Ishah
    Goy Ishah

    Lol, it's even better if you're a woman. Cut a slit down the middle of the seat and push a hard hemp rope into there and then see how she acts when she rides. 20 mins of that and she won't be able to sit down anymore, lmao! x'D

  • Ben Clewett
    Ben Clewett

    Here in the UK bikers nod at each other as they pass. (In Europe, they lay out a flat hand salute. But being left hand driver in the UK we can't do that, or lose control of the throttle. So we just nod.). But what annoys me is that Harley bikers never reciprocate. They seem to exist in their own universe away from all other bikers. Are they arrogant, dumb, or just rude? May I ask, is that the same in Canada?

    • Pierre Bergeron
      Pierre Bergeron

      No. They (mostly) reciprocate the salutes. Mine, anyway. I must say, I’m always a little surprised.

  • Reluctant Biker
    Reluctant Biker

    I watched the video until the end waiting for some sort of conclusion on the matter. I'm still waiting :). Great job as always, F9!

  • Sahid

    Wonderful production! I have seldom subscribed a chanel with this much of sophistication.

  • MrHercules222

    Preaches about the perils of riding a Dyna fast through corners.... while riding a Dyna fast through corners

  • E MaK
    E MaK

    Kept waiting to see sparks as you leaned those turns. It is an over priced lawn mower engine. And now I also learned here, a lawn mover engine mounted on two po-go sticks. Wonderful.

  • Dave Meise
    Dave Meise

    I've been riding for about 50 years now but never owned a Harley. What I've noticed is that on most of the riding I've done, many of the Harley riders consistently said they were riding the best bikes ever! However, consistently, the bikes that broke down the most often were the Harleys. I feel they are low or medium quality bikes sold as premium bikes and for premium prices. I've always felt the engineering behind the bikes was sub par and this video explains it perfectly.

  • Bullwinkle 119
    Bullwinkle 119

    People are always trying to un-throne the king, always. All you nay sayers can’t afford one, sorry.

  • mh

    Potato potato potato

    • wwb

      Close..... more like a wet fart.