Why Motorcycle Helmets Use this Ancient Buckle
Ever wonder why motorbike helmets use double D-rings instead of ordinary buckles? We did. Turns out there's a catastrophically good reason!

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  • HonorB 4Glory
    HonorB 4Glory

    Pretty sure I can produce enough force with my bicycle to break the first one. Garbage.

  • lary angel
    lary angel


  • Master80059

    dd is also more reliable and do not wear out as fast. plus i have had in crashes the non dd straps get stuck and have to be cut. not the best thing when you are trying to remove pressure on the air way without removing or moving the helmet. you should have also tested them at what point to they stop functioning and being able to be opened.

  • KevinsChilli

    Plexiglass is a brand of Acrylic which is brittle and fragile as you saw in your experiments. You should be using Polycarbonate for your protective screen

  • Arthur B
    Arthur B

    Used to have a perfect Shoei Jcruz with the ancient buckle. But alas the new Shoei JCruz comes with annoying heavy ratchet. Constantly smudged drop down sun shield, and crap ventilation. But hey we get shitty SENA mounting which makes me mount my Cardo further back…dumb bastards ruined a perfect helmet.

  • Chris R.
    Chris R.


  • Gonzalo Marsilli
    Gonzalo Marsilli

    it is a shame that Fortnine does not do weekly videos....

  • theservman

    I saw this video a couple of weeks ago. Last week when I was going ready to go out on my bicycle I thought about what you said about the double D-ring closure and how it forces you to adjust your helmet properly every time you put it on. So I checked my own strap and found it was a little looser than it should be. I adjusted it, and found it a little tighter than I'd like, but left it that way. 8 minutes later I was sitting on the side of the road, surrounded by shattered carbon and spitting my teeth into my hand after going face first into the A-pillar of a Hyundai at 30km/h (car came out of a driveway 3-4m ahead of me - I only had time to wince). The fact that you inspired me to adjust my helmet may have contributed to the fact that apart from some dental damage, all I have are a few bruises from this encounter. Thanks!

  • Athaphian

    Funny, I'm from Holland, i've tried quite a few helmets on and,.. I didn't even know the D ring was still used. I thought all modern helmets had switched to the 'ratcheting' type. I don't think I've seen a single D ring in the stores I've been to.

  • Simon of Oz
    Simon of Oz

    Dislike and unsubscribe? What do I win 🤨

  • Lex

    I does look like you guys didn't do the ratchet strap up fully and just had it sitting on the last notch. I also think you miss the benefit of simplicity in the connections, I have seen many many inexperienced people do up double DD's the wrong way and have them be useless. With some of the other methods it's very obvious when it's not connected.

  • Jason Weaver
    Jason Weaver

    But is my helmet manufacturer using materials and designs that are in spec for buckles?

  • Speedy Boi
    Speedy Boi

    I hate putting that thing on I hate it rubbing in my neck and the time it takes so much time to put on and take off

  • Moist Mush
    Moist Mush

    Not only have you Been filling my head with classy knowledge. You may save my life. Bro I think I love you.

  • Nate

    Whoa… good thing I don’t wear a helmet.

  • AnarchistMetalhead

    for sailboat sunroofs there is another option that combines most advantages of the double rings and the more modern shutting mechanisms they are steplessly adjustable, and have to be adjusted when used every time, just like the rings, but can be quickly opened up again, as the strap is clamped onto the ring by a metal plate pushed down with a spring

  • Morkanz

    thank you guys for your work, simply perfect and informative as always

  • Omar Han
    Omar Han

    Super enlightening. Thanks a lot

  • e1 awesome
    e1 awesome

    I was so curious about my new MX-9 Adventure MIPS helmet that comes in Double-D lock, I didn’t know what to use and wonder why it is this type because many of helmet use other type of strap lock. Now I know Thanks!!!!

  • Updog

    How the hell does this channel only have 1M subs? I'd figure he would have much more, either way good stuff.

  • astorMorisson

    4:44 So it failed not at the connection but at the buckle ring. If the D Rings where out of aluminium it would fail the same or am I missing something. This has nothing to do with the forms but with the materials used.

  • Savage22 Bolt
    Savage22 Bolt

    Man I had to shut the volume off, the background music sucked so bad! And my magnetic clasped bicycle & ski helmets ars always adjusted properly. Thankfully my parents were smart & they imparted some intelligence to me. (70 yrs old now)

  • wraithsrath

    I just purchased an expensive helmet with quick release ratchet system will be returning tomorrow for d ring style, thank you for your continued information concerning safety.

  • Harkler

    Were those readings taken straight from the torque wrench, or did you account for the angle of the jack? The only time that the reading of the torque wrench represents the pressure on the strap is when the the angled parts of the jack are at 45°. Steeper than that and the torque meter will read lower; shallower than than that and it will read higher. The only way you can compare those numbers is if they all broke when the jack was at the same angle or if you adjusted the results based on the angle of the jack.

  • Paul Boxer
    Paul Boxer

    One cannot simply reinvent the Double D-ring.

  • Raynald Torres
    Raynald Torres

    My old helmet was a quick release. I bought an expensive AGV helmet and was surprised that it had d rings. At first i thought it was more inconvenient to put on and off. Also paying more for cheaper straps. Then i saw this video then im now convinced that my expensive italian helmet was safer afterall. Thank you for this informative video!

  • jmgoldcity

    Great video. If you are looking for safety while filming best change to a polycarbonate screen and stop with the brittle acrylic (Plexi)

  • tomnwoo

    Ironically disliking and unsubscribing is exactly what I've done

  • Richard McKnight
    Richard McKnight

    I' ve seen the cheapest helmets use double D rings, and more expensive models use the ratchet...which is easier to use but you then pay more for a less safe product..... Reverse psychology perhaps

  • franzb69

    still prefer ratchets and fidlocks tho.

  • Daniel Johnson
    Daniel Johnson

    I lost it at the end!

  • Grandeur

    what is this shit? only the d rings were made out of metal and the others were plastic? this british fish and chips rapscalion is really grinding my spam with this clearly biased testing. he probably prefers soccer over football too, just vomited inside my mouth.

  • Steven Leininger
    Steven Leininger

    That test looked more dangerous the actual motercycle riding 😳

  • Jason Smith
    Jason Smith

    Probably best marketing in the world 😉

  • Lari Fari
    Lari Fari

    Where could I buy those double-Ds to fit my helmet?

  • undead9999

    to be honest, even if the info provided is excellent, with a type of damage serious enough to wrench the helmet out of my head, I'd be too dead to care if my buckle fails or not.

  • S Y
    S Y

    God d- rings on my agv and hated it for the reason it was fiddly when I can’t see it, but I’ll take that after seeing it’s actually going to not break 😂

  • James Nurgle
    James Nurgle

    glad to see the camera taking proper precautions

  • Jon Doe
    Jon Doe

    I run the ratchet quick release on my mx helmet😁🇺🇲

  • Taupila

    Disliked and unsubscribed. >:(

  • Thomas Pfeifer
    Thomas Pfeifer

    do you actually measure lift force, or calculate it based on the torque applied? (force is going to depend on the height of the jack at any given time, based on the angles of the "arms" to convert the lateral "squeezing" from the screw into upwards force). I'm also not so sure the strap failure is so conclusive. the strap is *part* of the buckle with the D ring, and it looks like the D ring basically sliced through the webbing (and you won't get slicing with the other buckles). still a very interesting series of test though

  • aussie wantok
    aussie wantok

    Very good, you moose hugger ;-)

  • Emmanuel Collado
    Emmanuel Collado

    Rip RUROC hahahaha

  • Philippe Bruneau
    Philippe Bruneau

    The fidlock hook almost did it tbh. I am not too surprise about the side release buckle especially the one he used because they always felt like (to me) they are just good enough to buckle things but no more then that.

  • Maksym Karazieiev
    Maksym Karazieiev

    Would be nice to see buckles break in a slow mo. And ... lats be honest ... it's way more easy to unbuckle with "alternative" buckles than D-rings...

    • bébé cheeses
      bébé cheeses

      I've had helmets with every fastener shown here other than the fancy german magnetic one. I can undo my D ring helmet with one hand in all of my gloves (including the fumbly winter ones) and it might take one second more than a clip. It''s not difficult at all, once you know how.

  • Myndflex

    F9 is hilarious

  • KoczkaSanya

    Can you do this in slow motion please :D? I would love to watch how the buckles brake down.

  • dominic coscarelli
    dominic coscarelli

    So thise straps are garbage 15.91 newton is like 3lbs. So all thise buckles are crap with the double d being the less shit of them all. I mean i thought these devices were supposed to resist huge forces same with the straps. I guess their not

  • benellias87

    I'm now 100% confident that you never had the wasp stack between your helmet and your face on a freaking Highway....

  • Reezon

    For my job, keeping gloves on, helmet on and have it easy to take off works wonders with a shark $800+ modular with a ratchet buckle and always checking for tightness, I mean maybe once I forgot, but have not had a single issue yet, no extra wear, no fraying due to over tightening/loosening of it constantly and it is a tough lid to pull off due to all the extra padding anyway, so the buckle works more than intended :) I am all for safety, but on occasion, the only helmet that you can buy that fits you properly, isn't exactly subject to change prior to purchase, and is illegal to modify here in australia, so ya know...

  • Its my Bike
    Its my Bike

    Great video indeed :) Speaking of Mr Stretch? A Question that needs to be answered once and for all.. Why do we Adjust our Chain and rear wheel? 1, Do Drive Chains stretch? 2, Or do Sprockets shrink? 3, Or a combination of Both? i belive Sprockets shrink and chains dnt stretch.. Whos with me?

  • Critical Event
    Critical Event

    What the heck is that building in the background, and where' the rest of it?

  • Jacob Reynolds
    Jacob Reynolds

    Thank you for making unique content

  • gutplucker


  • niklas johansson
    niklas johansson

    Oh no he didnt say "dick clip"😂😂

  • Comi

    Ill stay with micrometric thanks anyway

  • Carlos Cal
    Carlos Cal

    I still prefer the ratchet buckle, never had a problem in over 10 years.

  • Gareth McKnight
    Gareth McKnight

    Can you guys please please do a review of the Ruroc helmets lol.

  • Joseph Storm
    Joseph Storm

    I’m the Schuberth man myself and I have the snowboard binding 😂 honestly super easy and I doubt my head will slip out because the neck hole is to small for my head.

  • Brett Searle
    Brett Searle

    are you in sunshine parking lot?

  • Άγιος Βασίλης
    Άγιος Βασίλης

    actually it is really impressive how much strenght the magnetic ones can tolerate

  • Ecuador Freedom Bike Rental
    Ecuador Freedom Bike Rental

    Great job, once again!

  • MarcoAdez

    Please do a video on bar end mirrors.

  • Modine

    6:30 "Now don't forget to dislike and unsubscribe" when was the last time a FIbillr said that!? 😂😆😅🤣👍

  • Game Tube
    Game Tube

    That was not the first trick I had to learn when I rod a motor bike for the first time.......

  • Martin Zubčák
    Martin Zubčák

    I think your method does not correspond to real crash. Helmets are tested by impacts as you stated in other videos and straps should be therefore also tested by "sudden" pulls. You do not put your helmet into hydralic press and draw conclusions from that.

  • Senichan

    i have disliked and unsubscribed. Then I felt bad and subscribed again and liked. sorry ,but I could not do your instructions!

  • sircooper1963

    How are the FRENCH, please enlighten me?

  • norbert horvath
    norbert horvath

    it seems cheaper to make double d s for all helmets so why manufacturers put micrometric buckles onto almost all cheaper ones. I wonder if this is a way to make people buy the more expensive protection just because it has a double d ring

  • Carnage garage customs
    Carnage garage customs

    Very nice video sir very nice sometimes mechanical is better than the quicker alternative

  • George Roberts
    George Roberts

    Wow! I now have a new found appreciation and respect for the good old double D buckle. That will help me stay calm and relieve frustration the next time I forget to buckle my helmet before putting my gloves on.

  • Jazzy Bubbles
    Jazzy Bubbles

    It becomes so easy to use the double d's after riding for a bit but when you got to do it for another person with the helmet on there head.

  • Micah Morgan
    Micah Morgan

    I dig your stuff man! I've learned a lot and your style of camera work, presentation, and editing is awesome! Keep it coming! Also, have you considered a sticker with just your emblem on it? I'd buy that! 👈😉👉

  • M Morgz
    M Morgz

    also keep in mind, the ratchet comes in metal, not just plastic. i use one on my LS2 valiant. dont ever want to go a helmet without again XD... stuff the dbl D ring

  • Jon Lawrence
    Jon Lawrence

    Keep it simple stupid. If it ain’t broke, don’t try to make sales by fixing it

  • J3tzt bassman
    J3tzt bassman

    Slow-mo replay would have been nice. Very Mythbuster-esque.

  • Jake Mustian
    Jake Mustian

    "don't forget to dislike and unsubscribe" classic

  • stefan speidel
    stefan speidel

    FACK! I got a ratchet strap :,(

  • Michael

    If I’m in an accident THAT violent to rip the helmet off my head…. Even the first one would be sufficient.

  • ReboManIsEverywhere

    How about the quick release strap lock on double D rings? I always do the quick release strap.

  • drklueber

    Maybe an American/Canadian thing? I haven't had (or seen) a helmet using a double d-ring in about thirty years...

  • e

    Wrong. First skill is tie your shoe.

  • Olivia Lambert
    Olivia Lambert

    I'd think part of it would be material. After all a steel dick clip is certainly going to be stronger than nylon. I don't know if the dick clip would be prohibitively expensive with metal, but I do know my spare helmet uses a different style of clip made mostly of metal, looking akin to a mini seatbelt buckle. That said I've gone back to the double Ds anyway precisely for safety reasons (and because they can be done almost as quickly before you put your gloves on. Passengers still get the buckle though, and often they still need help with it.

  • Bugra San
    Bugra San

    who the fuck has a bicycle helmet?!?!?

  • Стеф Манов
    Стеф Манов

    First thing .. Helmet ? Haha.. Some pleases in 3rd world countries that still don't use them at all.

  • Mitchell Caliman HaLevi
    Mitchell Caliman HaLevi

    566 people disliked this....Hmmmm

  • Joel Alvares
    Joel Alvares

    Awesome vid...next time use some armour on that wrench hand... lol!!

  • Iron Rider
    Iron Rider

    Nice that your protection and placement of the test bench evolve test by test. Ride safe be safe.

  • Brunshildan Eidottir
    Brunshildan Eidottir

    You can't simply compare those torques! The lever arm of force (taking effect on the strap) is dependent from the condition of the car lift and changes rotation by rotation.

  • James Farrelly
    James Farrelly

    My respect for the people that disliked 📈📈📈📈📈📈📈📈📈

  • abossx

    The slow no guys should do this test again

  • The Mosh
    The Mosh

    Uhhh no... Thanks for the info but I'd still rather have my quick release than the double d rings😅

  • STK K
    STK K

    It's faster fastened than you think. You always keep the belt in the rings and just loosen it a bit. Then you can slip through. When tighten it, you just pull a bit, and you're done. Also you are less likely to get pressure marks on your neck with these.

  • John

    At 555 pounds of lift force, would a person's head still be attached? I get the idea of what you're saying, but I've not come across much about how ratchet straps are failing and needlessly endangering or killing street riders. Even Schuberth admits that there aren't tracks that allow quick-release straps. Here's a pretty curious sentence from the article: "Mr Hyland was wearing a helmet with a clasp buckle and a strap that had no stitching at the end to prevent the strap pulling right through the clasp." So it wasn't a ratchet strap. It was what you called a "side-release". And if there wasn't stitching on the strap, it sounds poorly made. I'd like to think that Schuberth and Shoei aren't exactly putting junk like that into their flagship street helmets. Their reputations would be all but finished.

  • Anton G
    Anton G

    Only RF9 can make a video about buckles and straps more interesting than most of the shows on Netflix.

  • enntense

    Interesting test. I think all of the devices would have fared a little better if you had rolled them 90 degrees off the hard object pressing into them.

  • BryceAWD

    First let me start with I love your videos, so please don't think I'm trying to be a douchebag, I promise I'm not. The method you are using to determine a failure point is inaccurate because these types of jacks are at a disadvantage when they are in they're collapsed position. The further they open up, the more of a mechanical advantage they obtain. This rig may give you semi-accurate information if all the straps broke, with the jack extended to the same position at each breaking point. Still a very cool video. 👍

  • Baptiste M
    Baptiste M

    As a European, unfortunately, I don't really have a choice : DD rings are not considered streetsafe, and using them can result in a hefty fine. And as a climber, I've seen enough people fail to buckle the DD-ring on their harness correctly (where they can see what they're doing) that I wouldn't trust half the bikers I know to fasten their DD correctly under their neck every single time

  • Big Daddy
    Big Daddy

    I like the old style. It's simpler and last longer.

  • Arnold Clarke
    Arnold Clarke

    At least Doug converts the imperialistic weights for us Italian metrics.